Force Feminize Nazis

There need not more be said, it just makes sense. It would solve every problem we currently face.

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They're already doing it to themselves

Can't make a yet another tranny hate thread if you are the tranny.

This. I know "If you hate gays it's cuz you're gay" is mostly a meme but with Nazis it is like 98 percent true particularly American ones. They are almost always secretly huge degenerates who project their self hate for their degeneracy onto society and their desire to be dominated into State apparatuses for suppressing "cultural decadence" (AKA their own suppressed sexual urges)

I'm a tankie btw so I'm not against the State as such and usually disagree with new left psychosexual shit but the Nazi conception of the State is almost a 1-1 projection of their internalized homophobia/transphobia etc

Unironically. I love when Zig Forumsyps talk about degeneracy in the same thread where they post prolapse porn and gore.

That's nothing new. Evola himself said that morals are for common peasants only, and the elites should be able to do whatever they want with no moral limitations because it is their birthright. It is the "law of conservation of degеneracy" in a way. Moralistic conservatism is always a front for absolute degеneracy though it is available only to a few. While French commoners burnt witches for showing their ankles, nobles held black masses and incestual orgies. Nazi honchos ate each other's shit and had drug fueled gay sex while putting working class homosexuals into death camps. Zig Forumsacks also rationalize their degеneracy by believing that their fetishes are more esoteric and thus more refined and elitistic, by virtue of coming from 4chan instead of the normiesphere. Ever talked to a furry crying about "globohomo degеneracy" inbetween showing off their gay horsecock futa inflation commissions? I have.

We can only escape degеneracy by distributing it as evenly as possible among the population

dude gay lmao

This crap will never work.. I'm from the southern United states and the amount of angry self righteous queer hating rednecks is unreal.. and I promise you that they DO hate gays. And the whole

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What the fuck is this post lmao


hi vaush

Put me in the screencap guys

Do you have a FBI? Where do you live and can I suck your cock?

They're wordfiltering D*scord to FBI jesus christ

What is this… thing?!


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That's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard OP. Fascist would be far more useful performing manual labor. And have you seen these people. They wouldn't transition passably.

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So a perfectly acceptable candidate for transitioning.

I want him back so bad comrades.

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Shut up. That's not how it works. Still fascist and fascist sympathizers = only good for gulag tier labor.

so much sexual confusion, self-hate and sadness in one post.

get over yourself. get help.

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Shut the fuck up fag and post more of those feet.

This thread is a joke, you dumb faggot.

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only if they are also permabanned from ejaculating with their dicks. They must learn to take the dick of the proletariat and like it.

yikes. move out to a big city when you can. also post more pics.
if rednecks were forced feminized, I'd be lining up offering them "low-key" blowjobs. it literally solves the problem by making bigots cute.

90% of gays are left wing, sure there are some self hating fags like yourself but they generally live miserable lives. Please come out of the closet, there's a whole world out here. Right wingers hate you and hope you die, I don't, we don't.

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What surprise, the gulag isn't enough to reform these faggots, is better doing like Che and kill all of them.

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I don't think we ever questioned this, and it's always been our position that idpol that states that some kind of orientation or race is inherently capitalist or socialist is retarded. This was a joke thread. We weren't even talking about Trump.
Excuse me what

Liberals aren't left-wing user

Either way, maybe pic related was right after all.

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Post pics of your qt ass&dick rightfag

It might work. Nazis are idealist and like all idealist you can make then believe whatever you want with the right suggestion as they lack any real analytical skills or grasp of reality.
It's a good solution because they would be genuinely happy as well, and thus docile

Dude, check out >>>/cuteboys/
Literally hundreds of fashies in skirts.

Thanks for the erection you freaks.

Just be careful you don't catch idealism from one of them. They should be seen as highly dangerous contaminants. Even a little idealism can grow and before you know it you believe in intersectionality

Youre all making me progressively more gay gomrades.

Obviously we cannot allow them to go on as it is. Their fetishization of black people treats them more as objects than anything else, all so they can both want the BBC and perpetuate their racial hatred. I think the simple solution is to have them all marry single black dudes, so they can get their BBC and slowly come to understand their racial """science""" was always creating these meaningless barriers between people and denying them the relationships they always craved.

Most Nazi's on Zig Forums are already skin and bones sticks

Reminder that being a bottom is inherently fascist

learn2shitpost nigger

Don't confuse nazis' self perception with reality.

Everyone knows there's only two places for fascists the gulag and then the grave.

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I think you may be exaggerating ever so slightly.

Stop trying to force your fetish here, fag

Left: lefty dick
Right: righty clit

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Holy shit, is that thing a penis?

postmodern homoconservatism

it is impossible task

I low key think that someone in power if pushing all this super degenerate shit so that we get so pissed off at consequences of our freedoms leading to degeneracy that we just accept Muslims with open arms because they are so hard on it. Even better to try after converting so many people in our culture to Atheism. Makes the transition smoother with more converts

Like there's a good chance that the whole SJW thing was a Neo-Con Boomer thing and Islam is literally a Merchant's religion.

wtf user, that just defies logic

Technical matter here, but the pun on 'pro-state' relies on the fact that MtF SRS usually doesn't involve prostate removal. In a true MtF SRS the prostate should be removed, but then the joy of sex would be diminished (at least brought down to the level women can maximally attain from mere anal sex). The prostate is not only an exclusively male organ, but also an essential heterosexual erogenous organ (that doesn't need anal sex to become activated). I also concur with the obviously sound criticism raised in the thread that "being gay" doesn't automatically equal to being girly.