So then, literally concentration camps. Congratulations, America. This time, we do the clapping

So then, literally concentration camps. Congratulations, America. This time, we do the clapping.

I can't possibly be the only person here noticing the world seemingly going off-center these past few years, can I? I mean, I know everyone likes to think they're living through epoch-setting events – everyone thinks they'll witness the Armageddon – and that this is a possibly universal cognitive bias, but as far as my memory goes, these past few years have been a departure from the previous times.

One of those eggheads who supposedly predicted the end of the USSR, 9/11 and shit has 2020 pegged as the end of America's uncontested hegemony, and I really can't think of a more appropriate agent for that than Trump. With that much, I agree, I think capitalism is just past its highest point. But this alone doesn't, I feel, account for all the insanity going on.

Snowden said something to the effect of "the worst scenario possible is if all those massive leaks make no difference", and lo and behold, there we are. Now, we can't claim anyone doesn't revolt simply for lack of awareness of the crimes committed both for and against them. Anyone with access to Google can know that no entity is the world has done more to destroy democracy and human rights than America, yet few people bother doing so, and what's more worrying, the people who do know so don't act, if only because they can't act. Leaving aside the speels Porky wove around the globe in order to control it to such as astounding degree, the end result is that the system itself, capitalism in its present stage, is incapable even of being reformed, which is a portentous omen if there ever was any. Venezuela is in a worse state now than that which prompted the Caracazo, yet noteven the left dare depart from Maduro's utter trainwreck of a "guided capitalism". Brazil is becoming clown world as we speak. And France, of all places, had major riots which somehow achieved nothing before evaporating (and I apologize in advance to the user(s) who claim that seeds have been planted in the form of local-level councils, but I can't see it from where I'm standing).

Like I said elsewhere, something about mankind seems to be fraying at the edges, and I can't define it. Cue the myriad morbid symptoms, which seem to have been multiplying at an alarming frequency; the Venezuelan, Brazilian and French cases, among many others, showcasing the apparent lack of any alternatives; the revolting calloussness over the refugee crisis, rampant alienation and isolation; normalization of the atavic imbecility of fascism again; widespread anomie in the face of universal commodification; the Spectacle reaching its apotheoses as people elect veritable sitcom characters as leaders; the infocalypse unleashed by the internet and the right wing's weaponization of it; and sho on.

Is this "psychic crisis" caused by capitalism's current phase of recrudescence? Is it a consequence of ubiquituous technology (RIP in F, Unaman)? Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if this descent into collective madness is caused by a wholly unknown side effect of progress. I always think about how the ban on leaded gasoline caused a significant reduction on violent crime. It was a positively Greek case of hubris and nemesis, and capitalism's incessant reinvention is particularly prone to such a thing. For all I know, mankind is literally being driven insane because LCD screens fuck the brain's frequency rate or some shit.

Anyone else feeling like this?

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Stalin literally had the same for illegals.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Who are you referring to?

Lol are you joking? That's classic France.

I don't think there's any need to speculate about what's going wrong at the moment. Capitalism is, as predicted, delivering for fewer and fewer people and that means that there is going to be upheaval from those who are getting screwed over. In the absence of mass leftist culture, that upheaval is mostly going to take on a fascist appearance.

Anti-semitism laws too. There are more and more parallels.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Do you consider this descent into collective madness is best explained as a result of some form of independent process whose most prominent actor is the accelerated rates of the creation, spread and limit of access of information or is it that the new world was stillborn (or is yet to be born), so we're stuck with wanting to be monsters for now?

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Like what?

No they came here illegally. Faggot soy boys like you ruin the actual leftist movement.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

You: If you do illegal stuff you should die
Also you: when are we gonna overthrow the state?

Do you have any actual insight or are you just going to act like you're posting in bizarro Zig Forums? Absolutely asinine bootlicking baby commentary

ah yes, you sound like an "actual leftist" to me

im disappointed to hear that user. you can do better.

