Trump is giving up on regime change in Venezuela because it's complicated and he got bored, report s

Juan Guaidó, the head of Venezuela's opposition, tried and failed to oust Nicolás Maduro in April. AP/Fernando Llano

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It honestly fucking sickens me that the lives of millions of people are at the mercy of someone's enjoyment or boredom. Hell can't even compete with this shit anymore.

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This is worse than what happened to SU in Afghanistan.

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At least he is honest.


Gosh, I wish I ruled the world. I’d just… try to stabilize more or less everywhere. I don’t get bored and I like stability, too.

Same. I wanna build shiny cities everywhere and make everyone be nice to each other.

Guess that's why we'll never be in power.

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I feel ya, but the bigger issue is the people who honestly promote stability usually end up building tools they lose control of to people who shouldn’t have them, and along the way they can’t tell the difference between ideological opponents and ideological Cassandras.

Post Guaido's face when.

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Can Guaido be guillotined on the public square now? Please?

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This shows that a regime change was never the ultimate goal.

Something else happened beyond public view. Maybe the goal was just to weaken it.

If that's your aim, I feel like you'd end up protecting genociders at some point, since that's more stable than a revolution.

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The paradox is that when individuals want to sacrifice their narrow private interests and directly work for the common good, it is the common good that suffers.

Reminder that Hillary would have gone thru with it. Reminder that Biden is still more threatening in this regards than Trump.

Anybody actually competent is more threatening than Trump.

The US might not be have what it takes to run the world now, like most of their military officers have weaker Autism Levels than they had several years ago for example. The average intelligence of the average American's politician is likely decreasing and so their blatant greed is being hidden less and less.

who's ready for a military coup?

t sucdem

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Revolutions are chaotic.
The USSR officials should have raised the soviet man to btfo them and then install full left communist post value-form communism, and not to be NPCs who just obey and do the vanguard party's bidding.

The absolute state of Western imperialism


You're a retard. First, develop some reading comprehension, then reread their post

We get it is a leftcom and he want's to establish this idealistic notion on par with the 1950's American nuclear family that will never occur.
Every man must be a Chuck Norris or Jacky Chan, we get it.

Hillary is not competent. The people who actually run this country are surprisingly incompetent, however much they've been trying to sell themselves as the best and the brightest for the past century or so. When the traits your education system favors are obedience and fanaticism, it doesn't produce very effective people, at great cost as well. But what else do you expect, the ruling class is only good at raping and moderately effective at killing, that's the only quality they've ever had and ever will have.

For fuck's sake, Zig Forums.

OK i'm glad we kept this one

Well, Barron has a pretty high Autism Level, so there's some hope for the future. He's also good with the cyber.

Better have leaders who haven't even read Marx and turn mass culture into Hollywood with red flags.

This is what I'm talking about, smart people don't want military jobs anymore.



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4D chavista chess

You don’t rule America to stabilize the world silly

Holy shit, the era is finally here, the sociopaths and schemers of the Cold War are now dead, gone, or senile


It’s only a matter of time until their power becomes obviously illegitimate

Honestly every empire gets run by fucking retards by its end

Trump does have a pile of wet rags where a normal brain should be but I wonder if this is just a dumb way for the White House to refuse admitting the U.S. got played by that "mere bus driver" Nicolas Maduro. It would be too much to bear. I am John Bolton and I graduated from Yale! Who does this puffed-up little third-world greaseball think he is anyways!?

Like the U.S. government had been recruiting these generals they thought would flip but the generals were telling Maduro everything that was about to go down so they could prepare, so only a few people ended up flipping and Guaido and his astrologist (really) were left standing around in a rich 'burb in Caracas on the day of the Big Boogaloo looking like big dopes while his CIA handlers were calling him up wondering what the hell was happening. YOU PROMISED US THEY WERE RELIABLE

Now the Democrats' only problem with this for the most part is that this group of rich, over-educated clowns running the U.S. right now are idiots and bad at slapping greaseballs around, unlike the Democrats who are rich over-educated clowns are not as idiotic and better at slapping greaseballs around.

Educated whites in America tend to be liberals, "used to be socialist in college" and be "pacifist" and anti-gun. Confirming the military are retarded meatheads just means they are more likely to shoot (anyone, including civilians in their own country).

This. Dems had always been the scary imperialists, leftists always support Republicans for subvertive reasons, neo-feudalism can't win counterinsurgencies and can't outproduce even succdems.

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It's gonna be a brave, fuzzy new world my friend. Don't worry, humiefags can join the cuddlepile too.

jk I love you really

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I find it truly incomprehensible how the world let alone this board still haven’t realised that trump is a fucking puppet, does anyone seriously look at him, and genuinely believe he is doing this shit or that he even knows what he’s doing? He has an army of advisors, ‘experts’, industrialists, and interest groups standing behind him making all the real decisions, he just does what they say, and the same thing would have happened had Hillary or any other potential candidate from within the democratic or Republican Party came to power, they are just tools, and poster boys. The reason the US going after Iran is not because trump believes they are a threat, it’s because Israel wants to remove a competitor from the region, and install a Rothschild bank into a friendly puppet state, they did the same thing to Iraq, they instigated a civil war in Libya, and Syria.

Literally everyone on this board has said this. No one thinks Trump is actually some 4D chess master. And we are well aware of Israel's involvement as well, we were talking about Israel before Trump was even in office.

He's not a genius 4D chessmaster but he's not exactly a puppet either, he has his own uninformed retard opinions on things and often doesn't listen to his advisors - Bush was a puppet, Trump is too disobedient.

Fuck off Hegel

He is just afraid to do anything to extreme this close to the next elections, if he did go to war with Iran, a couple thousand Americans would be dead by now, and he would look like a warmonger, he just wants to get re-elected, but the media keeps acting like he is somehow the one instigating this shit across the globe, they are either to stupid to see who is really pulling the strings or they intentionally ignore them. I truly hate US politics to the extreme, the US really needs to completely do away with their retard tier, two party politics, it is so destructive to new ideas, and it dumbs the population down.

They're preparing for Trump to be jettisoned and get all the blame for everything while the 'reasonable republicans' like McCain's progeny take over again and do shit even worse than Trump but with more politeness and tact. Media loves to protect the Republicans because of corporate ownership and the fear of being called too liberal.

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The media fails to take into account his 0D ping-pong though.

Almost forgot about that shit. This guy is such a clown.

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