Why the hell should communists support a capitalistic nation like russia and its puppets...

Why the hell should communists support a capitalistic nation like russia and its puppets? Why is russian imperialism better than american?

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we don't say you should support Russia

Russia writes off debts to other countries whereas USA instigates fascist coups and rigs elections in other countries to enforces austerity for their own benefit.

I am a pretty hardline tankie and I don't support Russia. I just think that it can sometimes be a pretty good counterbalance to America, which is the bigger threat.

This. There is no good or evil. If the Russian regime does something that could even marginally aid the emancipation of working people, communists are all for it. If it comes from the States, we are for it as well. Anything else we will fight tooth-and-nail.

Let's be real the international revolution has basically died down for the time being so we're just trying to play a bunch of factions in the bourgeoisie against each other and sometimes it kind of works somewhat

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is russia really an imperialist state?

Reposting from an older thread on this exact topic:

You want Bolton and the neocons to start war with Russia, Iran, China, etc because you think that will somehow lead to further domination of capital? All thats gonna lead to is deaths of millions if not billions of people and a new global hegemon. Capital needs to destroy its productive forces to restore the rate of profit, if you let capitalism grow without doing anything then it will eventually collapse and renew itself. There needs to be a vanguard party and a revolutionary movement to guide the working class to overthrow capitalism in its moments of crisis, which is coming soon.

First of all, allowing capitalists to go to war with each other won’t destroy capitalism. On the contrary it will renew it because the rate of profit will be restored. Secondly, I don’t want millions of workers and peasants to die in something that could be completely avoided. And thirdly, conditions leading up to war are indeed conditions that could become revolutionary but only when theres a party there to lead the working class to overthrow the capitalists. Finally, you should also consider Marx and Engels liberals then because they supported trade unions and organizations that sought to overthrow capitalism despite capitalism being "fully developed". Sitting on your ass all day and hoping for capitalism to destroy itself is perfect for the capitalists who see leftists like you as useful idiots.

No, they're capitalist fucks but they haven't demonstrated any actual imperialism. Syria has been one of the more positive aspects of the Russian regime, since they've done little except support a regime that has historically been an ally of Russia since Soviet times.

There are still Soviet Military and government remnants in the Russian Federation, perhaps even in the former Soviet republics. Vladimir Putin had served in East Germany, not without exposure to Marxism-Leninism at least. In recent times it seems that the Russian government has somewhat deregulated business relating to inspections, internal Russian politics is not something I know much about anyway.
The Russians came to the aid of a Ba'athist being Bashar Al-Assad against wahhabist-zionist imperialists with their lakey the USA. Russia also supported Maduro (inb4 nout reel soshioulest) from a blatant coup effort by South American bourgie expats in Florida, neocons, USA and Israel (because Israel never ever has transnational bourgies). Does the Eurasian Union count as imperialism? Why dont you explain the Russian imperialism that is so akin to American?

Radlibs get out and take CNN, NBC and Fox News with you.

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One more pic

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It doesn't matter if some Soviet structures still exist in the Russian Federation because they have been completely taken over and are run in the interests of Russian capital. Putin's history doesn't matter because he has demonstrated he wholeheartedly serves Russian capital. There is no 4d chess going on here.

We should certainly recognize Assad as the best option for Syria at the moment, but he does not in any way subscribe to old Baathist ideology. He pushed numerous neo-liberal reforms and those were part of why the protests initially started. Of course, that doesn't matter now as the protests were quickly co-opted by imperialist interests and ultimately the vast majority of rebels were US/Israeli/Turkish backed Islamists.

The Russian and Syrian governments are our enemies just like the US and other western powers. Even if, for the time being, they are somewhat lesser evils.

Fixed. Literal Putin shills




Iraq and Libya were also "Authoritarian" so is IRan so I guess it's ok for those countries to be attacked since they aren't perfect utopian anarcho tranny hell states. Kys white liberal cuck.

No one supports Russia. We just don't support them being taken over by imperialist powers.

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So this is the power of pro capitalist russia / pro islam "anti-imperialism.

Why the hell should communists support a capitalistic nation like the UK and its puppets? Because the UK is fighting against Nazi Germany.

Because it causes far less death and destruction.

"The naïve and pure-hearted Anglo-Saxons are controlled by the scheming Jews and Arabs." Shut the fuck up liberal. Israel and Saudi Arabia are US client states, not the other way around.

That's a really dumb way to put it. Russia sent a small amount of troops to essentially prevent a US invasion, but is not actively doing anything to prevent Maduro being deposed through internal events in Venezuela.

If it comes to that, Russian soldiers will not be killing Venezuelans that oppose Maduro.