Is the sun really setting on the American empire? How much do they have left?

Is the sun really setting on the American empire? How much do they have left?

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Sometime after 1918 was about when The Sun began to set.

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The economy will be fucked by the end of the year. Probably around Q3.

I hope and wish for all Amerimutts to die.

Enough to leave the world in irrepairable state, when the empire finally kicks the bucket.

we're already Brazil with nukes

Nah, the Empire definitely reached its heights after 1945 when Western Europe became a virtual vassal state

Now that's a terrible idea with the current government

Book 4 u and all my Zig Forums struggle buddies

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You don't say?

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Saved, will check it out later

It's got a long way to go. It will just be more brutal and savage. The pretense of democracy is over, but it's just too powerful to be stopped.

well actually brazil has universal healthcare lmao

I'm wondering if the United States will launch its nukes as it dies out of sheer spite.

Regardless of what people on here like to fantasize the United States at least has another century of global domination left if not more. I'm not amarican nor do I like amarica but I must admit their position in the world is almost perfect right now the United States is to the modern world what europe was to ancient Rome. they will eventually fall but it will take a long fucking time as nobody can challenge them. Their fall will be more like hundreds of years of degeneration eventually leading to collapse rather then a quick Soviet like collapse.

The chinese and russian imperialists are gaining ground, even in latin america, which has been for so long the US's domain, the chinese social-imperialists are gaingin serious ground there, and so is Canada.

No it isn't, the US is losing ground in Latin America and in Africa to China

Nuclear policy is fucked right now. If Congress doesn't do anything about the Pentagon developing "tactical nukes" (like that fucking scene from MGS3) nuclear conflict goes from "possibility" to "likely"

They have a perfect geopolitical position, and yet they can barely keep their dominance against far lesser competitors. The U.S. will not be toppled from the no. 1 spot by foreign aggression, but by the combined effects of internal degeneration, stagnating economy and foreign challenges to their imperial interests. Tve grinding down of the Roman empire took a long time, but their absolute dominance deteriorated rather quickly. For the last century or two it was a dying old lion that got its prey stolen by hyenas, and kicked around by younger lions.

The Russian economy has been in complete stagnation since 2014.

If you say so. I give it 40 years; half a century at the most for a number of reasons:

Capitalism is fundamentally incapable of resolving these problems on its own, and it is only a matter of time before these growing trends grow and amalgamate to a point to where the US empire will collapse, and capitalism will enter a crisis from which is will never return.

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how do we make sure it collapses into communism instead of a power vacuum that causes a brutal military dictatorship and civil wars or american empire 2.0 with slightly different values or the best case scenario which is a nuclear waste land

kill lefties, make em angry
might join a fash party

I don't know what you would call a right wing demagogue who uses fear and hatred of foreigners to inflame his base, but we would call that a line of fascist. Of course, with that ancap flag, you probably think that fascism is whenever left liberals are in charge, so I understand the confusion.

Stop making communism look bad and foreign to you average America.

Every single tool on the internet need to be leveraged. Educate, agitate. Tell people about the coming financial crisis, organise for food stores and expect serious shit like bank runs.

Oh but he tried to ban Muslims from entering the country that one time, so he must be a fascist.

Trump isn't a fascist, unless you would define center right celebrity politicians in places like Italy "Fascist". He's pretty much your typical neoconservative, but just more "honest" about it. He's basically a less adept Bush Sr.

Fascists typically didn't nationalize vital industries, they privatised them. Doing the things you said don't define a fascist either.

China will crush america easily if they don't develop technology to make a nuclear first strike with the enemy unable to strike back.

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I feel like whatever comes after the collapse is going to be 100x worse than now. Even if we were to somehow deprogram the masses the amerikan state seems too powerful, especially for a bunch of rednecks with ar15s.

you are part of the problem


Spelling America with a k is done by Sakists to virtue signal about how much they hate white americans. If you want to build a mass moment in a country you can’t alienate half of its’ population.


