Post colonialism thread

Ok guys, let's discuss post colonialist theories. Let's discuss people like:
and also:

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Honestly - is it realy fair to demonize them just cause they don't subscribe to your own apathetic detached leftcom views and are instead guided by what they feel is more relevant to their situation? African communists seem to be turning towards China which isn't the worst thing, they could secure development on equal terms, different from what European countries or the US did. Malcolm X once said how the growth of China as a superpower meant the Chinese diaspora were also treated with more respect instead of as second class citizens, he stated blacks in the US wouldn't be respected until Africa grew strong aswell. I can't say it's entirely true but following a course of developmentalism instead of going straight for socialism isn't a bad goal.

I wouldn't say a damn thing against them if Malema and EFF weren't calling for slaughtering of whites. This behavior really doesn't help our cause.

Check out the classifications of Asians under Apartheid. Japanese people became white as an appendix to trade deals, and if it continued until today I'm sure Malaysians would be considered white too, by now.

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Quite new to post-colonial philosophy, I only know Fannon and am reading his book Black Skins, white masks.
Any good other recommendations ?

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This doesn't mean that some of their reasoning wasn't flawed and shouldn't be critiqued as such. In fact, the justification that they were merely acting in what they "felt" was relevant opens the whole thing up to being riddled with flaws. There may very well be analyses and proposed solutions during their time which may have "felt" correct contextually but when evaluated from a modern context have critical problems or lack relevance.

Some African transfer student to the USSR

Ba'ath party history sounds like it's heavily influenced by colonialism falling

Settlers by J. Sakai, it's free at

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Kwame Nkrumah has a bunch of good books

What do you think about Noel Ignatiev and Theodore Allen's theories? Do you also think that white race should be "abolished"?

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Read "How Europe underdeveloped Africa" by Walter Rodney.

But don't take post colonial theories too seriously. Mostly it is just

Here's just a reminder that replacing/exterminating a certain race through forced breeding campaigns, camp systems, or eugenics programs, in favor of a supposed "superior" or "master" race, is inherently fascist in nature.
Nazism (Aryanism), Brazilian Integralism (mixed race superiority), The white man's burden (civilizing different races, either through mixing genetics or by enslaving other races for their own good), white self-hatred (inverse racial supremacism, racial inferiority complex, still fascist), etc is all fascist in nature because it proposes state-enforced racial homogeneity in place of racial diversity.

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You are right. Actually all those radical de colonialists and Sakaists with their "cracker genocides and deportations" fetishes behave just like Zionists.

Just end this meme theory. It has done more harm than wellness.

In the end, it comes to supporting local bourgeoisie to "develop" the country simply because they share your skin or whatever.

Local bourgeoisie is not our friend and it will never be. I come from a south american country where a variant of this shit was and is really popular: some sort of anti USA imperialism. Whenever this people were in government, they just raised the profit rate of local capitalists and kept the underdeveloped economy dependent on commodities. But hey, we were no longer oppressed by anglo american imperialists, only by mestizo bourgeoisie.

It is not detached. Historical experience proves that this type of perspectives are completely susceptible to being co-opted by capitalists, they become one of their tools. Please do the favor of actually reading the history of countries were this type of things were implemented. We third-worlders don't need to be opressed by someone of our skin. And I don't care if it's the americans or the chinese (which are now really present in the region). It's really the fucking same for the average worker.

There's a slogan "My leftist boss is working me to death and tells me it's the Americans' fault".
Sums up MTW and most anti-imperialist discourse, too.

thanks for the recommendations comrades!

Do you blame South Africans for hating Boers?

Why do people think postcolonial thought is antithetical to Marxism? Some of it is, but a good deal of it works within a Marxist framework, probably the most obvious example is Fanon. In Les Damnés de la Terre he specifically says national consciousness must progress to class consciousness or else the local bourgeoisie will reinstitute the same exact repressive structures, with a mildly different aesthetic. If I recall correctly, Fanon was a pretty traditional ML and is also one of the most well known post colonial theorists.

I see it as a left variation.
It should be important to note that not all variations of post-colonialism are Sakai-ism. BUT A lot of Sakai-ists specifically identify race and not class as the primary struggle of humanity. It runs into a bunch of esoteric bullshit on national struggle and volkish culture sentiment. Their also seems to be a focus on income levels and privileged levels (middle class is a very real term for Sakai). It still adheres to a lot of MLM principles. A lot of modern Maoists are Sakai-ist to some degree and there is a significant focus on cultural revolution as well as base building.
De-colonization of places and language is a huge dogma for these folks. It isn't necessarily anti-leftism to say but rather it is a different perspective on Marxism in the voice of colonized peoples in colonial nations. It isn't the Enlightenment universalist theory Marx posited but it does explain material conditions in a certain period of history.

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You know they consider race to be class. These people are heavily influenced of that "white race abolition" rhetoric of Allen and Ignatiev.

For what it's worth, the following work has a chapter containing a ML critique of Fannon:

See, I'm not sure I'm reading you right, but in my view this is a nutty bit. It's one of several areas where the framing for Marx's analysis of class is kind of copypasted onto things that aren't class - radfems iirc did this, too. On first glance it will look ok to people who are new to the ideas, but it's actually trying to stuff a square peg in a round hole - taking ideas from Marx which developed in the context of class and then lazily applying them to sex or race. And then once that's done, it ends up competing with Marxism because it's actually partially replaced class with something else.

