I kill a communist for fun, but for a green card I'm gonna cut him real nice

what did tony mean by this

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Lumpens relying on the capitalist structure to abuse the working people want to kill communists? Shocker.

Scarface is an accurate portrayal of gusanos

He’s saying he’s gusano scum that got what he deserved when he was gunned down

Scarface is the most class conscious movie. Right down to how reactionaries literally want to fuck their female relatives to protect them from the Other.

Plus know, that ending theme.


Tony Montana gorging on cocaine or alt-right burger podcaster gorging on ranch dressing?

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my bad for not including the image

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I bet you have octopus coming out your ass

I.. don't know what this is supposed to imply.

I recently saw this movie for the 1st time. It was quite belated. But is any else saddened or disgusted that people see this movie and seem to like or sympathize with Tony Montana.

Plus Castro liked the film

It's such a fucking good movie. I think it's hilarious that people think Tony is cool or want to be like him.

It is a scarface quote.

Tony Montana: Are you a Communist huh? How you like it? They tell you all the time what to do, what to think, what to feel. You wanna be like a sheep, like all those other people man, baa baa. You wanna work hey, ten fucking hours. You own nothing. You got nothing. You wanna chivato on every corner man, looking after you, watching everything you do, everything you say man. You know I eat octopus three times a day. I got fucking octopus coming out of my fucking ears man. I got the fucking Russian shoes, my feets coming through. How you like that? What you want me to do, stay there and do nothing? I'm no fucking criminal. I'm no puta thief. I’m Tony Montana a political prisoner from Cuba and I want my fucking human right, now. Just like the president Jimmy Carter says.

Probably because of Tony's "bad guy" speech in the fancy restaurant. Also just the story of a guy coming from nothing and conquering the world thing. People who see themselves as victims of society sympathize with his struggle and his self-decided code of ethics. Also Tony's true downfall was becausr he wasn't willing to fully commit to the "left hand" path when he decided to not blow up the guy because his kids were in the car.

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fucking spicboons go back

the zoos are overflowing

I mean yeah, but not reeeeaaaalllyyy, he clearly was already self destructing before that, his arc clearly ends with his death either way.

Oh bullllllllshit, people identify with Tony because the average burger is reactionary as shit, and should gladly murder and rape for the chance to be porky.
The director clearly framed Tony as the bad guy. Nobody remembers the cause for his downfall. Just like nobody remembers he's fucking his sister as evidence by her trying to fuck Tony because she resigned herself to being Tony's mistress after he cockblocked her from getting married to another man for the umpteenth time.


Sure, but that's why the cartel sent the hitmen to kill him.>>2926478

You the one not remembering the movie. She was just calling him out while trying to kill him.

Why is this guy not banned? It's really not cute or amusing.

Fucked up the hyperlink.

You're right but he would have died eventually anyway, the scene of him and the mountains of coke clearly tell the viewer 'the good times are completely over'.

Again you're correct that he hadn't actually fucked her before but he definitely wanted to.

Yeah dawg, that doesn't suffice. If you want to call his blood shed and criminality accomplishments you can but I prefer not to.

Source on this?
Genuinely curious.

Of course. I was just saying SHE at no point wanted to fuck him as the poster was saying:

Sure. The movie was obviously modeled after the greek tradgedy format right down to the incest.

I'm just asserting my own interpretation, maybe not neccesarily De Palma's. Double crossers in the underworld are destined to fall and those that promise themselves to the underworld aren't willing to fully commit to the ever increasing "by any means" moral slide is also destined to fall.

Lol no. I'm just explaining why poor people in America and around the world identify with Tony Montana and why he works as an anti-hero(he is the only protagonist of the movie after all.)

On a related Al Pacino crime lord anti-hero note. This problem of viewers sympathizing with protagonists the makers didn't want them sympathizing with. The sympathy of the audience for Michael in Godfather 1 is why Coppola and Puzzo have him go so extreme as to kill his own brother in Godfather 2.

To further elaborate: obviously not killing the kids did not redeem him, especially when he kills his best friend right after. It just shows he was still wrestling with his consience instead of becoming completely souless. Also his rant in the restaurant showed that the capitalists and white collar criminals who play the system more effectively are probably even more soulesd creatures than he is(not that it justifies his actions.)

I never said she wanted to fuck Tony. I said he fucked her that's all. All throughout the movie he's jealous of any sexual relationship she forms with other men. The time lapse of the movie is a decade or more and he does it the entire time. Shes clearly aware of it as accepts it but thinks Tony disapproves of her partners because they're not strong enough, not because he never wants to stop fucking her.
And the only reason he doesn't kill children is because he can't have any of his own.

