Holy shit comrades, people are finally fighting extinction

Hope is still alive comrades! In Germany thousands of protestors stormed a coal mine yesterday, breaking past police barricades, to shut it down, as they did so they chanted that we the working class are unstoppable!


Admittedly they’ll likely eventually be beaten back and quicked from the mine they’re occupying, but consciousness and action like this leaves a powerful impression on people’s minds, and what’s more, they’ve finally learned that we must directly battle capitalism to survive. Now that one group has shown the courage to fight, others will surely follow, I believe this.

They were also chanting that together, another world is possible, for 30 years neoliberal capitalism was unquestioned and all powerful, even 2008 didn’t break the illusion. The illusion cracked in 2016, now it is completely shattering, capitalism is no longer realism.

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All liberals.

Well then, liberals seem to be the only ones doing anything useful, while "communists" sit on the sideline and denounce everyone who isn't waving a hammer and sickle flag and fellating a Stalin doll.

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This photo alone constitutes undeniable evidence that those two are worth more to the world than ten thousand (you)s tbh

how dare these new arrivals embrace western values of political disagreement and resistance

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cool I guess
but that's not changing your economic system

You need to realise that anything that even remotely obstructs the functioning of capitalist (re-)production is potentially revolutionary. The bourgeoisie knows this well. The amount of police that's assigned to these peaceful protests is extremely over the top, see also the protests in the Hambacher Forest or police reaction to anti-nuclear protests in the 80s.

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Thanks for making your children’s future multicultural and diverse. Maybe you’ll end up marrying some communist nigger and have some mulatto Stalin love babies.

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Behold the evil result of race mixing. Truly an objective abomination.



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I could easily pick up a picture of the obese slobbish monstrosities that lumber about America and Europe

Notice how fall all the lip service of hating Muh neoliberalism, ALL leftist, without exception, are complete tools for that system

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neoliberalism is when the corporate elite flood the country with cheap foreign labor with complete disregard for the well being of the country and the ivory tower types praise it as something good because it has "Diversity™" slapped on it.

The left put all its chips on the New Left, but that was simply absorbed and you are now just Woke Capitalist tools

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So America has been neoliberal since the around 1800?

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bourgeoisie brats can never be a revolutionary force. Unironically, if we had more coal miners they have higher revolutionary potential than these capitalist market greens.

The only org like that is the D.S.A

Pretty much. All the waves of immigrants that neoliberals and leftist alike never shut the fuck up about as a justification for open borders was always the capitalist elite wanting cheaper foreign labor. The chinese exclusion act was part of this. It was workers unions who fought to limit their numbers.

rich kids will always defend their interest in the name of memes like diversity and because in they cant even fathom the idea of a white person working a job like construction.

This image is the dumbest shit I've ever seen.

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You’re unironically retarded and should feel bad

You'd probably like us all to wear grey jumpsuits.

Seriously, white supremacists are literally fighting for fucking blandness, what boring pathetic bastards

Where the fuck do all these obvious Zig Forumsyps pretending to be socialists come from? There is no reason to bitch about a mine being stormed unless you're a reactionary retard or porky.

Mods need to step up their game and actually enforce the rules of not allowing reactionaries to cloak their politics in left wing rhetoric.


This thread wasn't even about immigrants, it was about protests regarding coal mining and coal plants

Bad argument tbh. Framing the arguement as "Diversity vs no diversity" is a folly because it ignores why mass immigration occurs in the first place and tries to draw some moral absolute from something which must be taken contextually.

I take it back, good job mods.

the only extinction that matters to me is white extinction

And these unions were led by Samuel Gompers and other like him whom Marxists regarded as labor lieutenants of the capitalist class; such figures deplored class struggle and advocated collaboration with the American bourgeoisie at home and abroad. Using your logic you can just as easily support imperialism by citing how "workers unions" (except, of course, those on the left like the IWW) supported World War I.

Among American Marxists, left-wingers like Eugene Debs and Daniel De Leon opposed the scapegoating of immigrants whereas opportunists and right-wingers like Victor Berger and John Spargo either equivocated or openly advocated white supremacy.

Why do you think any of us care what matters to some 40 year old dead bedrooms loser fucking around with teens and 20-something year olds?

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Racism is just admitting you’re a fucking failure bro

yeah i'm sure americans will storm the pentagon and their oil refineries any moment now

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have sex

The environmental issue is maybe the most important site of class struggle in this century, it's a shame the Marxist left doesn't take it more seriously,, although things are changing. The bourgeois green parties are gonna play the same role in regards to climate change as the social democrats did to WW1. Atm the green Party is surging here in Germany while the social democrats are imploding.

I personally know people here who don't care about 'traditional' class issues, they only care about the environment but are joining radical leftist organizations because the recognize that capitalism is the thing that destroys the planet. Now they're starting to read Marx and shit, without being agitated by anyone to do it. Meanwhile the protesters and activists at the site of the mine are being harrassed & beaten by cops. These people are drawn into the class struggle and develop class consciousness in a such a beautiful textbook fashion, i feel like i'm witnessing some natural phenomenon that i've only ever read about before.

