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God, is it even possible to be a happy, politically-active leftist? Almost everyone here is a complete doomer, it's so sad to see. It's understandable but come on, man. Let's go on a walk or something. Get your head out of the screen and book for a bit. You're rotting your soul by focusing on the flaws more than the good in your life. Please don't spend all of your time on this stuff.
No, just someone who became more and more depressed the more I obsessed over how fucking evil capitalism is.
"It's easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism."

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that's fair, but
this is fucking retarded

No because you can't unsee the dialectic and what it has yet to bring.

when the mark fisher hits

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Dude lmao, just go sniff some flowers lmao, who cares that the world is ending when you can be, like, happy and stuff.

If the world is truly ending and there's nothing that can be done to stop it, there's no use making yourself even more miserable by obsessing over it.

And it's no use trying to just forget about the horrors of capitalism. Not just the effects it has on my own life, but the life of those around me and the world.
Literally the only way to be able to ignore this would be to ram my head into the wall repeatedly until I have brain damage.

I would feel worse if I tried to ignore the realities of the world tbh. For me when I started feeling better is when I accepted that I was likely to die, but resolved to make my death count towards a better future.

why did you stop reading theory?

well, you can't be politicaly active and happy, that's impossible

Honestly despite the constant depressive shit that's going on, I have quite the high hopes for a positive outcome in the future, I have a plan that will be set into motion in the following 2 years and even though I do not know the outcome if I keep to my cause then perhaps my children will see a better future.
When talking about a positive view on life, do not see it as usual liberal bullshit like "Just think happy thoughts, a happy mind leads to happy life" but that life/time moves forward and that WE as humans have actually no right to just stand on the side and cry about everything that's happening, but actually TRY and work towards a better tomorrow.
Honestly comrades I don't actually expect that my end goal will give much to me, and what I do expect (in today's political climate) that it will cause me a lot of suffering but you keep moving forward.
One of the things that gave me some of this motivation I have was one of those "timecapsule" letters recovered in Belarus? I think, not really sure, but you know the one "We created communism, but you live in it."
Sure, for some this might obviously be depressive, but I see it as a great motivational boost, so don't give up comrades.

Even in the unlikley scenario that any nation or widespread socialist movement would appear in this instant, there would still be nothing that can be done to overthrow capitalism. The revolutionaries aren't able to wage war against capitalist nations due to nuclear arsenals, nor can they outsustain them since global warming is going to rape us in a couple decades. Every solution or path of action is built upon hundreds of overly optimistic assumptions and requirements. Everyone knows this is true. Enjoying the moment is the best anyone can do.

What the fuck is there to enjoy then? The only enjoyment I would get, if what you're saying is true, would be to kill as many reactionaries and capitalists as possible.

nigga quit larping i know youre either fat af or a skinyfat skelly who has panic attacks over ordering food

you vastly overestimate the loyalty of the military to allow the bourgs to start throwing nuclear weapons about, especially the squaddies.

Wrong. I'm quite socially adapted with lots of great friends. I'm also a great marksman.


Ignorance is bliss.

Joy pills not available.

The military is full of "just followed orders" fags. Care to explain your optimism?

I do have an anxiety disorder, which characterizes itself as paranoia (kinda).

Obviously not the poster you responded to.

Not him but in both Russian and Chinese civil War, troops defected to the communist. The idea that they just are a monolith is wrong. Not counting US that is.

a signifigant chunk of the world's population live in disease-ridden poverty and hunger, or are in an active war zone, and don't have the luxury of being able to close the book or walk away from their monitor and just turn their brains off. I'm sure they are aware of the fact that the mosquitos aren't going to stop biting them, and the predator drones aren't going to stop striking their village if they just ignored it and kept happy thoughts. they can't simply walk to a store filled with food and medicine if they feel overwhelmed by it all. I don't mean to sound like a boomer telling you to stop caring because others have it worse, or a MTW who thinks that because you happen to find yourself living in a country with an okay standard of living, you don't deserve to live and are as bad as war profiteers and bankers.

