We are absolutely fucked

If you haven't watched the new black red guard video you should. It explained how with the concentration camps going on along the border we aren't ready. All we fucking do is shitpost and call succdems lazy bitches. We aren't ready for revolution we don't have the structure half of us probably don't even know any actual leftists irl. We are so fucked and we will make no progress when we are constantly infighting and not doing anything. We don't have community buildings we don't have any actual structure Where disavanged people can go where migrants will have to be taken by force we don't have an underground's railroad. We need action we need structure because if not in ten years the only difference about anything is that us saying what we are saying will be a crime.

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read settlers

race war is cumming

Against all you mutts

get the fuck out of here sjw shill

there are no concentration camps, immigrants are flooding the country by the thousands. Is this a problem? not really, just a symptom.

We are fucked but not because of immigrants or this nonexistent concentration camps. We are fucked because climate change, mass migrations, destruction of the environment and social clashes are all organic phenomena of late stage capitalism and the thing is so globalized and we are so few and separated that we can barely do something

You are fucked because you are weak lazy stupid and degenerate and have no useful knowledge or skills to make any sort of worthwhile contribution to any collective you might form even if you could ever get over all your infighting.

board/twitter bantz mean nothing IRL. the fact that people seem to be 'constantly infighting' is more a sign that there's no concrete plan of action and that we have no weapons for the battles of today

we are not fucked until we are all dead

probably unlike you, I do use all the free time that I have to do work in a communist party which actually has a significant amount of voters in my latin american country

that's probably more than what a burger like you will do shitposting

Can you eat that?
Thank for proving my point though, go to your meetings and talk, meanwhile real people produce things of real value.

what the fuck is your point at all?

I also work and produce value and surplus value. All of us do except capitalists. What else do you want us to do? Get some guns and start """the revolution"""?

But you won't, because you won't be able to lift a single weapon. Because you're a dickless tranny. Might as well kill yourself now.

Oh yeah, more violence is really going to help.

Maybe you actually do produce value, i had assumed you were from a first world country and were the typical lefty university student that hangs out in leftypol, sorry for my misunderstanding.

Communism is still nothing but a big jewish lie though and has only brought death and misery

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Gas the whiteys, Nazi masturbation fantasy now

The violence and utter insanity of the left shows itself again.


Lemme try that again
G.A.S. T.H.E. K.I.K.E.S., R.A.C.E.W.A.R. N.O.W.


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I forgotten word filters are a thing over in the land of imwhiteyy

kill yourself, retard


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Nigga get your priorities straight

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just lol @ still believing in man causing climate change in the current year

Black Red Guard is a dumb pavement ape who has gone too far down the idpol rabbit hole. fuck that nigger

Stop using the n-word

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so go out and organise and get prepareed

This is suffering. What am I supposed to do?


Jeez, instantly flooded by Zig Forumstards.

Tbh I feel prepared because if shit never pops off I’ll just fight these fuckers myself so I don’t have to live in their world.

absolute trash lmao