Molotov Cocktail Formations

Speaking of operation Barbarossa, why is it that Molotov cocktails are used so poorly in street action?

I haven't seen something like Sanrizuka in the West with actual formations and flanking.

How do you organize a formation of people to wield and throw Molotov cocktails on command in a single mass volley? I want to see big fires.

Is it wrong to have made formations of Molotov cocktail throwers just setting the forces of capital on a fiery inferno?

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That's basically why it doesn't happen so much in the U.S.

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So is throwing a molotov too difficult? It must be quite a bit heavier than a regular hand grenade, but also isn't the way the bottle is shaped kind hard to throw it properly? It's like the opposite of those german stick nades (which imo look really easy to throw). The handle on those things is skinny and seems to fit perfectly on your hand. But for molotovs the "handle" is the fat part of the bottle. Seems significantly harder to handle and throw.

Did you ever throw a bottle while drunk in some shit part of town, if so, then it's pretty much the same really

Plug up the bottom tight, tie your fuse to the top of the bottle, hold upside down.
Make sure it's actually plugged well though.

While we're on the subject I've got quite a number of variations on things to fill molotovs with for various effects ranging from spreading it out, concentrating it, making it burn particularly longer, and changing it to an aerosolized explosive.

Now that you mention it, there's a lot to be learned from Japanese and South Korean protesters of decades past.

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there's protest compilation video that made the round a while a go that had a dozen or more people running in formation carrying tree stems as rams. Those are more effective, and you don't risk setting your self on fire. Also most vehicles have fuel cut-off valves, and bumping a water thrower truck with a tree might trigger the valve and switch off the engine and water-pump.

Anyway the most effective weapon however is organizing shift rotation, because there usually are more protestors than stormtroopers, which means that you got the advantage in stamina and can make a play for exhaustion, which can lead to the stromtroopers switching sides, especially when they get denied extra pay for overtime, risk compensation, and so on.

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ok fair enough, but you have to admit protestor clashes with the police has some similarities with how medieval battles were fought. You know 2 groups colliding…

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Bring a firehose and connect it to a hydrant. The cops won't be able to come near you and it will take them hours to work out how to turn it off.

If you tried that flamethrower stuff in America you would simply be shot.

And yet everyone in the west jumped when the police allegedly opened fire on the euromaidan protesters in Ukraine