Is there really a anuddah shoah?

Is there really a anuddah shoah?

It's really hard to tell. I mean most sensible people don't actually call for the end of the white race. But those yuppies, those people on Twitter, mostly in college, seem to genuinely be self hating enough to want it. And that's just the white ones. What's up with them? Why are so many college-aged liberals insanely mentally ill? Well at least it would seem that way, I don't even know how to describe them. What are they?

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No. Take shit like this to /leftytrash/

American colleges are brainwashing factories. They're indoctrinating people into their neoliberal ideology of identity politics. Everything that used to be subversive and revolutionary about leftists ideas were recuperated and merged with the dominant ideology. I was in a communist association in my university and we had to attend pride parades n shit or else you'd get singled out as the buzzword of the day ie racist/sexist/homophobe. They completely revised Marxist Leninism and morphed it into a propaganda tool of identity politics. It's a sad state of affairs.



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I just searched for the board /leftytrash/ and it doesn't exist. So there, you made me waste 20 seconds. I really wanted to hear your guys' opinion on it. I made a thread on regular Zig Forums the other day and you can guess how that turned out. I just finished reading the wikipedia article and there are good points coming from both sides.

Yes, but why would they do it? What could the colleges possibly have to gain from this level of brainwashing? Are they really even brainwashed?

It's a cyclical thread, not a board.

Colleges are for profit entities made to churn out wage slaves for the capitalists that fund them. Why do you think they'd want to create an ideology that would shift blame on to white guys instead of capitalist who could evade criticism by appearing woke. Look at Beyonce, owns factories that employ hundreds of underpaid women in third world shit holes but calls out anybody who criticizes her as a sexist pig. Same with brie Larson who calls out men who badly review her movies as sexist/racist etc…

Oh, I see. I wish I knew what the old OP said. Well what I really wanted was some good arguments on why there's NOT a genocide to ease my mind.


Also this ideology has to appear as revolutionary even tho it's completely reactionary. So that way sjw could feel that they are changing the world for the better but are instead submitting themselves to the dominant capitalist ideology

There is no profit in it. you can't extract surplus value from the dead. What there is and will be increasingly is mass killing of the "unproductive" like the old, sick, homeless etc. as the resources to maintain them will be appropriated by the rich insead.

Not openly with death camps like nazis but through austerity primarily.

This. Think of it as psychosocial irrigation. Discontent over the inevitable shithousery of heightening capitalist contradictions gets directed to hating whites or minorities or men or w/e else, and it's no coincidence that the current wave of idpol became gigantic during/after OWS, just like in Europe the revolutionary optimism of Mai '68 became cheap slogans and convoluted theory.

Don't listen to this brainlet. Capitalist don't need to extract profits from cucks to enrich themselves with resources. If they could they would annhilitate the working class and it be much easier for them then to hoard resources. Consumerism is just a plot to extract resources. The only reason they didn't genocide the working class now is because we're capable of fighting back

They have to do through brainwashing and making shit like abortion more acceptable and cool. And hating the children becoming the norm and the mass embracing of unusual sexual pathologies

The attack is against basal Christian principles but it is cloaked as being a strike against the evil white man.

Christianity was an appendage to the ruling class which is no longer needed.

Imagine being this much of an illiterate. Back to Zig Forums with you.

Liberals need to feel like they are fighting against the system without actually critiquing it. Hence their vampiric approach to leftists and themselves.

[spoiler]White people are rather insufferable tbh

t.native in an area that is increasingly gentrified by whites[/spoiler]

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Great arguments there moron. I'm not Zig Forums I'm nazbol. Why is it so hard for people to get that? This board is becoming pathetic

consumerism is just as ploy to pillage the working class without having to kill anybody for their resources. You're clearly a retard

t. Liberal

because you probably don't even know what nazbol is.

Yeah, there is a anuddah shoah. It's the one fascists caused during WWII

Begone from this board you liberal CIA shill

There isnt a genocide but there is a tendancy to cause infighting in leftist circles.

They need our labor for now but once it's automated it's gonna be full on genocide and they're preparing by forcing us to accept otherwise malthusian policies as progressive

Nice job posting a thumbnail image with a quote. I can't even make out the name. You're not insufferable or anything

you should listen to lenin and stop being infantile

I'm going to assume he's new given how he spoilered

Has to be samefag. Don't tell me leftypol has become this fucking retarded.

Comrade I'm not opposed to abortion. Abortion should be legal only when we establish a communist country. But under capitalism abortion can only be malthusian


I consider it pointless to argue with someone claiming "capitalists don't need to extract surplus value". You have clearly never read a single page of communist theory in your life.

