What is the Zig Forums consensus on gender reassignment surgeries? Are they ethical...

What is the Zig Forums consensus on gender reassignment surgeries? Are they ethical? Should doctors who perform these mutilations be sent to labour camps?

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It's like prescribing liposuction for an anorexic who is struggling with a negative self-image.

Post here, don't clutter the front page with your shitty gender threads.

The thread is about the morality of the surgeries. Also the gender thread mostly consists of trannies.

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We should not be facilitating mental disorders

Trannies get the bullet

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God, OP's the guy who samefagged for like 60 posts like a schizo deity.

Communists have always killed trannies and fags and we plan to keep that tradition alive.

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If it is a mental disorder and doing "muh eibil mutilation" is an effective way to solve it, why should it be considered bad?

It genuinely supplies a cure to dysphoria symptoms in many people although it isn’t for everyone. Drones always say it looks bad to them so it shouldn’t be improved like every surgery before it looked impeccable the first time it was preformed.

It's not an effective solution. The only effective solution for trannies is reeducation camps or death

because that promotes more of it.

should a disorder like depression be solved with "muh ebil suicide"?

I mean, legalization of Homosexuality was one of the first orders of the Bolsheviks, and many other Socialist revolutionaries. Only ultra Stalinoids really care about this, so it's hardly a "tradition"
also, this is all the same guy

Seriously. I don't know why these liberal larpers thought things would change all of a sudden. Fags and trannies get the bullet

trannies are different from homosexuals,
however if the bolsheviks legalized something then later criminalized it. That would just be them correcting a mistake

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I know. Most of them are just liberals though. Real leftists kill trannies. And we will once the revolution starts

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But you can go back from depression (and if you are in a predicament where it is somehow impossible then yes, suicide is the best option imo). But if a person suffers from gender dysphoria (at least to my understanding) they can't be "reeducated". That is basically like parents using straps for left-handed kids to make them right-handed

I see nothing wrong with transgender people. Also, the Bolsheviks had no real reason to go back on homosexuality then appealing to reactionaries, it was more of a cynical power play by Stalin then a "correction".

Stop cluttering the catalog and use the containment thread.


No user, this is not it

Exactly. Trannies will sent to the gulags and lined up to be shot

Enough therapy can fix it. Even then, gender dysphoria is a spook and we shouldn't be facilitating those either.

shitty analogies are not an argument

there's your first problem.

they had no reason to legalize it to begin with

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100% this

sage isn't a downvote you idiot

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This is not a liberal board, trannies are not welcome here

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Any body modifications should be allowed given informed consent.

Unfortunately there are some trans activists who try to circumvent the "informed" part.

Mental disorders must be cured not continued

Reminder that economic and social policies are not the same, so you can be the most hardline Stalinist for planned economy like me and also be pro "muh librul" policies on the social side

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Leftists always have and always will kill trannies

depends on what the issue is, a lot of social liberalism is just an excuse for capitalists to expand markets and would not occur in a socialist state, like trannies

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Stop making anons who have actual reservations about transexualism look like they have no arguement by being associated with you.


literally same

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Damn right

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That was just Stalin. All the others Bolsheviks looked like Swiss cheese by then.


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