I am not blaming them for hating Boers. They suffered a lot under apartheid. But this does not justify the killings of farmers.

Read Vivek chibber

Of course it does, fuck the South Afrikaners, they don’t deserve to exist, drive those fuckers into the sea

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South Afrikaners never deserved to exist and they’re a fucking blight on this world, expropriate their farms and give them the choice of fucking off back to Britain or leaping into the Cape.

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Another episode of burgers pretending displaying their incredible ignorance of the rest of the world by extrapolating their nationally specific experiences to the rest of the world. Isn't that incredibly imperialistic?

Once again, you think I give a flippant fuck about the US’s even more inbred and twisted cousins in the anglosphere? Fuck em, they should’ve never be in Africa to begin with, these parasitic fucks go around the world starting colonies and the like while caging refugees.

I do not care, AT ALL, fuck them, seriously, Europe likes white refugees then they can take these Afrikaner fucks and have a nice sob story. They can leave or die, either way they shouldn’t be in South Africa.

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I just want to say one single thing: what I really dislike is first-world burgers or europeans talking in name of the "oppressed people" of the world. Even if you're black, if you live in the USA or in another european country, please stop talking about third-world people like if you were one. It's irritating as fuck. You're not. You might as well talk as what you are: another fellow proletarian (though one incredibly more favored than one in the thirld world) and that's okay with me.

But don't try to take our voice because the fact is that you are probably a burger and you simply don't fucking know probably anything about our countries, our problems and our issues.

Are you really pretending like white South Afrikaners, colonizers, count? They don’t, and for the record, I’d nuke this country with all the Arsenal’s of the world, if it makes you happy. Fuck your idpol, I just want to destroy all colonizers everywhere.

My idpol? Are you fucking kidding me? The guy who wants to kill whiteys?

And no, I don't have a really good opinion of south afrikaners. They are probably really, really racists. But if they have their own farms which they work (which is probably what they do, since I really doubt a big capitalists would expose himself to be robbed or murdered in his farm), you have to assume a fact: they are already there, they were born in that land. Just like african slaves descendants are now part of the american culture, history and life. Both of these people were born in this countries and are now part of their life, culture, etc. Of course, white people should not be privileged. But apartheid has already ended, and if you want to hate and kill poor farmers instead of capitalistic piggies who exploit black labor force in industries like mining (recall the murder of miners in South Africa a few years ago), then you are the one IdPol retarded.

I seriously doubt that white afrikaner farmers are today colonizers. I would point out to the owners of the big industries that exploit commodities in the third world (my country being one of them), like Barrick Gold. That is today's fight.

And by the way, I repeat, you should be ashamed of yourself being an american and trying to teach us how we live in our third world countries and what do we have to do. That shitty SJW imperialistic attitude is disgusting.

Why are you so surprised? "Woke" maoists also use idpol against "muh cracker communists". ( communist)
Check for example this video criticizing Unruhe:

I really love how you reatrds think that you can massacre people of the other nationalities becasue you are "on the right side of history".

You are not the first people having these feelings. After WWII in Czechoslovakia they thought they can discriminate the germans because they were "muh oppressor nation". They massacred 25 000 people (most of them were innocent civilians- women, children and elders).

Feelings like this were typical for soviet journalists Simonov and Ehrenburg. Altough you can understand Simonov's motivations to write poem "Kill him! [the german]" in 1942 when nazis were burning down villages in Ukraine and Belarus but it is little bit different when Ehrenburg stated in 1945 that the Germans are all the same, nazis or not nazis and that they are no longer civilized nation. He was criticized for his statements in "Pravda". But nonetheless his statements were great gift for Goebbels.

And some of the woketards use this kind of rhetoric to this (for example Maoist Idiotic Internationalist Movement:

This way of thinking leads to killings and massacres, it is not different of fascist or zionist way of thinking but at least it's woke, amirite?

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You can't say colonialism is bad without donating your property in the USA to the nearest native American charity and moving back to Europe.

Also Stalin colonized Siberia with East Slavic Russians. (Yes Siberia had natives before they got swept aside)

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Siberia was colonized during the tsarist times. Same for the genociding of natives. Stalin is innocent.

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Do you just put up these claims hopping nobody actually has any knowledge on them, or is it something you do because you have no knowledge on it?

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Yeah, read that shit

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I still do not understand by which methods Ignatiev wants to "abolish" huwite race. Are there any good marxist critiques of Allen and Ignatiev?

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Nationalist bourgeoisie are only ever temporary tools to fight against imperialist chains. Their existence remains a blight on the world and they should be deposed at the first opportunity. That they serve an anti imperialist role beyond that of throwing off imperialists with their already accumulated resources that are better turned against foreign rule than socialist revolutionaries is absurd. Let them empty their accounts and mercenaries and reactionary believers freeing the country, then strike when they are weak. This is how military geopolitics has worked for a long time, attacking recent victors before they can recoup their military losses is an old strategy and one doubly boosted, theoretically, by the presence of international aid to the revolutionaries from fellow socialists.


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