What happened in the 70s and 80s

All these super militant communist groups form in a time of strife only to all fall on their face. The Japanese red army kills each other, RAF just blew buildings up and robbed people, and the weather underground smoked weed and killed themselves trying to do the same thing the RAF was doing. They all seem to act like hippies LARPing as revolutionaries and wasted the time and resources of actual revolutionary groups like the PFLP and BPP. One of RAF's founding members is now a neo nazi and most of WUO that are still alive are liberals, with only two of them still being communists and all of the of the JRA are dead or in prison.

How did they fail so badly?

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They failed to pursue non violent resistance before going off the rails

Che was the real hotness at the time, and a lot of these guys (and gals) were obsessed with Che's foco theory of guerrilla warfare. But foquismo was really geared toward poor, underdeveloped and rural countries with bases way out in the middle of the boondocks where you gradually build support from surrounding villages before going on the attack. Didn't work in developed, urban societies and to be honest didn't even work that well outside of Cuba. Foquismo also broke with Maoist PPW by asserting that the objective conditions could be created through the guerrilla war itself; this seems kind of anarchistic / propaganda by the deed-esque and I doubt it was ever demonstrably the case even in Cuba, rather than the conditions leading to the Cuban Revolution already being present / developed by other means. Basically, Che got lucky. But this is a whole other can of worms.

I also think there was a heavy amount of first-world performativism / self-expression to this style of radicalism. This really kicked off with the uprisings in '68, where a lot of radicals seemed to act as if they just ran down the street waving a Viet Cong flag that they could throttle the masses out of their false consciousness. I also think the scale of '68 came as a shock (the French government nearly fell, for instance), and many radicals were also surprised, and subsequently forgot that it took several years of real organizing beginning several years prior or so to make that happen. They confused means and ends once the ball got rolling. The Revolutionary Youth Movement faction of the SDS which went on to split into two factions and form the Weather Underground was really into this on a turbo level, with them thinking "if running down the street didn't throttle the masses, then bombs will." Former members like Mark Rudd have talked about this as being a big thing. Fun fact, the other splinter of the RYM is how we got Chairman Bob's outfit.

Anyways, that's how you get these middle-class kids sticking up banks and going "nobody move muthafuckaaas!" Shake it, baby!

Anyways, most of them were wiped out by the police or went into exile like Assata Shakur who's now a grandmother relaxing in Cuba. Trump has even mentioned her in speeches which shows how the right is still mad about the Family bailing her out of the clink with a stick of dyn-o-mite! But they never proved she shot that state trooper in New Jersey. Just being in the car doesn't count, folks!

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I also think, oddly and in a weird "first as tragedy, then as farce" kind of way, that the "alt-right" has gone down the same path in some ways. First there's the highly self-expressive nature to their politics where they feel like the sleeping masses of whites largely agree with them and they just have to "wake them up" through these performative displays like Charlottesville. And when that backfired some of the more extreme members have taken to self-expressive acts of violence like these mass shootings; of which there has been quite a few by now. The choice of targets is different from the communist radicals in the 1970s, who didn't kill very many people – although there were some exceptions like the 日本赤軍 – but the trajectory seems like it rhymes.

Also the culture-jamming stuff is similar. Sam Hyde who is this prankster symbol for the far right reminds me of these greasy New Left jokers like Abbie Hoffman (pictured at left) and Jerry Rubin. (Watching videos of the Nazi rally in Charlottesville, you could hear some of the Nazis shout "you'll never work for the New York Times!" at the leftists, which is a mocking Hyde joke at the expense of a Buzzfeed reporter who once tried to interview him.) Hyde wrote a book winking at terrorism and insurgency like Hoffman's "Steal This Book" which is a guide on how to build crude devices and hack payphones to create havoc in "the system."

I'd encourage people to look up old videos of Rubin too, and they're interesting because he'd be interviewed by normies and would be asked: "Were you ever a member of the Communist Party?" And he'd go "pfft, no way lady! The Communist Party were squares compared to us! They're basically conservatives, lady. We're way more radical than the Communist Party ever was!" There are some bourgeois historians who suggest the New Left and its performative radicalism was a reaction to the collapse of traditional institutions on the left, namely the aforementioned Communist Party and the labor unions which were the left's organizing base. So what are the traditional institutions on the right today and are they in collapse?

