Even if the worldwide proletarian revolution is successful...

Even if the worldwide proletarian revolution is successful, how do you prevent some brainlet from getting into power and ruining everything?

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Ah yes, one brainlet in power in one country will surely be enough to bring down world communism. Why didn't anyone think of this?

Proletarian democracy.

That's literally what happened with Gorbachev tho, he was a no-book-nigger who hadn't read a single word of theory and promoted all of his reformist buddies (including Yeltsin) into powerful positions which greatly helped if not outright led to the collapse of the union.

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It was time of fake western wealth thanks to fiat money, and people bought it as real wealth, he didnt do it himself.

This actually isn't true. He made a serious effort to read Lenin (unlike Khrushchev and especially Brezhnev), and even bothered to read transcripts of party congresses made in the first years after the October Revolution.

It obviously didn't help him though.

When will this meme end? This also only really may apply to Gorbachev. Deng was a communist since his late teens and pretty much risked his life for the CCP.

the state will wither away once class is abolished, so it wouldn't matter in the long run

We prevent it with bullets

Just don't have leaders ffs.

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Then a leader will arise from the power vacuum as they always have. What would stop some charismatic individual from getting many followers, and just declaring himself leader? Or a man with an army behind him doing the same?

Read Lenin

Don't make it a monarchy, so that an incompetent top bureaucrat can be removed.

You know like in most cases when socialism has actually been tried.

the abolition of class and the end of history

Direct democratic cybernetic socialism, aka read Paul Cockshott

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by putting laws in place that stop brainlets from getting into power and ruining things

Put an immortal incorruptible AI into irrevocable power as our etnernal first comrade.

abolish identity

Unironically this. An AI is the only true way to prevent a dumb fuck from derailing the progress that has been made.
It's gotta be open source though. Otherwise I would never be able to blindly trust it.

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The bolsheviks were heroes of socialism, but an important part of science is recognizing when an experiment supports or refutes a hypothesis.

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I'd prefer to not talk to an idiot who is physically unable to read a fucking pamphlet

Actually they proved him right and inspired more worker revolution than anarchism ever has.

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"The only true way" …
I would prefer if you were to elaborate why you think that AI design is easier than political organisational design.

It's questionable how open-source an AI can really be, considering that it would likely have a higher rate of self-modification (from machine learning) than people could actually review code.

Sure. AI design is more difficult than political organization design. But no political organization has ever proven itself to be capable of sustaining itself far beyond the lifespan of it's most loyal leaders. The collapse of the Soviet Union showed that the nature of growing up in a situation which is improving inherently breeds weak moderates and corruptible fools. As Marx writes, "The full man does not understand the wants of the hungry".
It is a fundamental contradiction to have a continuous flow of good Marxist leaders and have a society which doesn't collectively experience class struggle every day. Class struggle radicalizes people, without it you end up with fools for leaders.
AI is not susceptible to this problem. In this way society can improve while simultaneously not falling prey to weak leaders.

I'm quite familiar with this concept, the event is referred to as the singularity, or an AI consciousness. It assumes however, potentially incorrectly, that a sentient AI is possible in the first place. I'm not saying that it is impossible, but rather that we just don't know if a true AI consciousness is even possible. I don't know that I would be in favor of a conscious AI as a leader.
In an ideal scenario, the AI isn't conscious at all, but rather weighing decisions and extrapolating their effects in a highly complicated simulation of sorts. To start out, the AI could be made to weigh low level decisions, such as the AI Estonia is working on to replace low level judges. Then as time goes on, the AI could be tweaked and changed to streamline other parts of government until it either it replaces the entire state, or a majority of it with certain parts being preformed by humans as intermediaries.

Brainiac in Superman Red Son

why ? what makes machine intelligence "class conscious" without processing class struggle, the way human intelligence can't do.

I didn't mean it that way. When i picture an AI i would see it as a technological infrastructure layer that micro manages infrastructure, as such it would be more like a thermostat that manages room temperature, except it has many more variables it attempts to keep with in parameters. On a technological level i would see a hard coded cybernetics system that if implemented now would not have any Ai features, but as time goes on, machine learning features could be added, and this part would be hard to review on the basis that machine learning software produces enormous amounts of code that is very difficult to review.

The USSR's development rather proved a lot of marxist ideas right, though. Had the USSR just been a big success right from the first day, had it managed to overcome its own internal structural flaws, it would have refuted the hypotheses that built it.