Reminder to trannies

You are not welcome here and you never will be. There is no place for trannies in leftist ideology. Take your liberal bullshit back to Reddit. When communist revolution comes you will be executed on sight.

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fuck off schizoid

Same as with any mentally ill people, there is no reason to execute transgenders. Instead, we could give them a healthy push towards being a qt gay twink but get them to accept their biological sex through re-education programs.
Sage because we already have at least 2 threads for this.

How do we purge this board of the Reddit trannies? They've turned this place into a liberal torture chamber.

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OP is eggposting hard right now

Who cares. We will just kill them all when the day comes anyway

OP is just samefagging schizoposter. Again.

They think leftism is liberalism so it attracts trannies. He blacks will take care of the tranny problem for us. They beat up and kill more trannies than anyone

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Yea but what do we do about the black people after they take care of the trannies for us? Blacks here in America hate leftists and ANTIFA types. Maybe we can reeducate some of them.

There already exists a thread for topics like this , stop killing threads to repeat the same thing multiple times.

Most of them are too dumb to be reeducated really. But we don't have to worry about it. Blacks will keep killing each other and solving the problem for us

God I love watching trannies get their faces stomped.

You have a mental illness OP

Tbh a breach of any containment thread should be treated as a disruptive attack and result in a permaban. Also this is pretty fucking clearly a raid

Mod here.
I'll allow it. The tranny problem on this board has gotten out of control.

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Honestly the only reason I support black people is cause they at least know how to properly take care of faggots and trannies. Watching black people constantly stomp trannies faces makes me happy

This isn't a liberal board idiot.

Really, what about the whole, their humans part? Does that factor?

How is this the promotion of "liberalism". This is clearly an astroturf

Lol go back to rėddit liberal.

This dude is going from tranny thread to tranny thread defending them

I don't think you know what liberal means. Liberal is not a certain aesthetic or lifestyle, it's a political and economic ideology.

Only liberals with a red fetish support trannies

Fucking liberals. I can't wait for revolution so we can slaughter these trannies

And this is not a liberal board for trannies. They are not welcome here


I'm not really defending anything yet, I'm just watching the madness occur

It's ok to like traps, Zig Forums, your ideology is full of them.


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you're having an autistic reaction to people not liking trannies

I'm tired of hearing tranny this tranny that from both chans. Shut up about trannies.

scuese me

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This. Only rightlibs and regular libs care about trans politics.

I'm convinced at this point that this is either some Zig Forumsyp falseflaging and spamming (the obvious one) or that it's some elaborate attempt to make the actual posters who have reservations about transexualism look bad by association. The actual posters here who have reservations make actual arguments instead of posting shock images and making the equivalent of Twitter responses.

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Trans get the gulag

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We've had poll after poll here and determined that the majority of the board doesn't want trannies.

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We've determined numerous times over and over again that mentally ill tranny liberals are not welcome here and they have absolutely no place in communist ideology.
Reddit is that way liberal. Go back


Holy shit that's disgusting. What the fuck is wrong with these mentally ill liberals? They need camps and or death asap

Who cares about trannies. Most of them will live miserable lives, angry about the fact that they will never pass and that they will never truley be the opposite gender. Then they kill themselves. The problem literally solves itself.

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Reminder that trannies and the liberals who defend them get the bullet along with the facists.

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Pretty much

very convincing

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Fuck it since the mods are asleep might as well put these pictures to use.

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You're all fucking degenerates

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Trannies and Nazis get the bullet

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I see that Zig Forumsintelpro petty-bourgeois spawn are out in full force as usual, trying to persuade us that the poverty of successes that transgenders have is innately linked to them being transgender when it is in fact solely due to them being more expensive to maintain in our current society, i.e. today's capitalism. You've been spooked by capitalist ideology which you pass off as a left-wing struggle.
Communism is deeply Promethean and involves the conscious engineering of everything, including sexual organs, by us to suit as many goals as possible. Transgenders do not go far enough; Communism today must in fact be transhumanist.
You may squirm, but you betray yourself as not being Communist. All of your cringe images amount to little more than pointing out barriers which can and must be overcome in due course, though not all at once.

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No, cumrad, it's trannies and communists

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Based Touhouposter.
I've noticed that on a lot of left spacies anti/pro-tranny politics is often used as a forum sliding tactic.

Fuck off Nazi. You'll be lined up with the trannies and faggots and shot

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Thanks i've got a lot of these images sitting around. Might as well put it to good use.

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D…do I was yet guys? I'm a rrr…real girl right?

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Ha-ha. In your dreams.

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you could be saving images of cute anime girls instead of all this garbage.

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Go back to Zig Forums with your anime girl shit

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