News 6/21/19

US planned to hit 3 different sites in response to Iran, was told 150 people would have died – Trump
Despite being “cocked and loaded” to launch an assault on Iran, President Donald Trump says that he eventually decided the strike would have been “not proportionate” to the downing of the unmanned US drone.

Yemen crisis: UN partially partially suspends food aid
The UN has partially suspended aid to parts of Yemen controlled by Houthi rebels, accusing them of misappropriating supplies.The World Food Programme (WFP) described the move as a last resort.

Nuclear weapons: experts alarmed by new Pentagon 'war-fighting' doctrine
The Pentagon believes using nuclear weapons could “create conditions for decisive results and the restoration of strategic stability”, according to a new nuclear doctrine adopted by the US joint chiefs of staff last week.

Mark Field suspended as minister after grabbing activist
Mark Field has been suspended as a Foreign Office minister after grabbing a female Greenpeace activist at a black-tie City dinner.The MP has apologised for confronting Janet Barker and marching her away as protesters interrupted a speech by Chancellor Philip Hammond.

Striking Chilean copper miners defy police violence
On Tuesday, the fifth day of their strike at the Chuquicamata mine in northern Chile, hundreds of striking copper miners were assaulted by government security forces. The column of striking miners marching toward the mine was attacked with rubber bullets, water cannons and tear gas.

China, U.S. to resume trade talks but China says demands must be met
China said on Thursday it hoped U.S. officials would bring a problem-solving attitude to renewed trade talks in advance of a meeting between Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping next week in Japan.

North Korean Leader Boasts Of 'Invincible' Ties With China
Upon President Xi’s departure from Pyongyang, North Korean leader Kim Jung Un hailed his nation’s ‘invincible’ ties with China as the two countries continue their close relationship.

A Jerusalem hospital where Palestinian babies die alone
for two babies at this Palestinian hospital in Jerusalem, their mothers were trapped an hour and a half away behind an Israeli-enforced blockade in Gaza. Both infants would later die, one without seeing her mother again.

Hong Kong protests: Thousands surround police headquarters
Thousands of people in Hong Kong have surrounded police headquarters, calling for an extradition bill to be scrapped.Police have asked the protesters to withdraw peacefully, saying their presence would "seriously affect" emergency services.

NZ launches gun 'buy-back' scheme for weapons banned after Christchurch mosque attacks
New Zealand’s government on Thursday launched a multimillion-dollar, six-month “buy-back” scheme to compensate owners of powerful but newly banned semi-automatic weapons prohibited in the wake of deadly attacks on two mosques in the Southern city of Christchurch.

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This is the whole "tactical nukes can be totally used without MAD happening" shit all over again, y'know the suicidal ignorance that Reagan was pushing decades ago.

‘Come heavily armed’: Showdown in Oregon as governor sends police to round up Republican lawmakers
A Republican state senator in Oregon told police to show up ready for a fight if they moved to enforce Democrat Governor Kate Brown’s order to compel attendance for a contentious vote on climate-change legislation.Oregon Republican Senator Brian Boquist was having none of it, telling a reporter in response to the governor's threat that he would not be a political prisoner, and said the state troopers should prepare for a shootout.

Appeals court allows Trump abortion rules to take effect
New Trump administration rules imposing additional hurdles for women seeking abortions can take effect while the government appeals decisions that blocked them, a federal appeals court said Thursday.

New NYCHA head Gregory Russ’s $400K salary triggers outrage
The incoming head of the New York City Housing Authority is facing backlash over reports that he will take home a $402,000 salary.Mayor de Blasio recently appointed Gregory Russ for the post after months of deliberations and delays. Russ currently leads the Minneapolis’ public housing authority, and will take up the NYCHA position in August.

UAW sabotages strike by Faurecia auto parts workers in Michigan
The United Auto Workers abruptly shutdown a strike late Friday morning by nearly 2,000 workers at the Faurecia auto parts plant in Saline, Michigan, who walked out shortly after midnight early Friday morning.

Explosions, fire rock US oil refinery; gas prices could rise
Explosions and a blaze at the largest oil refinery on the East Coast sent a fireball into the sky and shook homes before dawn Friday, though authorities reported only a few minor injuries and said the air was safe to breathe.

Foxconn’s Billionaire Founder Urges Apple to Invest in Taiwan
The billionaire founder of Apple Inc.’s largest supplier asked the U.S. company to move from China to neighboring Taiwan.

