Nice future thread

Lets have a discussion about how a nice socialist Future could look like.

Please avoid technophobia and collapse-porn, defeatism, and dread-mongering

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No thanks.
The upcoming environmental collapse will force us into agricultural socialism with Juche aesthetics I seriously not only believe this might happen, but also want it to.

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I imagine a world where we have reached full communism (obviously), as the state, money, and social classes have all but disappeared. Big, green, sustainable cities would emerge where old ones once stood. These cities will be filled with housing complexes, some 1km high. I also imagine that farms will be automated, and self-sufficient, while also environmentally friendly at the same time. This also goes into industry, where most things are automated without much human effort needed. Things like drugs, pornography, etc. for the most part will not be banned, but it will be nonexistent, as people, now that they are not alienated, can spend time working on other things freely, now that they no longer need something to "ease the pain," so to say. Humanity will expand beyond our planet while not abandoning it, it is such a society where humanity has conquered the Solar System under the red flag of communism. Mars, the moon, and possibly Venus would have been terraformed. They might also send probes and missions to other star systems. This might also help with overpopulation, given we can just have humanity on one celestial body, but some portion will live on another planet/moon, leaving a little wiggle room for humanity. This space-communist strategy will come much later, as humanity must at first clean the mess left by bourgeois imperialism (worker oppression, mass CO2 emissions, poverty, hunger, racial/sexual/gender identity discrimination by reactionaries, etc.)
Such a society is what I see as near perfect, however I can only be this optimistic, comrades.

I just want to be some sort of hobo wizard or something, shuffling around on trains doing all sorts of manual labour but never ever fear homelessness and bills again in my life, and none of that other shit either. The trains can be maglevs of course, if you care about that stuff, but all you utopians should read the Noon series from the Strugatsky brothers.

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It's clear that left must have some sort of vision of the future we want to bring about without painting ourselves into a corner. At what extent can we create visions of the future and how feasible do they have to be without being utopian? Help a brainlet out.

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Honestly, the future looks so dire right now that anything more ambitious than "keeping the evolutionary throwbacks in the right wing from literally turning the planet into a rock incapable of harboring life" feels like promising too much.

I think a useful thing is to create visions of the future that show that we can create believable, workable plans using things that people understand today and now. Things that people could really understand, can grasp, and may well agree upon as good ideas. Then talk about what about current society goes against this. A really good way to talk about it is to discuss how profit motive encourages atomization and community breakdown.

cockshottian urban-agrarian eco-stalinism tbh

Where are these images from?

Why even live.

I often daydream about a long train that's also a co-op with a sleeper car and all that. I also like the idea of walking mechs that are also homes.

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first of all: this thread idea is based and redpilled. second of all: i want to have a little hippie cottage by a river and a big cannabis garden and robot servants who all speaking in charming Brooklynese

I just want to live in a small home near a forest with my qt wife. I don't want to deal with paper work, I'm happy to do what ever labour is necessary, and all I need to entertain myself are paper, pencils, some good books and a few good frens. I, I think I've had enough of this internet thing. I'm down with movies and games and technology, but they don't really make me happy. Tech's application in capitalist society seems warped, and causes people to become stupider more often than not. I guess I'd see how such things develop, I just want a simple life with healthcare, community and 0 bullshit.

this. Nothing would be better than working 6 hours a day doing mildly physical work while listening to music, going home to a healthy family, spending time with the people you love while also advancing your own hobbies and interests. I think most communists have a fairly simple idea of happiness, it is unfortunate capitalism is incapable of delivering even this.

tbh, I don't even mind work that's actually physically demanding, so long as it's not sustained for long periods, or done to the point of injury. I'd love to do some simple physical work some days, a bit of chill office work another. I'd like to think that under a well establish socialist system, people would learn all kinds of skills, and change jobs every once in a while. I can easily imagine a surgeon wanting to take a break by doing some forklift driving for a week, when wage isn't on the table.

Eco Architecture paintings straight from North Korea.

Alright, so I've got a bit of autism I've been thinking about for a while. Thoughts for near-future socialist home development.