This is a different discussion but a lot of them do seem to be in decline. The churches are in decline as so goes the Religious Right, and Cold War anti-communism isn't really as functional as it used to be. I read an interesting article the other day, but can't remember where it was, saying that a lot of the traditional conservative "intellectual" houses have also collapsed, and what's left are Trumpy tabloids and frauds like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson who operate entirely on bad faith. Even John Bolton who is running U.S. foreign policy right now is a B-team player who just isn't as good at it as the old guys who staffed up the Nixon, Reagan and Bush 1.0 regimes.

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Last thing for now: I might be drawing too close a comparison between the mainstream right and the far right, though. But even looking at the white supremacists, a lot of their old guard are dying off as well and some of the big players in that scene have fragmented. My aging punk friends who got into brawls with Nazi skins in skate parks in 1990s Indiana remember the National Alliance being the one, big, scary neo-Nazi outfit in the U.S. in those days. But that imploded catastrophically after Pierce's death in 2002. A bunch of tiny Nazi goof troops out there is much less scary.

Interesting POV, but I don't think it's new. Look at GLADIO. Also, Devo's old book, "My Struggle," is basically an old version of How to Bomb the US Govt. Fascist nerd parody fantasies.

On the decline of institutions: the implosion of organised christianity is a big-un, and this is mostly a result of the right losing "the first culture war". You see there is a growing analysis that we are currently actually in the second culture war, the first of which was fought in the 1980s and 1990s. The big issues of this time were: abortion, gay (specifically gay) rights, drugs, and general permissiveness. Now these issues were inherently tied to religious dogma, which why in-part nu-atheism rose in response to it. In most countries in the west the conservative elements of society lost. We are now in the second phase, over all sorts of bollocks, but the point is that it exists without a unifying feature: there is no inherent morality or body to stand behind.
And you know how you can tell this is legit? The places where the church is still strong: Spain, Hungary, Poland where these struggles still are playing out. It's why everyone doesn't know what the fuck to do with Vox because everyone is like "oh they are a nationalist populist party like Front National or UKIP" but then they'll be like "THE GAYS ARE COMING FOR YOUR CHILDREN" which runs contrary to the Milo-style rehabilitation of homosexuals that a lot of this right has undertaken.
So yeah, this is what reaction looks like without religion, and it's kinda disgusting.

Varg talked about how the right at Charlottesville looked fucking awful while the left were strong whites

Typical antifa vs alt-right encounter: multiple nordic left-wing activists violently engage two latinx white supremacist POC.

When do ppl learn ideology is a meme created by rich and powerful ppl to keep u distracted?

Correct me if I am wrong, but hasn't the culture wars been going on since the 1800s with the church being the force of reaction against the state expansion into the realm of education, and all conflict every since has been between these two factions of the super-structure, with the church progressively getting more and more anti-capitalist in general?

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Eh not really, the "kulturkampf" was Bismarck autistically attacking the catholic church because he was a junker.
As for fights over education, eh again not really: most protestant societies had split an organised church form education back in the 1600s.
And the church getting anti-capitalist is far from a universal thing, just ask the Yanks.

Culture wars basically characterized the entire French Republic


Third Republic*

They started insurgencies without any ideological support form the population.

Yeah the last gasp of the American right in Culture War 1.0 was W's re-election campaign in 2004 that leaned hard into homophobia. I am old enough now to remember this. At the time the idea was that gays would help usher in the destruction of Western civilization and all this mumbo jumbo while "the West" had to bash Muslims (Sunni? Shia? Americans were very confused). Now the right has rehabilitated gays as *part of* Western civilization and to protect them we must …. bash Muslims. Which has been the only consistent thing on the right over the past 20 years.

Varg is kinda an odd dude since he seems content with tooling around on his French farm and playing Dungeons and Dragons or whatever. I don't have a problem with that.

The train scene from La Chinoise is probably the best depiction of this debate I've seen in film but I can't find a version with English subtitles. But like the French-Maoist waifu gf is talking about wanting to emulate Mao's "down to the countryside" campaign where students went to rural areas to learn from peasants… in France. And the only way she figures out how to do that is a bombing campaign targeting the universities to force them to shut down. The left-wing journalist she's talking to about this (who is a veteran of the Algerian war of independence) is like "holy shit lady you're crazy and gonna get yourself arrested."

