Why do women love white men so much?

Why is white the gold standard. Is it cause whites are the best looking and have the biggest penises of any race?
I wish I was white so I could get a pretty Asian girl or something

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Asian women especially worship right wing white men. It sucks cause I have an Asian fetish but I'm a leftist. Damn white righwingers are taking all the hot Asian women.

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White men make panties wet. I wish I was white. They really are the superior race. I would love to be able to get a cute Asian waifu like all the white guys do.

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I'm jealous of white men tbh

Hmm, who could be behind this post?

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I don't get it. I wish I was white. They get all the fine Asian women

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The future is bright, comrades

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Even black power types only love white boys. God I wish I was white. It must be nice being the gold standard

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More proof right-wing thought is a pathology.

Yea I've always had a thing for Asian women too. I'm white but they only really lile the right wing and alt right types of white men. It sucks man

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Same. I'm gonna jealous of the alt right. They get fine ass Asian women

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Asian women worship alt right white boys.

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Too bad for you Zig Forums but I'm far left and black, pale and brown chicks always had a thing for me.

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Yea. I wish I could get an Asian girl but I'm black and most Asian women won't come near black guys.

Same. I'm Hispanic and Asian girls won't even look at me but they drop their panties for any alt right white guy

of all the threads in this "raid" this is the most schizophrenic though also insightful.

It's funny because you mean it

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For people who talk for the establishment of an "ethno-state", they sure can't follow the walk.

It sucks. Asian Waifus flock to white men but won't even come near black or brown men.

Being a leftist with a fetish for Asian and brown women is torture. Those women only go for rightwing white men

Nigga, source that shit.

At least America is collapsing

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This my board now

All day everyday. I will never stop

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