Baby Boomers fucked everyone

Thoughts about this piece? Personally, I hate Boomers with a passion, so I say, fuck em.

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Day of the pillow (DOTP) when?

Half the article seems to be a neoliberal cocksucker from the American Enterprise Institute pleading that the Boomers didn't deregulate enough of the economy.

Nah, it’s just stupid fucking America that set this shit in notion

Xi has a solution and it involves megaton explosions

Yeah the people misinterpreting it wilfully as 'boomers are so selfish for taking social security' instead of blaming the rich boomers for buying up all property, stock, refusing to retire from politics and top positions, etc are missing the point (most likely intentionally).

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Boomers have 70% of wealth i.e. spending money among us plebs. If the revolution starts before they die, they're definitely getting the rope.

Boomers and their pets get gulaged! 10 years experience in the gulag before a boomer gets the pension.

I mean, I hate boomers but they aren't actually the problem - let alone for collecting social security or whatever, lol. The problem with most boomers isn't strictly their fault - they came into the workforce in a time when inflation was lower and there were more jobs. So a lot of them don't really understand how things have gotten worse and cuck for capitalism because they see novelties and tech luxuries getting cheaper, and standards of living going up, but don't realize that necessities like houses, food, medicine, etc. have become more expensive and standards of living for average people lag behind profit rates. The economic situation boomers grew up in makes it tough for them to understand the current situation. Things have gotten better, but they've also gotten worse.

So, by-and-large boomers are just a part of a broader economic system - one which, actually, frequently screws them too in their old age. Antagonizing them is mostly pointless.

I hate that picture. Swap the baby boomer for a baby zoomer and you have classic right wing gibsmedat propaganda.


You fucking infants. Dumbest fucking scapegoating I've seen in my life. Liberals are more class conscious than you faggots.

Dividing people into generations is pure ideology

Gulag is the place to meet boomers

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Haha funny memes.

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You too


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For and respectively.


Instead of bitching about it bring about Communism so that they can live. It's not their fault for this shit if you understand Material Reality.

This is more or less true but so is this. They're just almost unbearably fucking retarded and racist that they think that they'll make one last good stab at those fuckin uppity niggers by voting for people promising to slash welfare that they're living on and don't ever think that they're going to be affected by it, then pull the most retarded outrages about how "they built this country and now it's fucking them over, I bet the niggers/jews did this!" It's not like the situation is their fault but I'm not going to complain about just fucking smothering them. Day of the pillow when.

Anti-Boomer reeing makes you a libtard, it's literally just an acceptable form of idpol that retards class consciousness

There's nothing liberal about wanting the most reactionary and counter-revolutionary section of society to be killed on sight.

Boomers living off retirement investments are petite bourgeois because they get their money from the surplus. They are class enemies of the revolution.

This. It's the equivalent to Zig Forums's "muh jooos". Talking about boomers like they're the root of all that's wrong with the world, is in effect distorting and undermining the systemic analyses and critiques of capitalism (which is also what Zig Forums does with their raving about the jews).

Most boomers literally believe they signed a social contract, that going along with neoliberalism is the source of their prosperity. A large portion of them actively chose to not engage in class struggle, which is class treason. As a result they were bought off with the temporary wealth of post-WWII prosperity, and became petite bourgeois per

"muh jews" is just a conspiracy theory that conflates wealthy jewish people with some kind of racial destiny

"Muh jews" is "just a conspiracy theory", but it is also in practice a defense of capitalism, as capitalism's defects or less desirable byproducts are blamed on scapegoats such as jews, gypsies and/or immigrants in general instead of being confronted as features of capitalism.
Ranting about boomers isn't as excplicit or extreme as raving about jews, but its effect is the same - to put blame on an other (this time an entire generation, lmao) for the effects of capitalism, instead of confronting capitalism itself.

Plenty of people from all generations are not engaging in class struggle. All generations alive today are guilty of class treason according to your logic. You avoid this issue by not talking about whole generations as if they're some monolithic entity or coherent socio-political organization. Imagine all the nonsense you could come up with following your logic.

Tbh Boomers are a lot more likely to be pety-bourg/labor aristocrat then then zoomers.

So fucking what? Men are also more likely to be petty bourg/labour aristocrats. Should we kill all men too?

"All man" don't actively makes the world worst for everyone else so they can maintain their privileges

Because guys that lost their houses and 401ks in 2008 and are now nomadic slave labor for Amazon are actively making the world worse for everyone

And "all boomers" don't actively make the world worse for everyone else.

None of those were boomers

They already made it worse

People who had their retirement ruined in 2008 weren't boomers?

By doing what exactly? Silent, Xers, and greatest gen are all just as culpable as boomers for the situation now

"Boomers" aren't a fucking coherent group to vilify you god damn retard. Why not just go full tumblr and blame it on men instead?

Haha wouldn't it be funny if he pooed on them xD

So, by-and-large boomers are just a part of a broader economic system - one which, actually, frequently screws them too in their old age. Antagonizing them is mostly pointless.

Why do you say it's pointless, when the point of this thread seems to be pitting old people against young people.

Stop falling for the generational warfare meme you dumb child. The problem is capitalism, not an abstraction of "boomers" who were born between one arbitrary date and another. I have a feeling this division is being propped up for when western governments start gutting pensions.

The most ironic thing is that boomers had FAR more dedicated communists/socialists than the grifting, solipsistic pieces of shit running around now.


55+ people are like leftypol, further left than young people on economic issues, while not falling for idpol garbage.

This for god christ.

The retarded boomer meme is so anti-marxist and anti-materialistic that it should be banned from this site.

And yes indeed, there is a strong campaign from western governments to cut off pensions for older populations. Under late capitalism, they are completely going to be forgotten and let alone to die.

greatest gen literally fought fascism you dolt

i believing blaming the entirety of our situation on boomers is as you leftcucks say…what's the word…"undialectical"

This. There's no reason to hate the boomers anymore, considering they're dying off and we're gonna have the Day of the Pillow soon too.

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Greatest gen fought fascism only to.turn around and crush communists at home and drive them out of the unions

Fuck boomers and those that aspire to be like them

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nice vid. sauce?