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dude go hug your mom lol

Here's the kicker: all the patriot and nationalist bootlickers have to be dead first. That's why militaries in Germany and Italy went straight to fascism and other anti-communism. Do you understand where pro-WW3 multipolarity advocates are going?

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I almost forgot, it's summer and the kids are out of school.

Fam sorry but if I stop reading or studying I will probably kill myself. When I do anything else and engage with normal people I just get so frustrated with what concerns them in their daily life, their hobbies, the music they listen, the movies they watch, how they see politics and economics. They are so fucking optimistic cus they don't know shit, they don't understand shit. Nah man, I want to see this world burn so to stay alive I keep doing this.

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I expected nothing less.

where did your life go so wrong

I'm guessing capitalism.

neck yourself

If being happy means giving up then happiness can fuck itself

You need to remember to take joy in the good sides of being politically active, have a drink with your comrades, enjoy helping people, the grind can get depressing sure but its the only morally acceptable path open to anyone who isn't a brainlet, lying down and waiting for death isn't a solution for anything, in the end you try to get up and back into things only to realise that you can't

youre not a revolutionary

did it ever occur to you that you shouldn't be happy when things are fucked up?
have you ever considered that maybe your emotional state is a product in part of the state of the world and not merely something you should try to adjust by personal lifestyle choices?

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Neither are you

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I can tell this post is coming from a good place but I'm glad to see the majority here rebuff it. It's actually possible to be grateful for what you have and finding a modicum of happiness in that, while still having the burning urge to destroy this corrupt, anti-human system. See

We are destroying the earth from which out happiness comes from and you are telling us to smell the roses? The only good posts of this type are the ones that are actually constructive or contain ideas for praxis. Your post is essentially absolute defeatism without any of the style or substance that many defeatist posts here often contain.

We are angry for extremely good reasons (>>2925423).
The more we talk about it here and outside, the more we accelerate.

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You can be outraged at how the world is and not let it kill your buzz. It's like cognitive dissonance or whatever except it's a good thing

I can't.

you could have bought bitcoin last week and tripled your money

how does it feel to be a worthless sack of shit complaining all the time when there are literally thousands of opportunities each day that you are squandering?

You could've put all your money on red at the casino and doubled your money, but you didn't! Communism BTFO!

t. parasite

wow awesome!

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Wow I'm sure the workers appreciate the increased productivity.

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So… are you rich user? Something tells me you'd be kicking it on the yacht right now rather than trolling 8ch.

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He has cuck fetish user. He wants to have a bugchasing party with Peter Thiel or the Kotch Brothers so he can become POZ:
He cannot fucking wait to get genocided in a eugenic civil war by the rich ubermenstch and the Randian capitalists heroes.

It's irrational to be miserable about things you can't change.
If we're honest, one person can't make the slightest difference to global economics. The best an individual can do is try to make their own life slightly less miserable.

Maybe so, but if no-one ever did anything to change the world, then nothing would ever change. The trick is to apply your efforts as well as possible, and combine them with a disciplined cadre of likeminded people and a solid revolutionary theory.

This is exactly the liberal propaganda that keeps working people from making any substantial change to society.

I know it's selfish, but I've ceased to have any faith in other humans to improve things. If things do get better, it will be despite the best efforts of people - not because of them.



Wake me up inside
Can't wake up
Call my name and save me from the dark
Bid my blood to run
Before I come undone
Save me from the nothing I've become

Yes, they do. Most commodities have gotten way cheaper the last 20 years, especially electronics. So we have more purchasing power.