Replacing a lot of the shitty, pointless capitalist cookie-cutter suburb blocks with luxury apartment complexes. Four or so apartment blocks in a large circular ring surrounding a communal recreational/wellness center/park. Outdoor pool, exercise equipment, places for people to do certain sports. On the outside of the ring, a large open space for more natural things, a broad open park that's intentionally allowed to give way to more wild areas.

By design, the actual homes in the apartment blocks are to be set up rather minimalist in design - Rather than focusing on each person being entirely self-sustained, the focus would rather move to larger, better equipped, better functioning, and more social setups. There might be a small offering for food or media in each, but the primary focus would be getting people to head out to the cafeteria building where locals work together on preparing food for people to take. Electronics and gaming comes as its own building too, again, with a focus on getting people to come together more and more often. It removes much of the need for people to each have their own individual good, putting more resources into the communal goods and cutting enormously on wasteful things sitting around for no reason.

Work is also provided for many here, with a split time schedule of two days of labor on a preferred specialized task like cooking or handling administrative duties, and two days spent doing more menial tasks like just maintaining the neighborhood and keeping it clean, and three days of rest and relaxation.

Access is provided by a bus loop around the ring, that visits a train station on a regular basis. There's also the option for a small number of cars to be loaned out, stored in a garage under the administrative building for certain things.

It's not a fancy cool picture of life in the future or the like, I'm just trying to think of some way to re-structure life in a way that people today can understand, that maybe might help people get some sense of "community" back.

I want the world to go up in flames and humanity to perish. Without people there can be no class society.

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A building like 10×10 Amazon warehouses glued together. Most walls inside can be easily detached and moved around, you just have to move a lever on both sides. Short room height compensated for by using furniture without legs. Stairs for going up, slides for going down. Circular windows with polarized filters that can be rotated. Communal eating rooms and washing-machine room. System for automatic delivery of small packages. Big conveyor belt to move people around (stand on the right side, walk on the left side). 10-day week (see pic).

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What about Prey and Predator?

what you do think about modular housing with prefabricated modules stack on top. ?

Or do you really mean fully reconfigurable, like (pic brightly coulured)

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reddit is that way

I wanna found a Scottish Whisky Kibbutz, who in?

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Dumping what I got

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More. Pretty sure that's it. I used to have a fuckton of these

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Only problem is if the housing modules are in a line from side to side the floor vanishes and the modules on top drop down.

Nice Romanticism

i don't get what you mean? are assuming a jenga tower configuration where you pull out modules ?

You are a cancerous poster. Jucheposters are consistently the most reactionary idealists around here and I don't even dislike the actual DPRK.

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I'm making a tetris joke based on the first pic.

All life then.

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If you complete a row the occupants reach full communism

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IETR works, fission and nuclear in general become more widespread, decreasing fossil fuel usage.

GMO crops are used to make crop production more efficient, and reverse dessertification in certain areas.

Commodification of core technologies give resource rich countries more autonomy with their resource exports, allowing for stability in the third world. Global birthrates stabilize, life expectancy shoots up to the 80s-90s, thanks to commodified medical care aswell.

As improvements with AI and data handling come about, corporations and states are better able to accurately predict demand, reducing or even eliminating oversupply. Both also aid in making healthcare, education far more affordable etc.

With malthusian fears gone, reactionaries and zealots fade into the background, temporary migrants return home, and the world can finally focus on the stars

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this was meant after the capitalism superstructure is abolished and socialism has been build (around the 2060's), health care would be free, education would be seen comparable to work and all production would be planed, meaning no more corporations or money mystifications but rather labour-vouchers and material accounting so technically no more commodities either.

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Mechanically contained fusion is a superior process.

Does this kind of stuff have a name for the 'subgenre' of sci-fi, like utopian cyberpunk?

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I hope the future goes our way :-\

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Punk I think rather specifically means its a focus on the rebellion against society.
But it's also given "solarpunk" once in a while so.

I don't know hat those are called I just typed "scifi habitat" into, if you click on the appropriate thumbnails pictures on the side the algorithm shows you lots of pictures similar to these after a while>>2923445

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I'm actually surprised nobody posted this here.

thats where a lot mine are from is pretty sick

I don't think it'd be 'abolished', but people realising that properly implemented algorithms would be superior choices to corrigible humans.

And since algorithms don't need executive pay…. you get the idea, this hinges on said algos being open source though.

why is the phantograph on that tram raised when there is no overhead cables?

