Mods think anchoring my previous thread will keep me from creating a new one

You're not quick learners, are you?

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genuinely curious, what's your aim?

To shitpost, of course!

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We are not currently hiring any more pet shitposters, please leave your resume.

No need; I'm a freelance shitposter tbqh.

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For free?

For my personal enjoyment smh tbh fam.

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I'd rather just do it for fun tbqh.

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what do you do on your free time (besides shitposting). what do you do for work? if you had to review your life in this moment, what is good, what is bad? how do you have so many VPNs?

Shitposting on various sites. Vidya. Personal projects.

Self employed, of course. Wage slavery is shit.

I have my reasons.

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what the fuck happened to this place?

You're actually even worse than this autist spamming the same shit every week.
Just like those football moms from american shows you come and say "OH WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN" and just add another reply to this shitty thread.
Why don't you just go back to whatever shithole you crawled out from?

Have a bump.

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Why so repetitive, user?

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I guess, because you participate in group sex orgies.

C O P E.

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Alunya lewds were a mistake.

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What's so bad about them fam?

Unless you're referring to the ones you guys create. Those ones are fucking abominable.

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Again, you are all fucking idiots

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You again?

It's just so easy.

Yes, me.

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Bro, I am all in for lewding Alunya/Commiecat, but stop posting the same pics over and over again, create or commision some OC you newfag scum ffs.

It would be helpful if there were more.

I think that implies I'd have to pay for it.

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