Left theory and thought has made me happier, more fulfilled, better at business, less anxious (socially and in general). you're probably doing it wrong.
Here are some mostly-leftist inspired tips:
1. Don't read the news. It will only make you angry, and you're consuming propaganda.
2. Aggressively use ad-blockers and don't buy stupid shit. Every time you feel the urge to buy stupid shit, remember that it's cause capitalism makes you want stupid shit. Buying stupid shit will only make you more miserable (and is a waste of money).
3. Understand ideology. Actively try to identify ideology and other retarded spooks you have within yourself. They are chains you maintain, erode them.
4. This is not leftist related, but for fucks sake, sleep well. Having a shit schedule makes anyone miserable.
5. Have productive habits. Anything that makes you "grow", or become more skilled at something, or a hobby where you create something, will bring you satisfaction. important: productive =/= profitable. modern capitalism makes us miserable by having unproductive jobs, alienation, etc. this is a conscious effort to bring un-alienated "work" into your life. it can be sports, gym, handcrafting, hobby game programming, chess, hobby carpentry, whatever. obviously it would be something you enjoy.
6. social life is very important for most of us. work towards having intimate (healthy non-toxic) friends.

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Would it be retarded or bourgeois lifestylism to to get a truck or something and sleep in the bed of it and go to random political events and do some consciousness raising/breaking of capitalist realism via situationist or more postmodernly, eric andre-type absurd performance art? Things that'd shock and force people to think and break out of their ideological cages, like explaining fully new-age posadism, or making minecraft parody tier song parodies, except instead of minecraft now they're about UBI or some other thing that exists outside of capitalist realism.
I could dumpster dive or do online coding for food/gas money. Or just occasionally go work at temp agencies at warehouses or something. I am currently 19 year old zoomer NEET with minor jack of all trades skills.
I really wanna draw a sign of donald trump getting raped by lightning mcqueen hentai, inspired by pic related, and go with it to an anti trump rally and wear like a pussy hat or something, and go on and on about my fudanshi inspired lighting mcqueen x donald trump yaoi fantasies, and how much I hate drumpf and his small hands. Maybe hillary would be on it and she'd be like a fujoshi fangirl.

So is this retarded, or bourgeois leftybros?

Also sorry if I didn't explain it well, I have autism.

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1. When i read books i become sad. Even if it is fiction.
2. Well, i don't.
3. I can't because 1. and because i have inteligence lower than average.
4. I wake up at same time and go sleep at same time each night.
5. I can't afford it. I have not much time. I associate almost any work with suffering.
6. Maybe. My friends don't talk to anymore, mostly.
Not OP.



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Even smut?

I don't like it. It also makes me think of other ways i should have spent time.

Cmon, you're only human. Can't do everything. I'd say don't feel guilty about spending say half your time on leisure. That's what life is.

degenerate ways? it really depresses me that I am not living like that

Do militancy in real life, not here, not on facebook and sure you will be more happy.

I think there is more in life.. but i miss out it all.


There was a time when I'd agree with you, but I don't feel like I have to make an effort to avoid it anymore tbh. I no longer have the compulsion to get informed on politics, and argue it, and feel like I have to "do something". Nowadays I just feel a growing sense of detachment and, frankly, indifference.

Which makes me a bit sad. Politics was all I cared about a few years ago, it was a huge part of my personality and the one thing tying my entire social circle together. Everyone I was friends with when I was 25 was someone with similar ideas, and we'd go out just to debate them and talk about what we've learned that week. I spent so much time reading, attending meetings, protesting, studying, listening to lectures, browsing communities like this one. And then gradually it just died. I haven't visited Zig Forums for a long time, I'm no longer really in touch with those people except for a few that have also kind of moved on, I'm not really part of any organization anymore, etc. I just pay some attention when brazilian or american election comes (which is the reason I'm here) and then forget about it.

And I don't even know what to attribute all this to. I just stopped caring.

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The real blackpill is not caring, a total indifference, not any of the "blackpills" that are peddled by the totally invested. The only reason I'm still around anything political is because I find it more interesting than anything else, I'm completely uninvested and if the world collapsed tomorrow and there were no socialist groups forming nearby I would do whatever.

how do you deal with liberalism and it's accompanying ideology?

Capitalism succeeded in making you an apathetic worker drone. Oh I mean, you became "mature".

Maybe he is middle-class scum now and has too much fun with drugs and sex to really want to change things.

Gotta love that mental masturbation. It doesn't argue with you. It only concedes.

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