I really dont know shit, I need to read a book and stop listening to black red guard I guess

Trump is just more openly reactionary and pandering to the white racist base of the Republicans and continuing the rigging of the pathetic American "democracy" that has been ongoing since like the 60's. Aside from that, he basically follows the neoconservative line, either out of laziness and inaction on his behalf giving his lackeys the initiative or out of some kind of ideological conviction. Hell, if anything I would say Trump is the puppet pseudo-fascist used by the GOP to keep their more reactionary elements in check.

It's Byzantium before Justinian. All that's needed is a large riot, a stadium full of dead protestors, and a massive military campaign to secure it for another thousand years. Takes the right ruler of course.
Perhaps last elections desire for an outsider is society realizing with out a rebirth it will soon die


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America is dying because of the unemployment and poverty caused by deindustrialization. However, American Industry isn’t competitive in the global market, so deindustrialization can’t stop unless planning is implemented. It’s literally socialism or barbarism.

Nice spam sakai, but you must understand we're communists here
We don't buy books, we pirate them
unless they're second hand and rare, then we scan them

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by having a strong communist party. if all of the communist parties united, it would have a membership of around 20,000, which would probably be right at the critical point of influence

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yeah that was a little high. here's estimates of membership numbers

CPUSA (currently radicalizing): 8,000
PSL: 2,000 w/ frontists
WWP: 500
RevCom: 1,000 w/ frontists
SWP: 500
PLP: 200
SALT: 1,000
SACT: 500
SEP: 500

PSL is good, WWP is fine, SWP and PLP are fine.
CPUSA is still shit. You must be thinking of PCUSA, which split off. Also, RCP is stupid and revisionist as fuck, and the rest are fucking Trots.

CPUSA just had their convention. they are pretty much re-radicalized. they passed resolutions to reinstate the Youth League, and to pour resources into organizing. shits pretty good you should check it out

… I hope to fuck that you're right. I'll look into it some more.
Are there any active initiatives for party unifications?

Okay, NOW I'm a little turned on.

there is/was a project called the "Marxist Center". about a dozen of small but estabilished local organizations (philly socialists, communist league in oregon, etc) united to form a national organization. it was expected to have a membership of around

after the first unity congress, things have kinda fallen apart and it looks like it's going to die. definitely read about it tho

great idea

The United States doesn't even have global domination right now. It is extremely powerful but no longer a hegemon and is declining. It has it's usual group of absolutely useless white cuckold parasites in Yurop Canada Australia and the fascist used panty sniffers in Japan and even those alliances are starting to break down. Out of all of America's allies Turkey France and Japan have viable militaries and exactly zero countries are willing to go to war for American interests except Palau Micronesia and the UK. The US imperial apparatus has become so incompetent I don't think they succeeded in any big foreign policy venture in the last 20 years that hasn't returned to bite them in the ass. Blormph and his administration moved it past the point of no return effectively destroying the post war global system of trade and finance that ultimately benefited the US now the WTO and globalization are effectively finished Blormph wanted America to have it's cake and eat it too and it all wound up looking extremely retarded in the end. America will lose the trade war to China and lose it badly the US political system and society are completely polarized it's like two different countries in one who both despise each other the national debt will never be paid, the defect is a trillion dollars and rising despite the Blormph administration cutting every department except defense by like 15% on average and the US military machine is an over-hyped meme force at this point that will have trouble dealing with Iran and Venezuela with military equipment that is clearly far too expensive and subpar as the recent drone incident demonstrated again recently overall. Even S ideological propaganda and liberalism are on the way out America abandoned any moral authority it ever had with Blormph Hollywood can only produce capeshit now which caused a revitalization of indigenous cinema across most countries India Turkey China Russia now all have film quotas and only allow a select number of US capeshit to be shown while focusing on their own films and tv shows so due to a cascading series of internal and external crisis' I'll give the US empire another 15 years of superpowerdom. I doubt it will go away but it will be limited o North America Australia and the UK

are you high?

every other country at the end of ww2 was effectively de-industrialized by ww2. De-industrialization in the US is just re-industrialization everywhere else.