Well, it's happening at the same time as capitalism moving past its peak, so it's tempting to assume a causal co-relation emanating from capitalism's base towards its structure. But it might be coincidental. This symptom seems to be the only one whose possible cause we can see, in the form of the creation and growth of the internet. Maybe if the internet had had a different structure, for example, the infocalypse itself would have been avoided, but we still can't know if that would be enough to prevent the other symptoms from forming as well.

We have the most ridiculously obvious false flag thread on the front page about trannies, and you think you're fooling anyone?

Here's your (You). Use it well, it's all that your ration card of an alienated element allows.

Whatever pussy. This has been going on at least in 2008. Deal with it.

Lenin supported immigrant workers and their rights, was he a soyboy? Also like half of the people in the camps were requesting asylum which isn't even illegal you fucking smoothbrain

When things get so unbearable they seem almost comic and literally not real. There's an interview with Brecht about how not even he felt, in retrospect, that he and his friends (Benjamin et al.) were taking the Nazis seriously because of their incompetence and vulgarness.

Jesus fucking Christ, America.

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Not that much has changed, it's more likely your perception of the past is warped do to there being less information about it general and what information there is has been distorted by layers of ideology. Migrants rarely got treated well, empires in decline suffering societal degeneracy and fixations on spectacles of distraction, is nothing new either. The US is not the worst bully, nor is it the strongest hegemony in relative terms.

Consider this to be a historic process, of overcoming prehistory, Consider how much capital had to retreat in the face of 20 century state socialism.
Consider that we only have to get it right once.

No shit but this is happening right now and the scale has increased exponentially over the last couple years. Yes it is not new yes Obama was also a warmongering imperialist with concentration camps but the Trump administration expanding them and doing huge ICE raids all over the country is still horrible and worth addressing

Do you recall the XX century?

Literally we had genocides in dozens of countries. America is not the only country in the world.

Say, for example: Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Guatemala, Bangladesh, etc…

What are you getting at? The point is that America, self proclaimed "leader of the free world" separates migrant families, looses track of which kids belong to which parents, and detains small children in shit conditions for no reason beyond laziness. All the while trying to play morality police with the nations it regularly fucks in the ass. You reddit spacing faggot.

For all the people saying "open borders" is some neoliberal project, keep in mind that the Koch Foundation and all those billionaire goons are paying off journalists and most major US magazines to hype up an "SJW campus culture war" hoax.

we don't want concentration camps

we want zoos


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Meh. We used to shoot people with machine guns into mass graves.

I am born and raised third-generation Anglo in Texas (that's what we call white people here) and the idea that "Hispanics" are some kind of civilizational threat is the most ridiculous shit if you actually live here and interact with people.

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At the rate the Republicans here are going, they will turn themselves into the Republicans of California. They once dominated that state but then let their white supremacist wing set the agenda which burned them with the up-and-coming generation which was heavily Hispanic or mixed. Half my cousins are brown for instance but the GOP is hell-bent on catering to its Ku Klux Klan element. One cousin is in her 40s and is a good, hard-working conservative Catholic girl but fucking despises Trump to an extent that I can't even post what she says about him online because po po would harass her

She's undocumented BTW but married a good white boy

Ah yes, user, can you tell us me more?


cuckservatives be like

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Honkies shouldn’t even be on this landmass, if anyone should be in a cage it’s you fucking animals

How the guards who work at these "facilities" don't shoot themselves in the head out of shame, I don't know

There were guards working at Auschwitz whose job was to funnel children into chambers so they could gas them to death and go in to take the shoes.

There’s never s shortage of monsters and evil is surprisingly banal, this is just a job for most of these fuckers.

