“The Soviet Union was anti capitalist”

Further proof that they are red FASCISTS!

How was the USSR different to the porkies that exploit us today?

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Gorbachev's SU was a mistake. Still I don't really see how buying capitalist products is wrong, more so if they are needed. This is an extreme and made up example, but should the SU not buy oil from the west if itself ran out of it and could make electricity?


Giving billions of dollars, and fucking warships to porky for sugar water is not fucking right. Something tells me the workers who had actually manufactured those warships did not receive the value of their labor out of it. There is NO moral consumerism under capitalism. You don’t make deals with the enemy.

This is just further proof that Gorbachev was a revisionist traitor


Someone didn’t read the article, USSR was purchasing Pepsi since 1972 with the worker’s money. 1990 was only when they decided to make Pepsi have one of the largest military naval fleets in the world.

Gorbachev wasn't a revisionist, he wasn't even a communist in the first place

You're being an idiot, consumer goods are something that Soviet citizens actually wanted. Should they have produced their own clone instead, probably, but I think trading with capitalist nations is perfectly legitimate.

How can I tell that you’re a revisionist? It doesn’t matter what the people want, the people today “want” degenerate capitalism. Communism or barbarism, no fucking exceptions.

Infantile. Imagine if the USSR hadn't exported any grain during the 20s and 30s. No industrialization, no victory over nazi Germany, no USSR.

Yeah, even in Lenin's lifetime an agreement was made with businessman Armand Hammer in which to set up a pencil factory to meet domestic needs.


(Source: Williams, Albert Rhys. Lenin: The Man and His Work. New York: Scott and Seltzer. 1919. pp. 103-106.)

On the role of Western technology and investments (including Pepsi) in the USSR, see pages 132-134 of the following work: archive.org/details/HumanRightsInTheSovietUnion/page/n74

Offtopic but if you read Bulgakov you notice how Americanized Moscow felt during the NEP, and one of the first GAZ cars was a rebadged Ford , iirc, and there's also Togliatti.
And in general the Soviet people respected Westerners way more than the other way round, but that's anecdotal evidence.

Basically everything you buy in a capitalist economy = porky profiting off of workers. If you want Pepsi in the USSR you could either

Be a consumer in a capitalist market

Or sit around and wait for the development USSR brand COMRADE COLA.

Be pragmatic, not dogmatic.

Bro you just posted cringe. Only in Lenin and Stalin era SU was really anticapitalist, only after them Khrusev just started restavration of capitalism

Yea sure buddy

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It’s like poetry, here have a picture of Lenin’s house, not porky at all.

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Pragmatically, yes. If they did not immediately aquire some means of rapid industrialization, they would be destroyed within the decade. So it was either that or be like the anarchists and die within a few years. Does socialism matter so little to you that you sacrifice it wholesale to please your moral sensibilities?
Lenin barely lived here and it was not initially built for him, it was gifted to him after the Soviets took Moscow and seized it. The only time he spent here was when he was recuperating after being shot and when he was sick and dying. It was converted into a museum afterwords.

State-owned and was also tiny compared to a Czar's Dacha.

B-b-b-but tankies!!!
I thought that there can be no bad leadership in a "dictatorship of the proletariat"!
I thought that the state is merely exercising the will of the people!

It couldn't be that state capitalism is just regular "ethical capitalism" with a red coat of paint, could it?

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Your arguments are as obtuse as they are bait.


How? That's literally what I'm shitting on YOU for, for trying to whine about tankies and "apologists".

You're not making sense, go back to >>>Zig Forums