Most foolish of goyim were those who legit made us our Merchant Capital. Americans seem to enjoy being slaves at every level, so we give it to them. You Marxist scum can't take away our "means of production" who're nothing more than wageslave goyish peoples. How could they be structured. Tell me this you lefties. How could these Americans or any others be structured if they didn't have a job to go and work at for 8 to 12 hours? I am not being that Zig Forums that you hate because I am serious. You know they would go crazy without the laboring. We cleverly think up the jobs for them so they can acheive growth. How can you be against us or against Das Kapital, eh? What are you going to do besides make them all toil in a factory in the same fashion? Hypocracy for losers who want to ruin a good thing here I say.

We're going to make them think
Machines should work people should think
The most revolutionary scientific developments have been made by people with time to think
Communism is nothing but free time

Now who's riding off the coattails of the Mustache…in this case, Nikolai Tesla. Too bad the Roflschilds have all of his work and you don't. Also, I don't think there has been any Communism besides on a commune. A Marxist Death Cult for the Gentile and the best of bread for us. Specifically, this is why nobody wanted that Russian-style death after they murdered all of their Royal Family and replaced them with Bolshevik Jews. Americans don't have the wailing death, but they have the slow decay which rots all generations. In the end all will be dead and only the people who matter will be The Heroes and Those Who Win, while The Losers die and have their history erased. You'll never have a calm and peaceful life where you're in tune with the splendor of Nature because you'll be dead like all the rest. Enjoy your torture chamber while it lasts.

There's a crisis
On the border
Lots of folks coming up out of order
There's group of
Who will say that it's all imagination
They take a stand
For the small guy
But forget where the cost of the fun lies
I undertand
Very little
The constitution is drenched in spittle

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Take your meds

Ah yes, Keynes' famous saying that in the long run we're all dead
I may never see this day, neither may you, but our children might

Ban Reason: Rofls Childs.
Also Keynes looked at everything like a Logician's Gambit of sorts, so that's why his grimness was noteable. Also, I find it odd that anti-establishment talk is now auto-banned because it might come from the boogieman. Not so radical anymore, eh?

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Your last words caused me to nod approvingly. I'm center-lost and I am glad to see a few more people waking up. Both ends of the spectrum serve the same goals. This is like pro wrestling and we're the fucking mat

You must be wary of the obvious. Hegelian Dialectics only serve those who would rather make "pundit talked up deals like vipers that hiss in the sand and never truly strike one another…"
Honestly I believe you should pick a side Left or Right and follow them with true conviction within your own heart and mind, rather than believe what you see or hear. Know that it is better to brush past and touch one who is on The Left or The Right and know that you are following different paths that lead to the same conclusion, rather than the destruction and eternal slavery to unfit rulers that we never seemed to get away from.
Image Related: When you're always looking down, you'll never realize that those who looked up brought their salvation down from the lights in the sky.

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Europe economically recovered from WW2 by the 50s. American deindustialiation didn’t start tell the 70s. Again it’s not sustainable or beneficial in any way for the US to have the trade deficients it has.

It's called living beyond your means. The US has a trade deficit with every major country I can think of. Stop buying so much shit from Walmart and stop burning up so many resources. But it wont stop until it stops.

Are you an advocate for austerity?

Again people buy stuff from Walmart because they can’t afford to buy stuff else where and/or it’s the only store around. No one buys from Walmart because they like Walmart.

Don't underestimate how bad things could get if America screws up another imperialist adventure, especially with a country like Iran.

austerity is a right wing neoliberal set of policies to gut the post war welfare state but keep up the constant growth and these policies have all failed anyway. I'm against the culture of consumerism in general. There are big problems like climate change and just vast global inequality that can only be solved if resources are distributed fairly and equally across the world.

Its not comparable to Rome, from the birth to the fall of Rome barely any technological advancement has been made.
People who lived the last days of Rome did it exactly the same as people who witnessed its birth.

We're living in a time of extremely fast paced technological advancement.

I think sooner then you may think, nations will dissapear, leaving behind their economical shell, which will themselves combine to make bigger blocks, a bit like Europe.