Walmart to pay $282 million to settle seven-year global corruption probe
Walmart Inc said on Thursday it will pay $282 million to settle a seven-year-long investigation into whether its overseas units in Mexico, Brazil, China and India violated the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

I think they're just biding time to let the propaganda machine get more support for the war.

I think that's exactly what it is. Trump looks "restrained" now with his West Wing speech bullshit, so when the next incident happens they can say that they gave Iran a chance and now they have to strike.

Zizek and His Limits
On a purely cultural level, Zizek stands as a divisive figure on the Left today, you either love him or hate him. But this essay isn’t here to discuss his frequent skewering of political correctness. In this respect I totally agree with his provocations as valuable critiques of a liberal left which finds perverse pleasure in skin-deep radicalness. But whether you reject these critiques as reactionary or think likewise, Zizek irrefutably has generated perhaps the most original and interesting contemporary philosophical project.It would be a disservice to merely suggest that this is some straightforward blend of German Idealism, Marx and Lacan. His 2017 work, The Incontinence of the Void, however, provides a good and somewhat tidy representation of his thought. It also exposes the fundamental limits of this thought most clearly; showing just how, despite his claims of “Hegelian materialism,” the contours of his thinking drifts into idealism.

Clueless and Shameless: Joe Biden, Staggering Frontrunner
Joe Biden just put a spotlight on his mindset when he explicitly refused to apologize for fondly recalling how the Senate “got things done” with “civility” as he worked alongside some of the leading racist lawmakers of the 20th century. For Biden, the personal is the political; he knows that he’s virtuous, and that should be more than good enough for African Americans, for women, for anyone.“There’s not a racist bone in my body,” Biden exclaimed Wednesday night, moments after demanding: “Apologize for what?” His deep paternalism surfaced during the angry outburst as he declared: “I’ve been involved in civil rights my whole career, period, period, period.”Biden has been “involved” in civil rights his “whole career” alright. But at some crucial junctures, he was on the wrong side. He teamed up with segregationist senators to oppose busing for school desegregation in the 1970s. And he played a leading role — while pandering to racism with a shameful Senate floor speech — for passage of the infamous 1994 crime bill that fueled mass incarceration.

Making Corbynism a Reality
Once written off as an electoral liability, today Jeremy Corbyn looks every bit a future prime minister. After his breakthrough performance in the 2017 election and the subsequent meltdown of Theresa May’s premiership, Labour seems to be on the path to government. Yet if most media-political discourse focuses on issues of internal party management, rather less discussed is what Corbyn would do once he reached office.As disputes over Brexit dominate the political arena, Labour’s plans for remodeling the economy are not yet at the center of public debate. Yet if Corbyn is to bring about paradigm shift like Clement Attlee in 1945 or Margaret Thatcher in 1979, his party needs to mobilize emphatic public support for its transformative agenda — and also be prepared to face down opposition from powerful interests in the City of London and beyond.Christine Berry is co-author (together with Joe Guinan) of People Get Ready! Preparing for a Corbyn Government. She spoke to Alex Doherty of the Politics. Theory. Other. podcast about Labour’s program for democratizing the economy, how it can turn “taking office” into “taking power,” and what Corbyn’s team can learn from the strategies the Thatcherites used to push through their own neoliberal revolution.

donald trump is president of the americans

and is the less evil one since ghw bush

what a time to be alive

I wouldn't be at all surprised at this point if they have someone in the MSM claim that this was a clear case of Iranian sabotage.

If you are into Hegel and Marxist materialism read more about this in book related. AFAIK the second part of this book is still being written.

Oh hey thanks newsanon for including this in your roundup!

I'll check it out

Is there any actual evidence of Houthis misusing food aid? I couldn't find any in the article


Really makes you think


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The US just can't stand that secular Communist countries like Iran exist they would rather the middle east be filled with Theocracies like Saudi Arabia.

Anyone who cares about workers rights women rights and true equality should support Iran as the last bastion of Communism in the middle east.


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But muh nuclear deal n shiet

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At this point we really should stop referring to these people as the US government. They're a doomsday cult holding everybody hostage, including Americans who mostly don't want these bullshit wars.

So, the US government.

most USAmericans are brainwashed by the death cult. not most USAmerican workers, but most of the overall population.

No, Evangelicals ARE the death cult.