Welfare and NEETdom as praxis

Is welfare praxis? How about being a NEET? If so, I'm one hell of a revolutionary. Working less solves lots of problems, but seems to make Porky and his boot licking minions mad. It can even help fight climate change. Yes, radlib rag, but I wanted to get the thread started with the first Google result.





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Who are you quoting? And why does it matter that only libtards tolerate them? It's not like we've established a worker's state yet.

If you are not a productive member of a Gaian society there is no point for you to exist

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It's good to drain Capitalist states of every penny you can. It's bad in the sense that you most likely won't be able to do any kind of organizing or even be able to afford party dues.

It doesn't matter if society tolerates us or not. America already doesn't give neets welfare. We rely on family which can be done under any society.

Not in themselves. I would say theses are more in a lifestyle than praxis. But there's nothing with finding whatever lifestyle choices suit you to follow.
If this is something that interests you, why not get involved in one of the IWW's environmental campaigns maybe? (Just as an example.) ecology.iww.org/?bot_test=1

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OP here. Ate some of that weed for the past 2 nights. It's been epic. I've got this high to last like 2 days.

I'm really not wanting to start working again anytime soon, paying taxes to Porky's government. If it's not a union job, I just don't see the point anymore. You're just going to be on another gig or unemployed in a month. I hate capitalism so much.


Most parties have a progressive membership fee. If you're in a party that demands your entire income it's very likely that you're in a cult.

Look in a fucking mirror

I don't think Porky is all that mad. It takes money from the middle and middle upper class (where a revolution would likely find its leadership) and diverts it towards people who are placed in a legal and practical bind that disallows them to use the money for anything but buying stuff from Porky. Porky isn't paying the taxes on welfare, it's the income tax and the social security tax everyone working a legitimate job pays.

I don't think, no matter how much they fetishize social darwinism, that they can get away from the welfare state completely, at least until another general war starts (in which case nukes are flying and it's a whole different ball game). It's not so much because people will rebel if it's all taken away (they can crush rebellion now), but that it accomplishes multiple purposes and pits the middle class against the lower class, and the various elements of the working class against each other, and really, REALLY intensifies hatred of lumpens to the point where the taxpayers are ready to support genocide. It also has the effect of letting the government know where the recipients live and forces them to submit information periodically, and in the case of disability, recipients must accept an explicit legal status as an invalid, often for mental reasons which opens up explicit restrictions on what you can do and where you can go (and disability rules are basically totally different for mental cases, even though they maintain the fiction that it's the same thing as cancer; for example, if you're on for mental reasons, you are for all practical purposes banned from holding a legitimate job (despite the existence of work incentives and rules to allow someone to return to work) unless you want problems. You need to have a doctor willing to help protect your ass legally, and few shrinks will put any sort of effort into this (especially the shit-tier shrinks you likely have access to, if you even have that - most people are effectively pushed out of seeing a doctor for anything, and the general health care system treats someone very differently if they're a mental case and even worse if they're on disability).

The rich get out of taxes so in reality all of your welfare comes out of the pockets of the working class, lumpen.

So it is bait.

more important than the refusal of work is the refusal of transactions.
don't pay for anything you can get for free. especially digital data. piracy is praxis.

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if you're a maoist i guess

it's like you've never even had some dope ass edibles dude lmaoooo

I'm pretty sure the Japs invented being a NEET first though?

NEET is just a lame hipster rebranding of "unemployed" with some religion celebrating that status.


If you want to see where the NEETs really are, start with Kosovo, Bosnia, South Africa, Turkey, Greece, India, Albania, Italy, Costa Rica, Spain et al.

I am on welfare but I don't delude myself into thinking it makes a difference. I believe that basic income will be implemented, probably in the 2030's. Look up "basic income". If people deserve a basic income and it will probably be implemented in the future, why should I feel bad about not working? I shouldn't, so I try not to.