Does ANTIFA allow black people to join?

I've never seen a black ANTIFA. Just black people beating up ANTIFA. Is ANTIFA an exclusively white organization? It seems like all their members are only white. Why don't they allow black people to join?

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I would like to joinbut I'm black and ANTIFA don't allow niggas to join

Yea they are a white organization. If you're black then look for another movement cause antifa is a white group that doesn't allow black people unfortunately.

The bait is shit today. It's almost depressing.

I've noticed this too. They're are no minorities in ANTIFA. Just upper class white suburban kids.

Low effort and unfunny.

They're pretty much just white kids who are mad that Trump won or whatever. Nobody here in America takes them seriously. They just get beat up and cry. They're not real leftists. Just liberal white kids pretending.

Like most of this board

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Are the leftists in America really like that? Lol we hear stories about them getting beat up constantly but Jesus Christ I didn't realize it was real. We feel sorry for you burgers you're leftists are just tranny liberals.

There is no place for niggers in the left. try the far-right they are more diverse and tolerant.

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Burgers are pathetic. They're not real leftists. Imagine letting trannies in Your movement. Lmao. They're just liberals who larp. I'm convinced that they're are no real leftists in America

Lmao. Why is Zig Forums so racist yet they are more diverse than this board? Seriously this board is like 99.9% white. I'll never understand why the far right has more black people than the far left. It doesn't make sense to me

Your negroid brain and american education are to blame.

AFAIK we have a fuck-ton of south Americans on this board.

I love how this shitty, low-effort bait actually got you people responding and arguing instead of sageing. The conversation has come down to "the left is all ypipo and tranny libs". Please stop.

ok, nice bait, pol
neck yourself, retard

Hell no we don't allow niggers. You really think we would fuck up by allowing subhuman niggers to join? GTFO and go join the far right where you're welcome. Leftism is a white ideology and always will be. You're not welcome here nigger

Bro we're leftists not liberals. We hate niggers. Go troll another board.


ANTIFA is a liberal movement not a leftist movement. Nobody cares about them here. They're just white kids who get beat up constantly. Real leftists don't let niggers or trannies fuck up their movement

Niggers are selfish, have no input to society whatsoever. Therefore they do not contribute to the state. They feel entitled which is a sign of bourgeoisie.

They're are no niggers in ANTIFA tho. Just upper class white suburban kids

Hey Zig Forums, whatcha doing?

Seriously. Niggers get the bullet first when the revolution comes

But why? Why don't you allow black people? Aren't you getting tired of constantly getting beat up by niggas? If you cant Beat them join them.

It just keeps happening.

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i have never seen white straight rightist
checkmate, niggerfaggot

Sorry but subhuman niggers aren't allowed in our movement. They may beat Us up now but when the revolution happens we'll kill all those niggers. Fuck off.

It's weird. The far right is really diverse. The far left is mostly white. Ironic actually.

Bro this whole board and every "leftist" in America are just white liberals. America has no leftists. Just white tranny liberals who larp. They wouldn't last a day in South America

Lol for real. I feel bad for burger bros. They will never achieve revolution with a bunch of gender confused white kids.

This thread needs to be purged asap.

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I will never understand any movement that allows transgender liberals and others to fuck them up. Only in America I guess

Seriously it's sad. America has no real leftists. They are a joke full of tranny white liberals lol. Every leftist in America is just some white kid larping

All this samefagging is what's sad.

OP is zionist racist who hates arabs

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But don't you think black people can help you? You'll never know if you don't let them join. Or are black people in America just not attracted to the ANTIFA movement?

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Black people just aren't into that shit here. There are more far right black people than left black people. I really don't get it but its just an America thing really.

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Why? So we can get more quality contributions like

Makes sense I guess. I just never understood why the "far left" in America is just a bunch of rich white liberals and trannies. How do they expect to have any kind of revolution when they just get beat up in the streets and are filled with rich white kids?

The rich do not want a revolution for obvious reasons.

OP is right. Conservatards and nazis are more cucked than we are

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Yea. Leftism in America is a white ideology. We will have revolution tho as long as we keep not allowing blacks and other lesser races to pollute us.

It's different here in the Dominican republic. It's weird looking at America and seeing that their "far left" is just full of a bunch of white liberals while their "far right" is much more diverse. Opposite land I guess

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We're done feeding and taking care of niggers. They get the bullet first. Leftism is and always will be white only. And no we aren't liberals. You just haven't seen the real leftists here.

op stop being israeli shill

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You forgot me

If this thread doesn't get deleted, I'm going to sneak into the 8ch server room and take a shit on the hard drives.

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K. But maybe leftists in America should allow the black people to join. Maybe blacks just beat you guys up cause they feel unwanted and pushed away by you? So many black people wouldn't keep joining the far right if you embraced them.

Nah fuck them. Niggers will bet the bullet first. Like I said, leftism in America is and always will be white only.

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For the record, my local group (Toronto) is full of whites, blacks, asians and hispanics. But, who needs real evidence, when you can just scream "nigger" over and over on an Uzbek trainspotting website?

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I must think you guys should embrace them more. I know leftism in America is a mostly white movement but if you allowed more black people to join then maybe they would stop joining the far right and beating you guys up all the time. Just a thought.

Nigger do you even speak English?

Sorry. English is Nott my 1st language. And don't call me that I am no nigger

k jamal

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Leftist movements in America are white for a reason. We don't want niggers fucking things up for us. Simple as that. Let niggers keep joining the right. The left here is strong cause we're white and we plan to keep it that way. The right will lose cause they are infested with niggers and brown people. And we are no trannies. Trannies are liberals and will get the bullet.

op is definitely a strong guy and definitely has a wife

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This isn't a liberal board bitch. We probably hate niggers more than pol. Lurk moar before you attempt to troll again faggot

Where the fuck are the mods?

Trannies and niggers can never be leftists here in America. It's just not compatible with them



This is Anarchy

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being white rightist means being cuckold

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Facts. Fuck niggers and faggots. They're just a bunch of liberals.

Bro do you know where you are? You think we care that black people rather join the far right? We are not liberals dude. We don't allow niggers for a reason. Let the right have their diversity. It will be their downfall.

yeah, the left are the real racists
we actually like to be cucked by niggers

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I've always found it ironic that the rightwing in America is more diverse than the leftwing. Leftists should allow black people. I dont know why they don't in America.

Are you retarded or yes?

Yea its weird. Burgerland is like opposite world or something

If your organinsing you're going to get hit at some point and it's not going to be graceful or look heroic. You'll look like the animal you are responding to a threat and it looks fucking stupid compared to violence in media.

If you're poor and didn't railroad yourself into marxism, why the fuck would you want to join a pack of middle class white students sure, but a huge sum of those people who sucked a few years ago are comrades now or went back to being liberals for x,y and z shite reason. This is a boon. Stop having shite politics

You know this is a leftist board right? We unironicly hate niggers more than the rightwing


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Zig Forums and rightwing movements in America are diverse multicultural fuck ups. At least the left wing doesn't allow niggers and that makes us stronger honestly

we on the right love BDSM
that's why we like so much when antifa cucks and niggers beat us

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