Is accelerationism based or unbased?

It seems we almost can't escape unbridled neoliberal Capitalism. Most modern Marxists are unsure whether a revolution is even possible now. Should we just acceler8 m8? Was deleuze right all along?

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Accelerationism is garbage. And any accelerationism that isn't the "free market madness" kind is actually worse than garbage. Best case scenario is Landian accelerationism is right and we move into a horrifying techno-reactionary dystopia.

Capital doesn't need your help.

breaking is a form of acceleration…

If you want to accelerate technology, you would do it selectively, like for example have a state directed drive towards reconfiguring the energy sector.

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us right wingers are kinda desperate for acceleration at this point so you should probably be vehemently against it, you know something up when even China wants California to succeed from the US, even I find that fishy even if I want nothing more than to be rid of that cancer

Acceleration is part of marxist theory

All previous economic systems were built upon the material conditions created by the last.
Socialism is only possible given the right material conditions established by capitalism.

Its not even acceleration its just Marxist theory

You want acceleration because you're desperate though, we want it because it will drag everyone to the historically inevitable collapse of capitalism. Given how ubiquitous Marxist education is in China there's a decent chance they want this too.

Isn't his way the Huawei way anyway?

Is there anything more pathetic than an US right winger, even your best retards are still worse than our local skinheads here

Here is my position. I do not believe a (first world) revolution is possible, not if this entire system is going to come crashing down by 2040-2050. So what is the strategy then? Simple, sow seeds: organise unions, student associations, left leaning (even if succdem) parties, general publicity and ideological acknowledgement. All to prepare for the crash and make sure that after it we, and not the fascists, would be the dominant force to which theoryless normies would flock. When the status quo becomes unsustainable it will be either us or Zig Forums to take up the torch. And this is why I'm against accelerationism. By supporting alt-right dipshits we are only giving them more power and social influence. Thus to summarise: 1) Build public support for leftism, organise 2) Don't give the slightest edge to anti-egalitarians, as they will prove the true enemy, because porky will just kill himself beforehand

If the material conditions need to be right for capitalism to be abolished we need to get there as fast as possible

anti accelerationism is reactionary

arbitrary dooms day dates

It's less that it will happen then and more that it will likely happen BY then

Acceleration not only is retarded but it isn't even possible through electoral means. Do you really think people like Trump for example (or other "far" right candidates) are going to collapse our society? Just look at the rightwingers who also believe in accelerationism; to them, the accelerationist choice are people like Bernie fucking Sanders. Saying Trump is a fascist is like saying Bernie is a communist. No, these people won't accelerate the (probably inevitable) collapse.

the only thing dooms day preachers have in common is that they've all been wrong

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accelerationism is our version of ancapistan.
anyone who peddles it thinks they will come out on top or be unaffected by it. you can tell because most people here talk about it as if its a passive process. they talk about observing it but not being mangled by it.

Actual acceleration would be something like encouraging bills that fund industrial capital to automate and replace jobs. The thing that holds us back is that hiring cheap labor seems cheaper in the short term than automating. Making labor more expensive and subsidising solid capital development whilst fighting capital flight is good acceleration.

It will very quickly destabilize the economy and make it more possible to actually show the recently unemployed people that we really don't need capitalism anymore.


Are you bourgeois? Do you fund causes to the tune of tens of millions? We don't oppose causes right-wingers champion, (especially boot-heel feeders like you) but causes bourgeoisie fund.

This is false and is your misunderstanding/projection.

Neoliberalism has reached it's limits. It's unable to plan at the scale the economies and industries that it operates demands of it. It's already experiencing this crisis in Data and Medical services. It's either long-term planning supercorporations sacrificing profit rates for aggregate profit or Socialism.

It will cannibalise itself like it cannibalised the public sectors that gave it birth.

"acceleration" to you retards means accelerating r.ace-war or some dumb shit.

