Demographics of Zig Forums

I thought about making a quick research about what kind of people are on Zig Forums. Don't worry about any CIA interference, I use strawpoll.

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I can bet my ass we are whiter than /po/ will ever dream to be.

We are whiter than pol and more diverse than r/fullcommunism

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hmmm big thonk

The majority of whom are European

Don't most of muricans count sheep at this time? I think we will need to wait a day or so to have a conclusive report.>>2924381

Go back to Twitter, Jason Unruhe.

i'm sorry for being a settler Mao-sama I promise I will join the POC revolution uWu

Didn't we already do this before?

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the chosen ones

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89% WHITE!

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Based CIS while male board.

iirc leftypol is whiter than pol and browner than r/socialism

I'm 33. No checkbox for it so I checked 25-30 because I wish I were younger.

What is the difference between 56% and whiteboy?

The only useful information is location, and guess what, almost half of people here are Burgers/Anglofied Burgers.

56% is WOP/Burger/Mixedrace

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goddamn youngfag burgers

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Are you femoid?


Then why are you arroused by this board being mostly guys?

Probably webm related tbh

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This ain't /cuteboys/ faggots


you forgot 30-35 dingus

God, this board is full of Zoomer scum.

yeah i also didnt realize there were so many zoomers. Thats alot of fucking zoomers

If you were born before 9/11 and the patriot act, you're a millennial in my humble opinion. I think 19 and 20 year olds don't really count as zoomers.
I was more surprised at the fact that we only have 3 people older than 30 here. I've always thought this board was more mature than other boards.

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What does 43% mean

we are also older than both.

who 25-30 up in this

it was before the mods autism sessions got rid of everyone

Fucking lol, Che was such a faggot. I hope they died.

Not filling in any of your polls though.


almost like the two are connected

No it isn't.

It was two years ago so a shitload of them will be totally new

I mean the biggest group used to be mid twenties, now the biggest group is teenagers.

I guess we don't exist.

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Whos Rojava?

What ideaologies were suppressed?

a bunch of people were banned for "supporting imperialism" by supporting and discussing Rojava. Threads were anchored etc

It's a place, basically YPG controlled Syria.
All the coherent ones lol

I suppose I'm not the most educated on it but given its Syria im not surprised a socialist revolution occurred thanks to the war waged there by the americans and their rebels and russia and the syrian government. I guess the mods dont want this to be an actual organization space but just purely theoretical discussion.

Well the issue was after the other US proxies forces got BTFO they backed Rojava, and some posters were going over there to fight for them.

Thats hilarious, no wonder mods did what they did.


Tbh the Kurds are/were in a tight spot for support since their territory is/was split up between Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq. America is probably the only country on the planet that would back them, the US even went back to backing Al Qaeda for a while they're so thirsty for allies in Syria.
The contention was largely because while everyone agrees US involvement is a bad sign I don't think anyone entirely enveloped between 4 hostile countries is going to turn down weapons and air support and the claim you would becomes even more rich when you're sat on your fat janitor ass in the country you're accusing them of collaborating with.

No revolution was built on the backs of NATO. Watching so-called "leftists" cry on twitter about the US leaving Syria gave me retina cancer

Thanks for the book suggestion I'll be sure to read twitter for the posts you're responding to.

thats almost a truism considering Nato was pretty much designed to stop revolutions.

what happened was basically also sectarian. When there was more anarchists there was probably a lot more sectarianism here which is natural, but it was always pretty heated, so enraged tankie mods basically decided to purge the anarchists via proxy. The funny thing is of the people who go most are diehard Stalinist or there about and the kurds are themselves extremely tanky despite the anarchist rhetoric.

The anti rojava bunch basically think that the whole rojava revolution is a Kurdish/America/Israeli plot to Balkanise Syria and topple Assad, which they could be forgiven for thinking, considering the Americans and Israel both do want to topple Assad.

they also complain sometimes about how the Kurds have focussed on cultrual revolution too much.

So its a triple threat for them, what they perceive as anarchist SJW imperialists.

Wait are you using that flag because you want to promote reading? Because it's entirely used to subtly call the person you're responding to retarded.