True. My bro's gf lives down the street from one of these privatized concentration camps. I've walked by it, stood on a little rise and looked down and watched the guards patrolling around. There are these little pens with basketball courts for some unlucky teenage bastards who got rounded up and shoved in there, so I could hear one of 'em on his rec break dribbling. Anyways, the guards are just some random local dopes and if they didn't have jobs working there they'd be moving boxes around at Walmart. Bro walked his gf's dog around and got hassled by the guards: THIS IS A FEDERAL FACILITY

I don't buy Arendt's "banality of evil" meme at all, it didn't apply to the case she was writing about and I doubt the concept applies here too. Have you ever argued with an American cop or even just looked at their facebook profile? They are extremely aggressive hateful and drone-like people who think these "criminals" deserve what's coming to them. And these guys are just worse cops.

god bless amerika

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Johan Galtung is the name you're looking for. He originally predicted that 2025 was the end for America and then shortened it to 2020 when Dubya Bush got in because he viewed Bush as a destabilizing agent. We need a thread about him and his predictions because I wonder what could have happened to shorten the time needed even further.

For what reason?

A civil war in the US is becoming more likely by the minute.

No there isnt. Its just going to remain this simmering resentment where a fist fight breaks out every now and then or an autistic antifa guy goes for a cops gun and gets shot.

Watch Hypernormalisation OP, it covers some of the shit you are talking about

Big whoop. America should have collapsed in the 2008 crash if not even fucking sooner. Delaying it this long means the environment will be too fucked to rebuild.

Because they are being held in camps instead of immediately deported, smoothbrain

Emmanuel Todd too


Who will be fighting whom?

3 way war between the federal govt, patriot groups and sheer in the countryside, and left wing urban guerillas

American concentration camps are just called prison

Well at least these fat fucks would loss some weight in the process

boomers vs zoomers

based bernie

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but how is there not at least one that questions what they’re doing without trying to take action? there’s just no way they can literally all be like that

I honestly don’t care about deportation that much, but throwing any human being into slave ship lifestyle in the name of classcuckoldry is pure mental illness.

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buncha fuckin retards

Read some books you fucking wanker

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I fucked the le epic meme post up but you get the point

Looks like Trump administration decided to bring up that Obama and Bush also separated families. Boy, the news media is not taking it well.

it's closest allies and lapdogs do as much

Idpol vampires vs anti-idpol priests with silver bullets.

What's this claim?
Lol, If one rightwinger has a sembelence of a braincell right now he would realize Trump is just another Obama and would stop supporting him but I doubt they have even one.

Oh, he signed an executive order to stop child separation.

Don't you find it a bit ironic that The nazi's and the soviet russians and peoples republic of china forced people to go to concentration camps, but there are millions of people willingly pouring in through the border to try and get in? They chose to come into the holding centers by choice and free will. If they didn't want to go there, they could simply not come. People in world war 2 were never given a choice to leave.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Vampires eat with silver spoons. I think you have it all wrong. Also, this is fake news.

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Requesting asylum at the border is literally the legal way of doing things.

fuck off, Alanis Morissette. not gonna comment on the rest we've been over this a million times.

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Jesus, this place really is full of basic bitch liberals.

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as opposed to basic bitch nutsacs

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I'm not the one bitching about a bunch of scabs being "mistreated," m80.

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Still won't protect them from the high velocity spoons.
I gotta call the spookbusters on that one.

Defending globalist nonsense itt. Yeah universal healthcare yeah for everyone though the whole of South America and Africa too. What do you mean we've been defeated by nationalists before we've begun. Absolute fucking emotional drivel

I always cringe when I see americans ranting about globalism when they're the founders and enforcers of globalism

The enforcers are in this thread. If you think there is any revolution when the border is open you are insane. The whole point of open borders is desperation everywhere and a managerial class and a sub wage slave class. Once there are too many differing reactionary groups vying for dominance at the teat. It will simply be hell in Spanish. Open borders is post revolution not pre, if you don't understand this what's the fucking point

How would the Hispanics be any more reactionary than Whites?
Besides, lower wages in general is indicative of the goals of the capitalists regardless of how they do it. This is a opportunity to unite the American and Mexican working class to bring down the cartels.

