Zio-Christian Axis of Evil

Has there ever been such a powerful Axis of Evil as the Zio-Christian one? America is headed straight toward a sort of Christian fascism, with no loyalty to Rome, but an undying allegiance with the Zionists who now occupy a land which was never theirs.

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We don't tolerate criticism of the chosen people on this board user.

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Zionism is literally bannable on this board and always has been

There's a ban coming, but not for him.

I love the chosen people.

Zig Forums always gives itself away with its inability to distinguish anti-zionism and anti-semitism

America has always been fascist by the way. That's the secret behind settler colonialism





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zionism is but one of the tentacles of the saxon throughout the world

shut the fuck up liberal

Cringe. Christian fascism is where America is heading.

shut the fuck up liberal

see this from 2003, liberal: cbsnews.com/news/donald-rumsfelds-holy-war/

and anyway how is it "fascism" other than "hillary lost so i'm calling it fascism", kid? your own words, no fucking half hour videos that have bullshit even in their descriptions

Extreme corporatism, anti-intellectualism, nationalism, militarism, anti-enlightenment, racialism, extreme anti-communism, conspiracy theorism, national myth building etc.
Do you even know where you are? Fuck back to whatever hole you crawled out of.

Fuck off Zig Forums. Fascists and Zionists both get the bullet

Defining aspects of the American nation even before Mussolini was born. If you want to argue that Anglo-Saxon civilisation was "fascist" then go off but it didn't start with Trump.

Did not start with Trump. Read a book.

What? Questioning the officially sanctioned version of events is fascism?

Yeah no Trump isn't fascism because he added only these three things to the US government while the rest already existed.

"For the first time in modern history, a fringe wing of Christian extremists have obtained the highest seats of power in the US government"

shut the fuck up liberal

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I'm not defining the American nation or Trump, I'm defining the christian right wing that is becoming a major political force in America.

Extreme corporatism, nationalism, militarism, racialism are defining aspects of the American nation. The "Christian right wing", whatever it is, is not significantly stronger in these aspects than any other political force.

the description in your telesur video does

This is bullshit. So far the American ruling class has been forced to pander to enlightenment values such as democracy and freedom to push their agenda. This guise is no longer going to be necessary in fascist America.
No, it's talking about the Trump movement, which consists of fascists from the alt-right and the evangelicals.
Although Chris Hedges is indeed calling for a resistance movement against Trump, he also says:

Extreme corporatism, nationalism, militarism, racialism - which I will refer to as "American values" for short - are not in opposition to democracy or "freedom"; the latter being extremely vague a concept. American values might have some in common with fascism, but that doesn't mean that fascism is somehow on the rise in the US. Either it was always there, or it was and is a different thing that cannot be classed as fascism.

The Christian right wing which is anywhere near power respects democracy and freedom just as much as anyone else. People like Mike Pence and Betsy DeVos, named by the telesur video, are not opposed to democracy or "freedom".

Fuck off papist, Christianity is a fucking cancer, ever since Rome took it over it’s been all about domination, repression, conquest, and submission.

The West is unironically the most evil set of societies to ever exist and all you can do to justify yourself is say that you’re superior because you get skin cancer more easily.

Jump off a building you 40 year old mouth breathing loser

The founders of this country made it very clear that the democracy was always a farce.

Imagine taking the words of politicians at face value

Anglo-Saxon civilization was always savagery and barbarism, if I had a time machine I’d go back with nukes and turn the British Isles into glass.