The funny thing becomes even funnier when you realise the whole purge was constructed on the basis that the deal wouldn't be a temporary arrangement despite both the US and Kurds insisting it was, and then the US eventually withdrew further making the mods look retarded over a political situation they're completely uninvolved in besides policing the discussion of.

tell that to the people thinking the NATO-backed kurds were anything other than pawns in an intra-imperialist conflict

Pic related, it's the pawn.

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How's it different when you've got Russia and Iran fighting with NATO:)

Imperialism is imperialism user.

Everything is a pawn of imperialism until it has a revolution, until that revolution has become powerful enough to resist imperialism on the global stage, that nation is the pawn of intra imperialism

hello FBI posters


It's not NATO so it's fine.

NATO is the major counter-revolutionary force of international capital. It will never allow socialism to exist, especially in its protectorates. Inviting NATO intervention in your country, intervention that will only increase its influence in the area and bring death and destruction to the whole country is a counter-revolutionary pro-imperialist stance, regardless of what benefits the minority of the country whose interests you fight for will reap. Even if the US allowed the Kurds to play communalism until the region stabilized and continued to support them, and suppose that the Kurds managed to get permanent independence, NATO wouldn't simply pack up their bases and leave. Once the area stabilized, they would demand that US industries have access to the territory's resources.


hello zoomer newfag

nigga wut

if the US has military presence within your country, it won't allow you to be socialist. open a fucking history book, unless you're baiting

Take off that obnoxious flag you incredibly basic mong.

What if you’r born in-between? Anyways a Zoomer is someone born in the new millennium, they grew up in a “millennium dawn” if you will.

you realize most people who are actually considered millennial do remember 9/11?
you’re thinking of zoomers

What industries? Burgerland is a service sector economy through and through.

Are your gay “quirky” misspellings supposed to funny? Neck yourself, fag

That's because they are based zommers

Why is this board such a sausage fest? Are women that disinterested in radical politics?

If you want women in your politics, maybe 8ch isn't your best bet. Try joining a party.

I was just asking a question, not promoting an agenda.

And I answered.

That's pretty good, I'll give you that.

useless race survey, but thanks. I'm guessing 56% is none of the above?

I believe they're called thewineholics on instagram. you're welcome.

this is all so tiresome, i think we should continue this discussion the rojava general, as i don't want to shit up the demographics thread, you can see my answer to this question in there.

Women tend to be surprisingly conservative.

Are you actually expecting to find them on Zig Forums?

No he means they're mostly libtards

you're all filthy nigger apes

How come there are 98 north americans
BUT ONLY 43 56%ers.
It seems we have a few mutts that are trying to hide among the population.

12 transgender women so far, cool. Expected more.

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56% was given as a racial category (presumably mixed-race) not a location.

Are you seriously implying Iran is imperialist?

Yes, to a lesser degree at the moment though.

How new are you?

They are in Lebanon.

How so?

They fund Hezbolah, a political party in Lebanon that have pro-Iran policies and support Iranian trade and economic deals.

Hezbolah is based though

Fuck off.

Hamas related

forgot pic

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was trying to reply to kill me

First off, the Kurds were in direct conflict with Turkey, a major NATO power, while actively courting alliances with Damascus and Russia, both enemies of NATO. Second, the US has already withdrawn from Syria for the most part, all that remains is 200 troops, hardly enough to guarantee US domination of Rojava.

Pro tip: A country can be both waging an anti imperialist struggle while also pursuing its own imperialist ambitions, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. For example Russia is fighting off clear NATO aggression, but at the same time hoping to dominate and exploit its neighbours. I don’t know enough about Iran to comment on them, but being a capitalist state their progress towards imperialism is inevitable. It’s practically a guarantee that Iran’s foreign proxies will become agents of Iranian imperialism if the Americans and Saudis are defeated.

Get this fucking ultra-left garbage off this board. You know these damn """""""""""""""""""""""leftist"""""""""""""""""""" cunts are precisely the cover western imperialists LOVE. Accusing victim states of being imperialist, thus justifying war because "revolutionary defeatism" yadda yadda.

I can't believe you've fucking returned, you must be getting paid to do this shit. God you're disgusting. By your fucking logic, every country is "inevitably" going to become imperialist thus must be thwarted! You logic is only suitable for a video game.

Why am I not surprised that it's anarchists and trots spewing this shit?

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