Puh-leaze that's a hip hop thing and hop
Hip hop fans are all suburbanite wingers. Liking Tony is the equivalent of being an edgelord now. Probably no real working class people identify with Tony, since they have first hand experience with the drug war.

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I usually see Scarface posters in pictures of Mexican cartel stash houses raided by the federales

Deep lore bro but none of that is supported by an honest reading of the text. Tony put his sister on a virginal pedestal, he thought no man was good enough for her, except him obviously, but that doesn't mean he was actually fucking her himself. If that was the case it would have been made as obvious as the other themes of the film. As for the children thing, that's never stated either, the film never implies that he wanted children, which I think it would have if that was an actual plot point.

A bit harsh but understandable terms.

of course it is

you'll never have sex with a white woman, paco

You're just throwing words around. How was he an Edgelord? Did you even understand the motive of the film? Did you even watch it?
Yeah, which they were part of. Or are Ghetto rats and thugs and 'Gangstas' suddenly middle-class? The majority of people doing the dirty work - selling on the street, killing rivals and witnesses, etc. are working-class. Tony is one of those people.


look I honestly like it too but it is objectively a b movie

Nothing on earth is more pathetic than a father's impotent threats against the man his daughter enjoys fucking. Men like him cry themselves to sleep at night vividly imagining cocks plowing through their "princess".

There's literally nothing he can do about it but coat his creepy insecurity in macho redneck rhetoric.

what if you give her head though

Impotent? Tell that to the guys who have gotten SHOT for that.
Caring about the relationships your child (who you've raised and protected from birth to adult-hood), and trying to establish a way to prevent her from getting hurt with some shitty guy who'd break her heart and make her feel like a used whore is pathetic?
With a guy, getting dropped by a girl doesn't leave you feeling used the same way. You don't feel dirty because they've been inside your intimate areas. Most guys will shrug that off and move on, with girls its often a regrettable experience that they won't get over until they're more adult.

So fuck you m8.

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all your daughters will be my property.

For some reason I read all of your posts in a Punjab accent.

lol thats not caring, thats just taking shit too far, he has no say who her daughter can associate with.

Eh, I think it's a parents responsibility to have some say in regards to who their children associate with, especially if it's a safety concern. Tbh, most of those people who wear those shirts are being ironic with it and would (usually) never do any of those things to their daughters boyfriend. Its like those retarded fridge magnets or kitchen signs with edgy phrases, it's a semi-joking statement based around what a stereotypical protective father "should be" to a humorous extreme if anything. Is it kind of cringy? Yeah, but nearly all dad shirts are.

you obviously must have a father akin to that description, its the only thing i can think of why youre playing devils advocate here.

it seems like dads who subscribe to these things, have somewhat of an abusive relationship with his daughter.

Iirc men have a harder time getting over break up
So it is just a pathetic old macho shit for insecure boomers

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whos that?

Dasha Nekrkova. Aka Sailor Socialist.

The sailor socialism video is unironicly the least funny protest interview ever recorded….

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t. suburbanite wigger

Lol that's only true of betas. Chad's definitely shrug of failed relationships. And those are the type of womanizers a caring father would try to keep their daughter from.
That Chad that pumped and dumped you never gave you a second thought after he nutted in your lol.

Nobody is saying poor people should actually go join a gang to escape their circumstances but regardless they do often see that as an escape or way to feel control. SMH.

Kys racist posh faggot.

Tony is based compared to the bourgeoisie tho

He's a Cuban immigrant… probably with the Batista government thus he hates commies. But for a reward he'll do it extra good.

That's not quite what I meant and no its not.

Yes he does, because he's an adult and she's not. This kind of lackadaisical attitude is exactly what results in young girls going missing and turning up as drugged up raped corpses a week later.

Stirnerites WISHED they had the balls to actually do something in real life…


How the hell do you know how old she is?

He was an obvious capitalist

major homoerotic undertones on that shirt

She's probably not older than 21 considering that the guy is obviously isn't older than 40 something.


The fact that the concept of an Other drives much of human behaviour (especially reactionary behaviour) seems pretty undeniable.

Probably because got exactly what he deserved. Wanted a taste of "freedom", ended up dead.

If anything it's usually the opposite, unless you view coddling as abusive which in certain circumstances, can be. All of the father's I've seen wear shirts like that never do anything on them even after their daughter goes on a long date.

Black people love Scarface too

Gang leaders are underground bourgeois.