News 6/22/19

Brazil: Attorney General Rejects Dropping Charges Against Lula
Brazil’s Attorney General Raquel Dodge upheld her opposition to the possible nullification of ex-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's prison sentence for alleged corruption after new information arising from leaked conversations of former judge Sergio Moro admitting his political biases in the case.

Australian Labor MPs push for huge tax cuts for wealthy
A growing number of Labor members of parliament are reportedly calling for the party to vote for the Liberal-National Coalition government’s planned income tax cuts for the rich.According to the corporate media, this is the next “test” of recently-installed party leader Anthony Albanese’s explicit pro-big business program.

Duterte warns China of ocean grabbing free-for-all amid South China Sea dispute
Ahead of this weekend’s Asean summit, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte warned China that it should be wary over claiming contested waters for fear it would inspire others, including the US.

Forced To Demolish Their Own Homes, Syrian Refugees In Lebanon Seek New Shelter
Lebanon hosts more than 1 million Syrian refugees and only allows them to build shelters made of canvas and wood. But the laws have not been clearly stated. The government doesn't permit the establishment of formal refugee camps.

Far-right terrorists pose ‘real threat in Germany,’ just like Islamists – interior minister
Ultra-right extremists are on equal footing with Islamist radicals and other violent groups, Horst Seehofer told German media. The far-right “have become a real threat for our society,” which means that the government should hit back and “do everything to ramp up security.”

The writing on the wall that could spell disaster for Erdoğan in Istanbul election
A shock mayoral win in March led the regime to void elections. Polls suggest a new ballot on Sunday may boost the anti-government vote

Istanbul’s candidates in re-run of mayoral election
A look at the two main candidates running for mayor of Istanbul in Sunday’s repeat election. The re-run follows an election board decision to annul the results of the March 31 local elections in the country’s largest city, which the opposition won by a narrow margin. The board ruled in favor of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s governing party.

Palestinians reject Kushner 'economy first' approach to Mideast peace
Palestinian officials on Saturday dismissed proposals unveiled by President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner for big money projects to form the first economic portion of the Trump administration’s long-awaited Middle East peace plan.

Cambodia: Sihanoukville building collapse death toll rises
A seven-storey building has collapsed in Cambodia, killing at least seven people with others reported missing, officials say.

Why Chennai, India's Sixth Biggest City, Has Run Out of Water
In what’s becoming an increasingly common story, a major city has run out of water. Chennai, India is home to 4.65 million and a severe deficit of water to serve their needs.

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Northrop Grumman used a fictitious war with Iran to sell its Global Hawk drone to the Pentagon
More than a decade before Iran shot down a US military RQ-4 Global Hawk surveillance drone on June 20, its manufacturer pitched the Department of Defense on expanding the fleet by presenting a hypothetical conflict with the Islamic Republic.

Right-wing ‘militia threat’ shuts down Oregon Capitol as Republicans flee climate bill vote
The Oregon Capitol will be closed on Saturday due to a "possible militia threat" from right-wing protesters as a walkout by Republican lawmakers over landmark climate change legislation drags on.

Red and Proud: Communist Party USA celebrates centenary in Chicago
The party celebrates 100 years operating in America this September, and while it remains a fringe element on the political landscape many of its cherished goals are increasingly finding a warm embrace from national Democrats, a development that has left the Reds here invigorated.

Trump to launch military-style immigration raids nationwide this weekend
Through leaks to the Washington Post, the Trump administration announced yesterday that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will launch a national military-style operation in 10 major US cities beginning in the dark of night this coming Sunday morning to arrest and deport some 2,000 immigrant families.

Arrests at protest over New York Times' 'unacceptable' climate coverage
A climate change protest orchestrated by the Extinction Rebellion activist group briefly blocked Eighth Avenue in New York on Saturday afternoon, between the Port Authority transit hub and the home of the New York Times.

