Is Canada fucked? I don't want to vote Liberal as they are center-right, but I don't see any chance of the NDP winning...

Is Canada fucked? I don't want to vote Liberal as they are center-right, but I don't see any chance of the NDP winning, rather more vote splitting handing the election over to Scheer

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when has Canada not been fucked, homie

Canada is a liberal paradise, its time for a labour party.

Scheer winning the Prime Ministership would open the door for a possible opening of the Constitution, theres enough Conservative Premiers to do so. Its worse than ever in that sense if the right wing manage to oust Trudeau.

hate to say it, but you have a point. I'm counting on Trudeau fucking up even harder in the coming months so it'll boost the NDP

I hope that electoral reform goes back onto the discussion.

Liberal Party so screwed.

Only vote for people who will advance the interests of the proletariat. Never support a bourgie leader, ever. The illusion that one of them is worse than the other is fabricated, they will all kill you without a second thought.

Advice taken.

Canada was fucked ever since the foreigners came.

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Canada is real estate market capitalism with American characteristics

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How bad are your greens?

Canada's Greens are better than the US Greens. That's not saying much.

Vote communism or ns.

US greens are decent as far as things go so eh.

The Libs will almost certainly win the next election despite Justin having proved himself a criminal and a liar. Much like when Reform started we will have 2 Conservative parties this time and they will split the conservative vote letting the Libs slide in.

No same person will vote NDP given their leader and policies and the greens will be lucky to get a couple seats

The greens are a conservative paŕty except for when it comes to environmental issues at which point they are environmental extremists

Except most people are dumb, don't read, and thus don't know a Peoples Party even exists.

The right vote will barely be effected by this split, whats more worrying is the Greens growing in strength means an even more split left vote.

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Seems like Trudeau fucking up doesn't actually have sway on NDP gaining ground.

The fact is the NDP have lost their foothold in BC and Quebec, where the majority of their support was. No fault besides they didn't win under Mulcair.

This is an election being decided by the rich establishment and the public is buying it hook line and sinker.

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Heres trends from April,comparing to todays the NDP has fallen ten seats, Libs and Greens have risen.

As much as it pains, voting Liberal may be the only option to stop Scheer.

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Its WAY to early to write off the PPC

So eco-socialists willing to put forth bold anti-capitalist solutions?

I hope you're right to be honest. Seeing Scheer buckle to Maxime Bernier would be glorious after that shitshow of a primary they had. It would guarantee a Liberal government.

NDP running in circles at the moment.

Yeah, that's not the case. Canada Greens are eco-liberals, eco-centrists, nowhere fucking near the left.

Just go Green, they're usually at least nice to indians.
Voting for the family dynasty of establishment literal liberals with good PR just proves that Canada is an irredemable cesspool of firstworldism and in need of a good nuke. "muh constitution, muh reactionary fascist bullies, muh public discourse, muh liberal institutions" is the mark of the whore of babylon