This is pretty great, though not completely surprising. Germans are based on climate issues. Any German anons must join and agitate. This is exactly the sort of stuff we must join and support to draw people in. Climate radicals may have radical tendencies, but they've already shown capacity and readiness for action. Educating and recruiting them will help us build a good core of revolutionaries.

This is exactly what I've been saying as of late, and this proves my point.

So this is the power of an average Zig Forums user…

Anyways all the shit that liberals do is sometimes good, never the higher ups but some of their grugs and commoners however have their hearts in the right place, even if they are kind of dimwitted and without theory.

Absolutely, I couldn't agree with this more and it's fucking shameful that I've heard more concern from ecofash than I have from Marxists.


This post makes absolutely no sense.

What the hell

No matter at which repetition I comprehend the letters the essence behind them stays out of my sight.

It's telling how Zig Forumstyps instinctively resort to stale kneejerk reactions and the usual hot button culture war issues they obsess over when there's actual action happening. A coal mine gets stormed and they immediately delve into their massive folders labelled shit like "NIGGERS" or "CUCKS" to see what they can dig up. Watch as the same "antifa soyboy" pics get posted like in every thread.
And they aren't even getting Koch money for this. Honestly pathetic.

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Do they realize they are always defending the intersts of the rulling class or are they just thatd dense

You do realize communism entails abolishment or retarded religious practices like Lip stretching right?

Yeah its always baffling just how little knowledge right-wingers have about anything, pictures of people they find ugly is literally all there is to their politics. Right wing politics is really just "im frustrated, hey look at these strange/ugly/weird (to me) people lets just randomly attack them lol". While barely even bothering to make up a coherent reason why exactly this should happen.

Gotta protect the master.

Spastics like these are the exact same people that called for Germany to shutdown all their nuclear plants, and now that the German government is actually doing that, they are forced to use more fossil fuels ironically, and these same retards are jumping up, and down again, do they seriously think Germany could just switch to running on windmills, and hydro alone just like that?
Besides, Germany’s pollution is nothing compared to India or China, but these bellends won’t say shit about them, they just want to feel good about themselves, but they wouldn’t dare go to those nations because they know full well that they would kick their fucking heads in.

Anti-nuclear is dumb but i dont understand what Germans are supposed to do about India

Presumably the EU army will have access to US nukes.

Wow its almost as if marxists should get deeply involved in this emerging form of class struggle and help nurture the nascent class consciousness of workers engaged in the fight against capital and the state so that they begin framing their fight in broader socialist terms and gain a materialist understanding of issues ridding them of things like anti-nuclear spooks.

Nah, better sit in my armchair and call them dumb for not having my sophisticated understanding of how exactly we're all being fucked by porky to the point of extinction.

China, despite all the shit I'll give Xi and the government, is actually taking measures to reduce it's enviormental impact. Some of these measures the US has actually taken issue with, like it's refusal to take certain types of unprocessable or toxic refuse anymore and shutting down of unnecessary industrial plants. India is India, so I don't really have a comment there.

Also, this isn't really an arguement. These people live in Germany, not China or India. As such, their priority and their focus will be on Germany as that is where they live. I would imagine you would ask nothing less of the Chinese or Indians.

I’m not saying they should do anything, I’m saying that they complain about pollution, but called for the shutdown of nuclear plants despite them nuclear energy being relatively clean, and to make up for the loss in energy, the German government was forced to use coal more frequently, but the same protesters are now angry at the problem they created, but every country on the planet adds to pollution, and Germany is most certainly not close to the largest, but they will happily ignore far worse polluters, because they don’t really care about the environment, they just want attention, and to feel like they are making a difference.

China’s CO2 production is increasing exponentially, and the only reason they are taking measures against their pollution is because it is getting so bad that it is now seriously affecting millions of people, and the cost of taking care of these people when they get older is going to be unimaginable, China is in reality a capitalist nation, and they wouldn’t do something unless it made them money or reduced the amount of money they would have to spend in future.

This is nonsense. You realise you sound insane right? What are they meant to do about larger polluters when they don't live there? You do realise this isn't the World Environmentalist FederationTM shipping in all their activists to Germany because they've judged it as their No.1 priority? Would you be happy if they protested outside the chinese embassy and shouted at it about how they should downscale their fossil fuel industry? Is the only legitimate form of environmental activism trekking on foot to China so they can disassemble a Chinese coal mine? Would that then get your approval?
You're nothing more than a pathetic little piglet oinking feverishly and having nothing but sheer spite at people being outside and caring about something, that's all it takes to rile you up and get you rearing because you're such a dilapidated wreck of a person

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China’s renewable power capacity rose 12 percent in 2018 compared to a year earlier, official data showed on Monday, with the country still rolling out new projects despite transmission capacity concerns and a growing subsidy payment backlog.

China has been aggressively promoting renewable power as part of an “energy revolution” aimed at easing its dependence on coal, a major source of pollution and climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions.

Total capacity - including hydro and biomass as well as solar and wind - rose to 728 gigawatts (GW) by end-2018, the National Energy Administration (NEA) said during a briefing.

