What's a good way to meet comrades irl?

What's a good way to meet comrades irl?
Asking in general, but if you have anything specific for the San Diego area, that would be great.

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Leaving your house

OP, try working with organic, local movements. Stuff like tenants' rights, helping the homeless, anti-police… You might not find a lot of serious Marxists, but you won't find those in the Trotskyite party cults either. Or see if you can find study groups, marxist bookstores, or something like that. At least then you're guaranteed to find people who aren't afraid of books.

these are cults.

Why is the excuse to never leave the house that the org is either a cult or the feds?
Not saying it's not possible, just that if I was the feds then that's exactly what I'd want the default response to any type of organization to be.

I gave examples of orgs that OP could check out. I think a non-Marxist org that does some good is better than a fake Marxist cult that just wastes everyone's time and money.

You can yell at me all you want, it won't change the fact that there are no genuine Marxist parties in the USA. Of course we should be working towards fixing that, but you can't fix a problem if you don't acknowledge it.

Go to a DSA meeting and look for the people holding their noses.

PSL is a Marcyite cult so Ben Becker's kids can go to Harvard, and the IWW is a relict full of boomers that is completely ineffectual and outdated. Join the PCUSA, they are apparently okay.

Red Guards and CPUSA are feds.

Maybe make a Leninist caucus within the DSA, I mean there is a fucking Egoist-Insurrectionist one (this is actually true) so why the fuck is there no ML one?

Only in Germany tbh

lmao, sauce?

I think DemCent is actually banned from the DSA, but it's so decentralised it would be entertaining to see them try and enforce it.

In all Western nations the IWW is useless because they focus too much on the traditional unionised jobs, which are nowadays well-paid with short work hours. You won't find revolutionary potential there. In general union work is pretty outdated unless we are talking about real revolutionary unions but they don't exist because first communists need to establish cells in enterprises and low-paid jobs - which they don't do. Also the IWW expell you when you hold a position in a communist party, completely retarded.
Also interacted with a few online who'd describe themselves as such.

So the main principle of party organisation which is used more or less by all parties on the political spectrum is banned from the DSA - wew, great.

Tbh a much better idea would be to push sane, charismatic and intelligent DSA members into primarying Democrats (and maybe even Republicans, as much as they'll ew icky gross over it), leadership be damned. With a steering committee of non-retards it would be a pretty powerful caucus.

They're one of the only U.S organizations going about organizing restaurant workers and ride share drivers, both in the U.K, and US.
They've also actually managed to lead nation wide prison revolts with help from heirs of the Black Panthers.
The IWW's leading members have historically thought the "centralization" debate was an autistic shitfest, so they kind of just had the idea of making them work together.

On an unrelated note, extinction rebellion is going off the rails

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extinction rebellion did not do that no way

For what? Engaging in politics?

Seriously doubt it as they're non-violent wetbags who get squeamish at even the thought of conflict.

All communist organizations are infiltrated, this can't be avoided. I'm not a burger, but I think the CPUSA is the best choice there.

I ate the onion

The corporate wing would fuck them up

Not sure how it works but you can't purge someone just to stitch up your primary (Lee Carter, AOC).

Bernie had the election rigged against him tho

Does anyone know how good these guys are? I've seen people mention it here but I've never looked into it.

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I don’t get it

Go to a SEP chapter, the SEP is pretty cool.

Trotskyists ARE real Marxists.

A literal sex cult

The CPUSA endorsed Hillary Clinton. They are worse then the RCPUSA.