Why is wageslaving "contributing to society"?

Why is wageslaving "contributing to society"?

What is the contribution being made?

Why is the "contribution" good?

Trying to figure this out but no one seems to know. Seems like a fucking scam to me, similar to a religious faith. The idea that work must be done, and that this act is good.

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Do you like food or electricity?

Wageslaving is, definitionally, contributing to society. You are producing some kind of service that is distributed to others in society.
It's just that you're not doing it as voluntarily as is claimed, not getting a fair payment for it, and the means of distribution is inefficient and self-contradictory.

nature provides food for free

You mean, dandelions and pigeons?

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You have to hunt and gather. Labor is involved. Without labor you would die. Labor has always existed. However, wagecuckery is a new capitalist phenomenon.

Socialists want to gradually abolish wage labor as society progresses and move towards other forms, especially automation, while organizing lsbor in such a way that its surplus will be enjoyed by the public as a whole, not by a tiny class of bourgeous.

How does a man working in the 21st century industrialized world produce either of those?

You might be overly focused on the useless shitty jobs that nobody wants, but there are actual jobs that contribute to society.
Even something as simple as being a janitor is contributing to making the planet at least a little bit more safe for animals to not choke to death on hazards such as plastic.

Labor is a form of self-realization for humans, the fact that class society distorts labor does not take away from this principle.

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I just think, the hunter and gatherer times are over

some people also work in recycling plants or making renewables although there are also capitalists in these industries obviously

inb4 "The Myth of Human Proletariat" by B4CH1863-672/H

If you're wondering why some people find it objectionable that one might dispense with employment altogether and simply collect NEETbux to live, the answer would be that those NEETbux are collected almost exclusively from working people through taxation. NEETbux for those who can't work is totally reasonable, NEETbux for those who simply wish to divorce themselves from the shared struggle of the working class is shameful.
As for people who whine about some people who have "useless" jobs, like, idk, dildo maker, that's just an unfortunate aspect of capitalism, and people find work where they can get it. Though this is usually in response to "content creators" on twitch and YT who rake in 1000s or more a month for doing nothing of value in front of a camera. In that case, I get the vitriol, but this too is simply a reasonable way for people to find a means of employment (self employment in this case, usually) that doesn't feel like drudgery.

Taxes don't pay for the government's spending.

If it's in the real economy then yeah sure

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Because society is when you put surplus labour into your boss' wallet and the more surplus labour you put into it, the more society it gets!

Meaning, we need to adopt socialist policy.

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What does?

Is picking up apples from a tree "labor" ? Sounds more like fun to me.

It's labor you dumb fuck even if you enjoy it.

But there is a huge difference between leisurely picking apples from an orchard on a sunday afternoon for 90 minutes, and slaving in a corporate farm for 15 hours at minimum wage.

Is shitposting labor? you're moving your fingers.

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