Supreme Court Overturns Precedent In Property Rights Case — A Sign Of Things To Come?
A sharply divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled Friday that property owners can go directly to federal court with claims that state and local regulations effectively deprive landowners of the use of their property.The 5-4 decision overturned decades of precedent that barred property owners from going to federal court until their claims had been denied in state court.

Amazon Explores Having Its Drones Provide 'Home Surveillance' For Customers
Going on vacation and want some extra security around your home? Someday you may be able to call Amazon's surveillance drones.The Seattle tech giant is moving closer to making that scenario a real possibility after winning approval from federal officials this month for a patent for "home surveillance" drones.

Why Stonewall Matters Today
Stonewall wasn’t just an uprising for LGBT rights — it was also part of a broader movement that fought racism, war, and poverty. To go beyond today’s tepid gay activism, we need to remember its anti-capitalism.
The police raid on New York’s Stonewall Inn fifty years ago this month is widely viewed as the most pivotal event in LGBT* history, spawning a movement which prompted many millions around the globe to come out of the closet and fight for their freedom. But for all its significance, the movement launched by the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion remains poorly understood today, even by many radical LGBT people who sing its praises.Black Lives Matter activists today make the legitimate complaint that “moderates” defang the radical ideas of such bold predecessors as Martin Luther King, Jr, Ella Baker, Malcolm X, and the Black Panther Party by either outright distorting their ideas or ignoring them altogether. Likewise, on this half-century anniversary of Stonewall, we should expect similar treatment from “mainstream” LGBT people, liberals and conservatives alike, for whom Stonewall is an occasion for vacuous self-congratulation, and parades of rainbow-themed beer floats and politicians

Why are reparations for slavery being made an issue in the 2020 US elections?
A contentious hearing was held Wednesday before the US House Judiciary Committee on a bill, H.R. 40, that would establish a congressional commission to study and consider a national apology and reparations for slavery and succeeding racial and economic discrimination against African Americans.The bill, sponsored by Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee from Houston, Texas, was first introduced by the former Congressman John Conyers in 1989 and at every annual session since for nearly three decades. Wednesday, however, marked the first time that a bill relating to reparations for slavery was considered by the full committee.Despite the widespread coverage in the media, including front page and op-ed treatment in the New York Times, there is no mass upswell of popular sentiment for reparations. In fact, a 2018 poll found that just 26 percent of Americans supported monetary reparations for the descendants of slaves.At a time when social inequality is driving a growing movement of workers and youth, the issue is being deliberately promoted by the Democratic Party to inject racial divisions into the heart of the 2020 election campaign.

We must stop the US from going to war with Iran
The drums of war are beating in Washington again.Just today we learned that the US came very close to striking targets inside Iran in response to the downing of a US drone in the Persian Gulf. Last week the White House announced that a 1,000 additional troops would be sent to the Middle East in response to an alleged Iranian attack on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. Last month, the New York Times reported that the Pentagon had presented a plan to the White House that envisions sending as many as 120,000 troops to the region to fight Iran.Sixteen years ago, the US committed one of the worst foreign policy blunders in the history of our country by attacking Iraq. That war was sold to the American people based on a series of lies about weapons of mass destruction. One of the leading advocates for that war was John Bolton, who served as a member of the Bush administration and is now Donald Trump’s national security adviser. Incredibly, even today, Bolton is one of the few remaining people in the world who continues to believe that the Iraq war was a good idea.That war led to the deaths of more than 4,400 American troops, with tens of thousands of American soldiers wounded, many severely, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians killed. It unleashed a wave of radicalism and destabilization across the region that we will be dealing with for many years to come. It was the biggest foreign policy disaster in American history.

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thanks news user

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Not him, but it's a right-wing rag.

Washinton Times is created & controlled by the Moonies.

Religious rags are good on topics that aren't their axe grinding ones
take a bunch of people with high conscientiousness and tell them "you journalist now" and out comes ok journalism

For the Moonies that topic is communism though.

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Haven't they been a mix of radlibs and FBI for about half of that time?

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