I mean, the actually coherent accelerationists are generally neolib - the prospect of electing a fascist shouldn't appeal to any accelerationist who knows what they're talking about. Fascism (and Trump's proto-fascism or whatever we wanna call it) is an attempt to rectify capitalism while coming down on the workers with authoritarian state power. He's not a fascist, but Trump fits this basic model with protectionist economic appeasement and a general pro-police state agenda. This temporarily alleviates the ill effects of unregulated capitalism, slows growth, and builds the infrastructure by which revolutionary activity can be monitored and suppressed. Leftists who support "decelerationist" right-wingers in the interest of accelerationism are even worse than regular accelerationists - it's nonsense.

It depends on what kind of accelerationism you are talking about. If you go to the origins you'll see Nick Land, Mark Fisher and the whole CCRU (Cybernetic Culture Research Unit) talking about how the end of capitalism can take longer than we expected then we can support capitalism as an idea of bringing the end to it.
This idea comes from the 90's. Then the CCRU broke up and Nick Land had a nervous collapse and then went to Taiwan and then China (he's there today). Mark Fisher came with the concep of realism capitalist, which is basically the idea that it's easier to see the end of the world than the end of capitalism. He had some friends Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams who came up with this manifest called #Accelerate Manifesto for an Accelerationist Politics.
This manifest brought the idea that the left it's kind of "affraid" of technology or even doesn't know how to deal with the technology "created in capitalism age" and the left should use this technology, which it's automation, A.I, IOT and so on, to bring and end to capitalism, because in some way neoliberalism is controlling or preventing the advance of those technologies.
The left then should support those technologies, A C C E L E R A T E, to a point that we can reach in some kind of pos-capitalist society, in which socialism would be possible, there are alot of marxist analysis here but I can argument about it.
What I'm trying to say it's that Accelerationism is more than the "gotta go fast" meme, it's a movement that it's happening whether we want it or not, it's a way to see our current status with technology, society and even we as humans.

If you want to get deep into Accelerationism I'll put some links here:

The manifest

And this blog called xenogothic, this post has alot of links to books and essay about Accelerationism

I really wanted to say more about those marxist analysis of automation etc… but I don't understand so I would probably made some mistake. If some user knows more about it, feel free to share.

This quote from Mark Fisher it's a good synthesis

"Capitalism is a necessarily failed escape from feudalism, which, instead of destroying encastement, reconstitutes social stratification in the class structure. It is only given this model that Deleuze and Guattari’s call to “accelerate the process” makes sense. It does not mean accelerating any or everything in capitalism willy-nilly, in the hope that capitalism will thereby collapse. Rather, it means accelerating the processes of destratification that capitalism cannot but obstruct."

Fuck no it's not based, are you retarded?

One of the only ways out of the current situation we are in.

So deleuze unironically supports idpol bs?

Well, I didn't get this interpretation from that quote, so I don't know…

Shiieeeet. Guess that means I should start using them they pronouns

Where fuck did you get anything about pronouns from this quote? Is your brain so rotted from "anti-idpol" that you literally cannot see capitalism as anything but le trannies?
Holy fucking shit.

It seems we almost can't escape unbridled feudal agrarianism. Most modern liberal bourgeois are unsure whether a revolution is even possible now. Should we just [GROW CROPS UNTIL WE DIE]? Was Hobbes right all along?

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I actually know people who were in skinhead gangs in Aussie land, friends of Matthew Hale, and a Church of the Creativity guy, and they fucking hate the Alt-Right more than anyone you can imagine.

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You stupid idiots, you assholes, Accelerationism is not something you do, it's something being done to us, do you even posthuman?

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All other philosophies end up one way or the other capitulating to the Human™, only Accelerationism teaches us how to die, and isn't that the role of philosophy?

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That doesn't mean anything
Figures that anfem flag over here is literally suicidal, and literally wishes his or her suicidality upon others.

It's a paraphrase of Marcus Tullius Cicero

Luckily for us all, Cicero is fuckin' dead. I hope he was prepared enough.

Okey..? Why so mad?

This. All these Dudes thinking accelerationism means electing reactionaries…. That's the opposite.