The milieu were I grew up included some guys behind this stuff, at the fringes but at least there is a service set back home which is a present from an actual bomber. Sometimes I ate out of it to acquire nihilist wrecker powers, the superior theory of Lenin can make you oversocialised.
It's been massively misrepresented and the silly bourgeois student Bonnot gang cosplay exaggerated as fuck because, once again, NATO and USSR shaked hands, these people were denounced as adventurists by the Communist party for killing CIA and Greek regime torturers, despite massive support amongst the population, all the 2008 shit was a tribute and the anarchist community in Athens was born from the craziest fucking trots and leftcoms mingling with radicalised penal convicts, because Greece had Gulag as well, and wolf's tickets too. You couldn't even get a public sector job without a 'certificate of political allegiance', basically they could strip you of most rights without any sort of trial, just look or act vaguely leftist and you're a second class citizen, not to mention shit like banning congregations over 5 people and anti-hooliganism laws that were basically Hoxha-tier (2nd pic).

The name 17 November actually comes from the 3rd pic (my mom was in there btw so fuck unironical tankies). The amount of subversion against these movements saw the large Communist parties advocate for law and order (as in Italy), denounce all sorts of Eurocoms for screeching against Prague while sitting in their asses and calling the people facing fascist tanks "anarchoatomistic deviants", "water carriers for the mill of reaction" and "petty-bourgeois adventurists". (at least the KKE was called simply socialfascists, no need for male hysterics without the party line).

In toto, about 500,000 people were disappeared, tortured and exiled after the Civil War, and that's about 10% of the population at the time, so there really was a big fucking undercurrent of mass support, and no, Greece briefly became a 'first world country' using oligarchs as the battering ram against Yugoslavia and a supply drop for Israel, open a map lol. So, except for even the banned at the time party denouncing you in pursuit of USSR foreign policy and peaceful coexistence, a total restructuring of society along post-fascist lines using EU funds and Gladio skullduggery and pretty much a complete annihilation of the left, (often physical, one of their favourite 70s things was breaking the leg bones one by one, takes a long time but you're really fucked after that, apparently, I've only had it narrated to me by survivors, and of course the torturers called it phalange because we wuz Spartans and shieeet).

The COINTELPRO shit included the deluge of consumer loans and American TV shows, of course, fascist restructuring and you should really read Eco on the issue, apocalypse postponed is the english title I think. But most of all it was focused on academia and theory, you see there was a thing called the long march through the institutions and even the Komsomol shitters studied at the time, but many very smart people ended suiciding themselves or spending lots of time between forced conscription and prison, and the ones who survived that became radlibs and miniOrwells denouncing everything, at least Negri is alive but I see him with suspicion too, I love his books but still there's a snake in the back of my head, maybe some Italian can clear this up.

I don't know much about the US, so thanks for the posts Yugofag.
I suppose you're American but I can assure you Tito was as based you think, maybe more.

And before you call about muh expropriation and muh DotP, you have to understand that this was the first class struggle against a 'national' bourgeoisie which was almost entirely transnational, shipowners don't even pay tax in Greece, they have Lloyds and Suez on speed dial and the largest merchant marine in the world now staffed with Pakistani and Philipino slaves.

Also the fact that most other European workers instantly fell for Zig Forums tier memes, I mean it's so ingrained that even reading this post you can't stop thinking "fucking lazy brown monkey lol".

Finally, the 日本赤軍 is a strange story, their siege is what happens when you go full MTW, they were basically 'read Settlers' and 'read Mishima' at the same time after some point, case in point the Israel massacre. There are loads of books on the subject and some have already been shared here.

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tl;dr: wave of democratisation in Southern Europe could have turned councils, USSR freaked out and Gladio did its job, look at Cohn-Bendit and the current state of the European "left".

it all makes sense now


Not all of them. There are a few who hijacked a plane and escaped to the DPRK.

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!!!!! Moriaka Wakabayashi was the bassist of Les Rallizes Denudes! Hope he's doing well in North Korea rn

That was a great reading I had to google alot because I don't know that much about the Greek history. Also, what do you know about the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei? Do they have an importance to greek society?

Neoconservative theory is that liberal democracy without an external enemy has no purpose so it has to define itself by creating opponents.