That amounted to 38.3 percent of China’s total installed power capacity, up 1.7 percentage points on the year and around 7 percentage points higher than at the end of 2015.

How the fuck did they come to the conclusion that Germany was their number 1 priority? And if they have the capabilities to ship all those activists to Germany, why not send them to China or India? We both know why, China, and India wouldn’t tolerate that shit for even a minute, they take easy, irrelevant targets, and act like they are changing something, you would have to be a fucking retard to believe they are making a notable difference to the environment, if you want to make a difference, go after the worst contributors first, stop wasting men, money, and time fucking around in a nation that is already trying, besides if the theories of scientists are to be believed, this place is supposed to be done for by 2050, so you may as well buy a boat, and learn to sail.

Very nice, they at least have the wit to realise that coal won’t last forever, and throwing some money into hydro, and other green energy sources is a better plan for the future.

And then they pride themselves on basing their opinions on FACTS and LOGIC and scream "Facts don't care about your feelings!" It's classic projection.

anti nuclear retards

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Ende Gelände is an annual happening since 2015 and exclusively about coal.
Poor porky being forced by some hippies to use fossil fuels… Watch Rezo's CDU video, the German conservatives are in the pockets of coal, they actively work against renewable energy and recently killed several ten thousand jobs in solar tech.

Do you drones never get tired of repeating the same shit ad naeuseam?
At this point I'm practically convinced that petro-capitalist funded disinfo and shilling to smear environmentalists includes "bro the protesters are anti-nuclear so fuck them" in the script. But keep punching down instead of up like a good footsoldier.

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Germany is the country with the biggest population in Europe. The biggest ethnic group at Ende Gelände in Germany is Germans, meme pics with circles around hijabs don't change that. "They" who "ship" activists are the activists themselves living in the country and most of the foreigners are traveling there from adjacent countries (do you have any idea how many countries are adjacent to Germany? Look it up). You can't expect a random Dutch or French guy to just go to India on a whim.
Germany isn't trying anymore, Britain is doing more and there are even American-style climate change deniers in Germany's national parliament now (AfD). Those who aren't global-warming deniers still act like ones in the regulations they create. Again, check the Rezo video.

This guy was the capitalists' bitch and the reason why AFL never did anything radical

To be fair, quite a lot of Germany's nuclear plants are old , not that much was lost in terms of a CO2 calculations, one could argue that the correct line would have been to renew the reactors with advanced technology, but Germany doesn't have nuclear power development and deployment capacity any-more. So they would have to work with France to enable nuclear power based CO2 reduction, at lest for a time sensitive manor.

As for fighting against coal, that does seem hypocritical, because there was an up-tick on behave of compensating for the reduced nuclear capacity. However the more pressing reason for Germany to move to renewable is not environmental, but rather the geostrategic value of a more independent energy-supply.

I think the criticism from a Marxist perspective is that they should be fighting for something, with the economic subtext being to exert control over surplus. The negative energy should be directed towards class antagonisms.

Think global, act local retard. How can they tell others to get their shit together when they haven't even do that the same to themselves. You are right in that China has the most impact but the same tactics in a liberal democracy won't work in China.

Truly embarrassing post, I sincerely hope you get a deduction for this one.

im honestly getting quite sick of it

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Statistical refutation, good job user.

I'll add that Huawei and several other Chinese companies are the world leaders in vital solar technology. Take it from an old hand, in my youth the renewable future was literally a hippie pipe dream, it's awesome to see it happening.

Who in these photos owns a factory?

t. 19th century socialist

Those are all liberal bourgeois, not my comrades.

You are retarded and you now it.

Well, porkys own the factory, but that's not the point user. You do realize that those liberals just want to replace it with a different slave field, right?

I think you're just a retarded socdem/environmentalist

Unironically wanting to be a boomer of any sort.
Being GenX and identifying as a boomer unironically.

I'm MLM lol. Again, the environment today is objectively the main site of class struggle, and will only become more important.

No user, don’t you see, it’s not the end of the world that’s radicalizing the youth, fuck them, fuck the people fighting human extinction, we as Marxists can’t help them along by showing them how capitalism has doomed our species, no, we must tut-tut at them because they chose to be born in societies that clamp down on Marxism being anywhere near primary education

DON'T *claps*

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We need to focus on the war between the blacksmith and the talior and force the blacksmith to pay reparations for the crimes of his ancestors in the form of forced manual labour before we could put our attention to class relations you class reductionist.

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me making the car exhaust by hand

The fuck does Huckle do?

If they were, they would be talking about and praising the rise greener industries and thanking capitalism for saving the planet instead of doing some direct action

Funny. I found this a few hours ago.

More useful idiots going after wrong problem.
Get Nuclear energy, and the sand niggers lose their money.

You won't see similar protests in China. At least not one with similar scale. While the West tries to kill capitalism and free market China is embracing it and paving the way towards (eventual) socialism.

He cleans the dishes silly.

Because China cracks down way harder on dissenting political beliefs than any western countries. No shit they can't mobilize protestors.

And that's why they practice "necessary evil" better than anyone else

Off topic, the libs on CTH are so fucking stupid it hurts