Delusional, utterly delusional. Firstly the only whites that have a positive ingroup preference are Conservatives, Liberals have a negative one that is unlike any other race or ethnic group. Mexicans will not unite with whites as they are the demographic ascendency and bargain on their behalf as capital will allow it to keep divisions. As for brining down the cartels holy shit they are working lockstep with capital, to bring as many through as possible. I don't want to see crododile tears about camps or dead babies when this is what people are asking for one way or the other.

No one is arguing for open borders you retard, but if you think that mass immigration will simply stop with the US destabilizing a South American country every half-decade and installing violent corrupt puppet governments in it's place or hitting those who don't capitulate with sanctions, then you're as delusional as those who view open borders as a defacto good. The current path you are defending is a route to making America more like Israel, with it having open access to run rampant in whatever country near it when it wants to and shooting or imprisoning whoever comes near it's walls. There are immigration controls like e-verify that have been shown to work efficiently and which I have stated before as possible stop-gap, but don't fucking defend what the US is effectively doing here.

The border is far from open.
Honestly, I’m just surprised people are actually noticing people die trying to cross the border, when that has been happening forever.

wtf what genocide happened in these countries in the 20th century


The discrimination minorities face in the US is bad, but nowhere near as bad as the conditions the Jewish people faced in Germany, comparing the facilities where the migrants are held to extermination camps is really insensitive, even to further progressive causes.

Hell yeah, I like the new BO

Franco, Peron, and Vargas

Get better bait

concentration camps ≠ extermination camps

it's a camp where people are being concentrated. it's a concentration camp.

nice false flag

Clearly you are retarded. Pinochet in Chile, Videla in Argentina, a lond military dictatorship in Brazil during 30 years, and Francisco Franco in Spain.

The terms are interchangeable, but the term extermination camps is better because it explains what it is clearly, concentration camp might sound like a strange authoritarian school to a non-native English speaker. The usage of term in the OP is clearly trying to use the emotions attached to the term concentration camps to further their good will, but that is not the right way to convince people.

Okay, let's call them funny ha ha prisons instead.

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don't question authority.
ignorance is strength.
follow the party line.
dissenters will be de-personalised.
thought crimes will be punished.
=user was firing squadded for wrongthink=

They are refugee prisons, whats wrong with that term?

How can you call them prisons when the people in them are not treated as citizens and have been given no trial or fair process?

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Cages too, gat damn. And here I thought Trump's regime was being surprisingly mild.

Oh yeah, that's a very good point.

Prisons are even worse. Less than 3% of federal convictions, and less than 2% at state level, actually go to trial. All the rest are plea bargains. The overwhelming majority of American prisoners have never metaphorically set foot in a court of law.

Using the 2016 numbers available on Wikipedia, this means that the amount of people behind bars in America without trial is 1938430 plus an unkown fraction of the 1938430 jail inmates who had already been processed plus an unknown fraction of the following:

At 2016 populations of about 323 million total and 254 adults, respectively 0.62% and 0.79%, of the American population in imprisoned without a trial at all. According to Anne Applebaum, a less-than-unbiased historian, the gulag incarceration rate averaged about 0.8% for the system's whole existence, however, this doesn't take into account the other forms of detention (regular prisons, labor settlements, exile, arguably the forcedly relocated peoples) for which I confess I haven't found any solid numbers – the gulag kind of hogs the limelight searchlight –, but hey, you can already say that America's incarceration rate sans trial alone is the same as the big bad gulag. It's probably impossible, by now, to set the record straight on which, or maybe eve just how many, zeks were trialed fairly, unfairly or extra-judicially, but hey, all of them got a trial, which is more than the equivalent population in America gets.

Of the many, many sins of the USA, I'd say that its prison and jail system is, bar none, the one with the biggest gap between gravity and consciousness. The data is black and white, and the social concern is close to zero.

I dont think I've seen a board as ban-happy as leftypol, maybe the whole of halfchan during anonymous but this shit is ridiculous.

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Why are American concentration camps so shit?

Fuck american concentration camps. FUCK THEM.

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