I was still at school when the police killed that kid in 2008, and of course we organised a walkout at like 9am the next day and went off to protest and mingle, at one point comrades were smashing the TVs in a looted store so that the proles won't carry poisonboxes back home, best of times.

The Nuclei were the guys who kept the faith after the schools and universities reopened and after the rubble was cleared, all those weird squats I used to frequent had newspapers with their proclamations and really I spent a lot of time breaking stuff and smoking weed in all sorts of places, I assume that now with Syriza the proles are calmer, and of course normal Greek society screeched, mostly, but for me it was quite important, I suppose. Really, I should write a pulp novel about that stuff, survival got in the way of me joining one of those groups in minecraft, but I met all sorts of the most amazing people, ach. I wish I'd had taken pictures of all those pamphlets and posters, there really was the air of the Event at the point, it's getting commodified and gentrified now and I suppose, Exarchia will join St. Pauli as a human zoo soon.

Even comité invisible, armchair boomers that they are, dedicated a book to Alexis, and his BFF in whose hands he died (Nikos Romanos) robbed a bank later will soon be let out with a reduced sentence after a hunger strike, and other members of Nuclei got out recently too. The relationships between them and inside the movement are nebulous and should remain so, I mean anarkiddies shit on theory and praxis anyway(it's complicated, they just melt into each other, pls no bully and read Debord), there are still the periodical conflagrations which I call revolutionary gymnastics, but the wave has passed, so we're waiting for the next one I suppose.
I personally didn't get that moved by the kid's death, it could be me or any of my friends but I don't care either, I even skipped protests and later read books during assemblies or run away scared at some of the riots and rushed home to study physics, because that shit mattered to me at some point, I suppose.
It was really, really weird, it somewhat defined my generation and I'm neutral on the issue but I can't deny the beauty of flashbangs and all that fire in those Balkan hellhole streets and so on, it was quite the environment to have your 18th birthday in.
Shame I became such a shitter, there are lots of reasons but I suppose the fight ends when you die, maybe even after that.Appropriate flag and I should have chased the girl more, there is always a Girl at those things and the details don't matter, it really was a nice coming of age and I'm not an anarkiddie anyway, just some weird balkanigger leftcom.
Here are some songs to get the dystopian Greek feeling.

Pics are from the inside of the building the tank broke in, Greek slogan translate to 'nothing lasts forever' so there you go.

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Again, great text user, really informative. I was reading alot about the anarchist movement in Greece, I'm not an anarchist but I like their direct action.

Gee, thanks. Here are some more pics. The theater still survives despite repeated Golden Dawn attacks, the first squat was demolished after the police finally broke it, they broke the second under a "leftist" government and sorry for the boomerposting but you got me really nostalgic and curious. I used to spent pretty much every day around pics 4 and 5 at points in my life and I've never read anything about the anarchist movement, only from them. So if you have any books or articles pls share and I can translate the ebin slogans too, if you want, one of my favourites was 'the fallen of the workday sleep with porn lullabies', it's very situ and rhymes in Greek.
And maybe I can join the tourist board, too, who knows.

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You even see bad readings of Gramsci, Adorno, Marcuse, Foucault, and Negri on the alt-right via folks like de Benoist and Gottfried.

Neoconservatism is just a bizarre mix of Schmitt and Strauss with vaguely leftish justification.

I was just wondering if they have some kind of manifest. Because in english I can only find articles about "muh fucking terrorist", so maybe they have something in greek. Because I saw once in a thread that they see themselves as individualist anarchists, and they distant themselves from other greek anarchist groups. Also, wikipedia gives this information about their ideology:

