is there any truth to the amerimutt meme or is it just made by european alt rightists to piss off american alt rightists?

And speaking of race mixing, there actually HAS been a huge amount of race mixing in America, but it mostly went from white to black, not the other way around since the incentive was to defined mixed race people as 'black' to produce the maximal number of slaves for economic reasons. As a result your average black american is actually 30% european. Are we going to literally say black americans don't exist or something? of course not even if they aren't 100% african, that has nothing to do with the fact that they are a distinct ethnic group with their own history and culture (jazz, blues, hiphop, etc.)

So 3-4% of 'white' americans have non european dna.

So what? all racial/ethnic groups are arbitrarily constructed anyway so the only reason for someone to be in an ethnicity is self identification and the acceptance of self identification by others in that group.

If you look at Croats, Serbs, Bosnian etc, or the Hutus and Tutsis, no one can physically even tell the difference yet that didn't stop them from mass killing each other.

I don't get why its some sort of slam dunk to say HAHA some white americans are part native/black. That small amount of shared dna is literally just the most trivial part of an infinite list of differences someone could form an identity around. Mestizo mexicans have their own identity despite being mixed.

Who gives a shit about 3% of Dna when people are killing each other about even more minute and trivial cultural, religious, and genetic differences.

all im saying is trolling pol by saying their part nonwhite is equally as stupid to trolling homophobes by insinuating their secretly gay

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While I firmly agree with the first part, I also believe that most homophobia stems from suppressed homosexual urges.

The point is that Americans will arbitrarily select which ancestry they happen to like at a given time and will try to draw some kind of "ethnic solidarity" with some country or group an ocean away because they share 20% of their DNA or fit into a similar haplogrouping as them. While /britpol/ did use it to piss off burgers, leftists generally use it to mock the idea behind it all together. For the far right, culture is inherently genetic in character and is derived from genetics, so far-right burgers will do this thing where they will arbitrarily select what part or parts of whatever mix they are and use it to define them. It's humorous for both the European far-right and leftists alike.

This might be a very provocative take but I unironically believe the only way Americans can fully commit to solidarity is through massive amounts of racemixing that takes their genes even further in a mulatto direction.

I don't recommend this for every nation btw just America, as the race propaganda from both liberals and reactionaries has been so powerful over the years the only way to truly transcend it is to have everyone mix into a truly American ethnicity

While this may actually hold some truth like that case from a Vice video which talked about a Serbian ex neo-nazi coming out as a trans woman, I’m pretty sure that isn’t the entire case. By this logic, plenty of conseratives and far-rights are secret closet homosexuals.

Mio dio. Il bucco nero.

this is not even a "provocative take", it's just a hilarious mee-mee

Fuck off back to Reddit.

It's a meme to trigger Americans who are obsessed with 'racial purity'. It's funny cause up until 1930, America was a big 'melting pot', hence the mutt meme.

They usually respond to the "melting pot" thing with the "european melting pot" thing though.
I think it's because of stuff like pic related.

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This is fucking retarded. It's swallowing the far-rights view on racial homogeneity but taking it in the complete opposite direction, and ignores why such conflict materially occurs in the first place opting instead for a view based on appearance and genetics. Everyone could literally possess the exact same genetic make-up, and you would still see the arbitrary divisions today you complain about today. There are plenty of those in central Europe and the Balkans who have a similar genetic make-up, and that didn't stop any of them from killing each other in both open conflicts and gang violence.

Also, this idea that you if you mixed everyone "perfectly" you would get a "race" that looked exactly the same is a meme. That's not how genetics work and if anything you'll still have people who possess a everything from light to dark skin and light to dark hair.

I'm not saying that racemixing in itself would bring American communism but that it would make it far easier to organize towards such a goal.

At least the Balkans had several decades of relative harmony before the civil war and it was because tito intentionally downplayed the differences between the various ethnic groups as did Hoxha to some extent with religious groups despite retaining s certain amount of Albanian nationalism. Same thing with post Revolution France and Russia after the bolshevik revolution. Yes ethnic conflict did eventually reemerge but it came from a concerted effort by the bourgeoise it wasn't a bottom to top phenomenon triggered by genuine racial hatred

I had that same exact thought when I was 6, I was also scribbling on the walls and eating dust off of cabinets.

No it would not, and you're using the same logic the far-right does in regards to race. Brazil literally had a psuedo-eugenics program intended to make a majority of the population lighter skinned mulattos. Does Brazil seem like a bastion of labour organizing and socialism in South America to you?
Yes, and none of this was pushing race-mixing purposely with the goal of making things "easier". This is an entirely anti-materialist view.
And through the decline of their material conditions as those respective countries/unions governments collapsed and reverted to capitalism and scarcity dramatically increased.

That's the thing my man. In countries where racism has explicitly been used by the ruling class despite the nation never being "pure" it makes sense that more racemixing would lead to a gradual breakdown in this ideology.

Your other two points are literally proving my thesis

Spotted the closet homo.

The fact is that implementing state programs regarding race is recognizing race in the first place.
If race-mixing is going to take place in countries that were never "pure", it should happen naturally, without state intervention. Of course, there is the possibility that people of different races would naturally separate by simply moving to different areas or living apart, but even this isn't a bad thing. Many would be likely to grow to hate the government in the case of "forced diversity", so it would be best to not get involved, and simply ensure the peoples' compliance with living in the same country together. The state must not recognize race at all. Racism itself must be dealt with via re-education. This should prove sufficient to dismantle racial supremacism.

I would be interested to hear about this Brazilian mulatto program. We should critique it.

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No it fucking doesn't and you're still ignoring how "racism" or any other similar ideology emerges and is utilized. You could have a whole society of "mixed" individuals and that wouldn't somehow negate how the idea of race is used by the ruling class or reactionaries. Institutionalized racism is not an attitude, it is a system. A system that is perpetuated by the antagonisms and conflicts inherent to capitalism. How drastic the differences are doesn't matter, just that differences exist and can be used as a way of pushing blame away from the system as a whole.
They don't, unless you think countries like Brazil are some post-racial utopia where socialism is the ruling ideology or even the most popular.

Stop peddling radlib-tier utopianism and idealism already and start analyzing things materially. Nothing about racemixing negates racism in the slightest.

White Europeans think white Americans are half white.
White Americans think Europe is full of brown Muslims.
No one wins in the end.

Both are true and effective though.

Also I reserve my right as a pureblooded communist european to laugh at those mixed race americans who claim to want "a white ethnostate" or "defend european culture" despite not being either white, european or having culture. Creating divisions without your opposition is a good tactic.

Except for us since this means that white nationalists from either continent are less likely to work together.


Nah. Supremacism is in Anglo-Saxon culture, not race. If you de-race the Anglo-Saxons they will abandon their belief in race but keep the belief in their own superiority. Case in point: Black Barack Obama and Jew Bernard Sanders both being American supremacists.

oh nvm you mean within the US

yeah racism might end but it would be replaced by something else