I didn't say they didn't need to. They do only because we're capable of fighting back if they decided to simply genocide us

Nope. They never used it.
But I agree,western universities are neoliberal brainwash factories

They absolutely did lol i.e the entire field of Marxist feminism

that would be classicide not a genocide

He could've been metaposting. Or a dumb nog on his phone who doesn't know how to save images.

t. Nigger

You mean Juan Posadas of feminism?

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If the ruling class of olde required it in order for the lowly masses to thrive then the ruling class of today also require it.


Until they automate the labor which is what they're trying to do

She cute!

Nah, they got pepe and tumblr now

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And who is going to buy the products of automated labour without consumers?

No one. They'll be no reason for humanity to even exist at this point. Nick land said it before me

capital has linked up with the human libido and death drive in a productive annihilation of the human, integrating the human and the nonhuman. Land's dystopian dream to be a strange world in which no actual humans exist and yet robots meaninglessly perform the rhythms of capitalism as the banal legacy of the human

So capitalists will genocide their means of existence and sacrifice their class rule because… They are evil?

I don't think so. At least not in America or Australia. But it is highly possible in South Africa thanks to epic brainlet LARPer Malema.

And when we are at it what do you guys think about theoires of T.W. Allen and Noel Ignatiev?

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They don't have a choice, they're just meatpuppets of the latently conscious emerging capitalist singularity, and all those institutions are the destituted remains of noospheric cannibalism.

Read Land

Because capitalisms inherent contradictions aren't enough to cause its collapse. We will die, capitalism will continue long before we're dead

After lol

nice idealism

Land is a materialist and was a prominent Marxist at one point

how is claiming that capitalist development is driven by some "emergent consciousness" instead of people and the social relationships they have with each other materialist?

Read land. But be careful, once you're in that rabbit hole getting out ain't easy

My bad fams. I forgot my saved image was shit to begin with.

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Land's materialism views capitalism as an alien intelligence with its own agenda that uses humans as an appendege. Capital is the subject of history in other words. He doesn't follow the line of Marxism in his views that class conflict will culminate in the establishment of communism instead he believes that capitalism can't be stopped and sooner human will go extinct while the factories will keep running

Capitist realism is mainstream, even here many think so.
This is not going to happen though as productivity increases have been declining since wages are stagnant/sinking so it is not profitable to invest in automation. Neofeudalism with some culling of the population for a second dark age is more likely tbh, the market is already largely displaced by planning.

Climate change will kill us. The only thing that could potentially remain would be an AI

Land doesn't deny this. That's why he wants to get rid of the state apparatus and accelerate capitalism to ensure the creation of a superior AI that could potentially replace us

modern companies like Amazon don't make any profit and operate on loss and they're the ones pushing for intense automation. Theyre planning on using drone deliveries this year and look how automated their factories are

Well that's a damn good quote. I agree, in fact if I were black I would find it quite insulting how the media tends to coddle and spoonfeed minorities. They don't really need any extra accounting for anymore. They can rise up and fix thing themselves, in fact they already have

Maybe if wealth concentrates quickly enough and the owners don't start cannibalizing each other in an inter-imperial conflict. Capitalism favours local over global optimization which would be necessary for gigantic projects like a proper AI.

They made a profit of 11.2bn in 2018. It's a typical strategy for those with more money to operate at loss to drive competition out of bzsiness/aquire them, establish a monopoly and then jack up the prices. Also your anecdotes fo not disprove the overall trend.

I need to read Land one day.

Yeah I guess you're right in a way. I would have still liked to live a cyberpunk dystopia before we get annihilated by climate change

You really should

Also read Faust to get an insight into his 'personal' positioning.

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fuck you apes

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Delete the damn thread mods! whiteypol is getting btfo here


as far as the contradictions go, there is not much going to change by changing a organic-worker to a synthetic-worker.

The subject outside of history is the working class, not capital.

To be fair capitalists do not fully control capitalism, it's unstable …

Unlikely capital can't reproduce it self.

Computers are less durable than humans, and have a much lower tolerance to environmental changes.
That is definitely a possible outcome however with the caveat that this will loose it's capacity to deploy high end technology.

Amazon finances it's technological expansion by diverting speculative money capital from other companies, this is nothing more than consolidation at the expense of competitors, it's still based on profit, it's just obfuscated by financial systems.

devolved into transcendental miserableism

They are useful idiots, but unfortunately they aren’t being used by the right people for any of the right reasons.

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yuri's goal was to be an oilman, drilling oil.