Well "The Sun Will Continue Rising" counts as their manifesto, they wrote it from prison and it's a kind of retrospective, along with a temporary cessation of action, because they were in prison duh. Here it is, if you're interested. They also wrote various so called "proclamations" to accompany every attack, here's a random example of that too. I can try translating them at some point if you want, these two are only 30 pages altogether but if you're interested you can get a first taste through google translate or so.
Well they mostly believe in urban guerilla action and propaganda of the deed so you could call them a branch of indivindualist anarchists, but the split with the other anarchist groups isn't really physical, the members melted in and out of all the events and places of the scene, anarkiddies are all about fluidity and so on. I mean all of us were at least sympathizers and of course I went to solidarity concerts and all that, even though I'm just a pussy, in the end.
Also, Romanos (pic related) saw his best friend die next to him by pig bullet so that kinda informed his ideology, and his and the Nuclei's sometimes virulent rejection of both lifestylism and ML boomerism, because the pigs killed his best friend. They were just one year younger than me when the incident happened, one of them stayed like that forever I suppose. And here are the other guys, pretty normal average guys, somewhat older than us when it was all happening, so kinda heroes, and the gurl is a cutie because muh freedom. One of the arrested guys is Albanian too, he brought gommie expertise to the idealism.
Anyway if you read my posts you can pretty much see where the bitter nihilism comes from and they also saw themselves as the successors of 17N, some kind of advance detachment keeping the fear alive in porky's heart between insurrections is the rather flattering description I'd give them.

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But the politics of urban guerilla warfare always accept the necessity and importance of all sorts of spaces, not only as bases but like I said the various squats and spaces offered financial and active support in all sorts of ways and helped propagate their views, too, like I said there was this newspaper called άπατρις (stateless or so) and the concept of organizational fluidity and swimming in the population is a pretty standard application of people's war and foco theory, applied to the anarchist community as the first scale of generality, if you get my point.
And these places are also the best free libraries and cinemas you can find, can you imagine just cooking with lots of people and having all those talks about Stirner and Malatesta and inflating your self importance to feel like you're the peasants of urban foquism?
Really the SPF very well read people, and /ourguys/ too, and now I miss that girl even though she was just a shitty boring ML, she was a very nice person.

Nice thanks for all the info. Just to share some info, here in Brazil, we had a anarchist experiment at my state. A colony called "Colony Cecilia", made by italian immigrants in 1890. It lasted three years, and ended due to alot of internal problems: misery, conflict with other immigrants, some families moved to big cities in search of work. But it was a nice experiment that inspires our anarchist groups. Here are some pictures and the third pic it's a memorial which says:
And there they are, the Beneditti, the Dondelli, the Arrighini and the Zanetti. Also, the Mezzadri, the Artusi and the Agottani, between others families."

And the drawing on the fourth pic, it's really funny because it says:

Although I like anarchism, I don't see how it would work right now, at least here.

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Shit, the memorial it's the fourth pic and the drawing the third.

The expert would've been Albanian lol


Cecilia was undone in part by Polack catholics, no? I know the Church is a huge problem in Brazi, but you have all those prison riots and the favelados are a model for stealing electricity, among other things, so don't be a pessimist, of course anarchy can work in Brazil.

Das rayciss
It's funny how Zig Forums likes Albanians so much, normally there's huge racism against them in Greece, worse than Mexicans in the US at points, that's the reason I mentioned it. The SPF are very internationalist, at some point they bombed pretty much every FIAT dealership in Salonika for some Italian comrades or others.

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Yep the Polack catholics were part of the problem too. I always wanted to see the favelas developing somekind of autonomy, but the protestant church is really strong here, almost like a parallel state and they have a massive presence in favelas. My thing with anarchism it's how we can prevent a counter revolution because the bourgeoisie are really strong here and I don't see a way to prevent a counter revolution without going "authoritarian stalin style".

These groups were out of their element and basically put the cart before the horse. There will be a time for violence, but only once a massive political constituency has been built for it. Clowns like the Symbionese Liberation Army and Weather Undergrounds and their random acts of terrorism did nothing if not hurt Leftist causes by normies associating the Left with them.


Also, Kozo Okamoto is living in Lebanon under PFLP protection after being freed in a prisoner swap.
The Japanese government has requested extradition but the Lebanese have refused.

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Fuck off. The Weather Underground never killed anyone, just damaged to the capitalist's strongholds. The Alt-Right kills individuals to protect property of the "white race"

The WU didn't organize in any unions, which is unsurprising, since they are ultimately of ML/MLM origins. They resonated with students but were tone deaf to the working class and all of their propaganda reflects that.

They wound up increasing FBI surveillance of Left groups so much that the remnants of the left shriveled up in the US.

At least they didn't try that popular front garbage of MLs or fill up with FBI agents like CPUSA. As far as ML revolutionaries go, they were one of the more successful groups.

pls, sauce
they really liked "Settlers"?
that kinda sucks, man

Of course they didn't touch Amerikkkan books but they called it 反日亡国論