So it can float on water.

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And this is where the failure of a liberal green utopia lies. Capitalism’s own contradictions will led to the technology needed for this future being exclusively in the hands of massive mega corporations. This will either makes the implementation of these new innovations too slow to save the rapidly growing crisis of capitalism and complete destruction of civilization occurs or they’ll be used to fully make human labor obsolete with everyone being stuck in bullshit jobs being brainwashed constantly by increasingly fascist capitalist system.

Ehhh, there'd be benefits to making it open source, like what huawei is going through


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I have no problem being a prole/worker in a communist society, i feel physically ill at having to work for porkie to live but if my goal was purely to further society i'd take fuckin anything and do it well. Be it the demanding labor shit, i'd just get even stronger for it. Fuck porkie.

Everybody does

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Art station is having a contest to make some gay happy sci-fi art like tgis thread right now. I'm going to enter because I want a free vacation to Malta. Give me some ideas sci-fi fags.

Here is the criteria:

"Desirable Future Briefing

Hundreds of creatives look to Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn to find inspiration, learn more about the industry they work in, network, and share their experiences.

This year we challenge the Tribe to imagine their inner child in a future set in 40 years from now.

In 2060 we will have succeeded in becoming fossil free; however, the CO2 in the air will still be too much. Carbon removal is possible through forestation, algae cultivation, or slow agriculture.
It's our mission to build a world where innovation is the universal language and technology and creativity join forces. The future may be uncertain, but together we must pave the way to a better society.

Despite this challenge, our inner child will want to play around and have fun with others.

How would your inner child imagine a desirable future?"

Draw Commie shit, like a future USSR or something.

this. use these as inspiration

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And you didn't invite me

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I want a statue of liberty to be rebuild in Land's resemblance.

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Does anyone else find modern science fiction art uninspired and too heavily informed by pop-science?
Whenever I want to look at cool SF art I always go back to mostly hand drawn and painted work from the 1970s-early 2000s.


This tbh. I prefer scifi art to be grounded in actual science. The stick-trees-on-fucking-everything hippy bullshit annoys me as well.

where people either live in a capitalist virtual reality or hide as tunnel-diggers ?

could you imagine fiction about science attempting to use science to some degree, But you are right that hand drawn matt-painting are really nice, and not done as much any-more.

this is nice

There is a reason to stick trees in cities, trees improve air quality, provide evaporative cooling and noise dampening. There also is empirical evidence that people will have lower stress levels if they see green plants and water-features.

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You know how I know you are a zoomer?

I don't object to trees being in cities, just the ridiculous/unrealistic way it's done in a lot of scifi art.

Fair enough, but what would be more realistic ? really big pots for trees to make the placement flexible and modular ?

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Not a zoomer, and digital art hadn't yet superseded hand painted work in the early 2000s.

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How about parks and nature strips between buildings rather than vegetation randomly adorned on every available surface? The examples you're providing are fairly sane for the most part, but there seems to be a sub-genre of sci-fi art where the future is equated with trees randomly sprouting out of everything. It's almost like artists have no fucking idea how either trees or architecture works.

I'm not sure i understand, are you complaining about the lady in the room with the big window ?

I think there was a architectural style where house walls would be covered with plants (pic) maybe there's a commonality with that.

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I want our species to live long enough to colonize space. If we can build self-sustainable space colonies I think we can stop destroying Earth.

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Come on.

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Space colonies are one or two centuries in the future, it's probably harder to entirely produce a habitat then to keep earth habitable, so i would hope can stop destruction before we go to the stars.

fair point (pic)

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What if we reproduced class society … but under the sea?

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Thanks for these images of hope, comrades. I teared up a bit. A better world is possible with hope, friendship, and hard work.

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Showing that they achieved advanced technology is giving them too much credit.

You want nice future? Too bad have nuclear bombs instead.

Post ebic communist timelines:

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Being anti-idol doesn't mean being actively racist or sexist. Eliminating these cultural diseases is obviously one of our goals and always has been. If you dont agree, you're a faggot. 4/pol is that way

Racism and sexism are forms of idpol.

not when everyone who is against idpol is lable "racist and sexist"

those terms have lost there meaning
racism and sexism are spooks