here’s your vanguard bro


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Huh, a bunch of smiling young adults with their fists raised in the international communist symbol of solidarity. Looks good to me.

Lol nerds

Haha everyone knows communists don’t wear suits.

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theyre the average communist in 2019.

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Dude, smartphones lmao.

Looks like normal kids having a party. Graduation party maybe?

t. you, a larping worm who will live and die under capitalism

and mods, you can try to ban me, but much like capitalism, i always win


lol good luck getting the rural populous (the most reactionary demographic) on your side. im sure the poly pan trans freakshows that make up your ranks can ingratiate themselves well enough to make a convincing argument

Kys retard

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Statistically proven: it's harder to eat healthy when you're on low wages.
Ouch, you got me. Being gay and being proletarian can never coexist, all gays are rich as hell.
Left untreated due to lack of mental health insurance.
Like the vast majority of the working class in the modern world. Peasantry are not proletariat.
For wages. The definition of proletariat is labor for wages.
The proportion of the economy that is rural is incredibly tiny in modern capitalist economies, but if you must know, the city proletariat, the rural laborers and the peasantry are natural allies in the fight against capitalism.
This hypothetical strawman seems proletarian to me, but why should I expect the ancap flag to know what the proletariat is.

You must be thinking of landlords and haute-bourgeois, but why should I expect the ancap flag to know what reactionism is.
Citation needed, but I don't see how that makes them non-proletarian. I think you just hate them for being "weird icky gross sex deviants" because you're a fucking child, but whatever.


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The rural poor tends to lean hard socialist when a strong socialist movement exists, and are essentially apolitical when it doesn’t. Most of the belief that rural people are “reactionary” comes from the heavy focus on rural landowners and petty booj. “Rural people” were the backbone of both the Russian and Chinese communist revolutions.

and now in the age of television and the internet, they can be kept paranoid by the media. constant fear of muslims/mexicans/trannys/masked far left antifa types. labour exploitation is the last thing on the mind of the average rural family. what happened in russia and china will never occur again, their situation was dire. the masses are too comfortable with their marvel and netflix and weed

Landowner families. Petty bourgeois families

What’s more, xenophobia, nationalism and the like are just the fool’s class consciousness.


the petite bourgeois man says, nervously, for the 12th time today


It's true that the rural proletariat (and for that matter, the urban proletariat as well) can be swayed by the media, but when push comes to shove, they are gonna be conscious of the fact that they need to band together as a class and fight for their means of living. You seem to believe that they are going to consistently kiss their masters' boots when they are kicked into the street and have their face crushed into the asphalt, and you believe that because you're terrified of what's going to happen to you when they DON'T allow that to happen.


t. you

Admit he was right

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Not really.

If you actually look at current American politics (which as far as I can see is the only thing you're basing this on to begin with), I think you'll find that the Republican economic incentives for rural voters are actually often filling a gap left by Democrats. Reactionary social politics are essentially a crutch because the GOP still can't fully appease the economic needs of rural workers without moving to the left, but combined with the Democrats largely ignoring rural workers and abandoning labor power for neoliberal capitalism, the Republicans get an adequate rural advantage. Economically, rural voters are often left of the GOP but no one is appealing to that.

A rising sun looming over Los Angeles
Cause for Raza livin in La La
Is like Gaza on tha dawn of Intifada
Reach for the lessons the masked pass on
And seize the metropolis
It's you it's built on

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Maybe for an average for American millennials as a whole, but not for communists broadly. There's a wide range of looks across the world. Trans/poly/pan is still a western phenomenon.

See this guys pics, a good sample

maybe for you americans

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honestly that last pic is the first group of modern western communists I’ve seen who look capable of actually achieving anything other than complaining on the internet. the exception proves the rule though

So, you're recommending that communists should get fit. We appreciate the advice, and will do our best to make you proud. :)

I see your sole experience with combat is watching action movies.

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For real, being some big strongman is only good for impotent street fighting.
In a real revolutionary scenario, being a body builder will just mean you're a bigger target and consume more supplies. It doesn't take a strongman to pull the trigger.

no but being a hambeast/soy skeleton won’t help your cause, optics aside. almost all of the people with gun knowledge and expertise are right wing

The implication being, communists should arm themselves and start training. Once again your input is valued.
Incidentally, you seem to be very glad to give us all sorts of good advice. Are you /ourguy/?

i hope you guys can stop being unorganized, misshapen internet goblins and actually do something irl so i can use my guns on something other than shooting targets

post a picture of yourself

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Well don't threaten to shoot people, that's how the FBI starts following you. You can talk to us like a normal person without going "I'm going to shoot big bullets at you with my gun."

Liberalism has infected the left to a degree in some parts of the world, it’s true, and one of the worst parts is a more or less total rejection of violence and a naive, pollyannish belief in endless, ritualistic, impotent protest as the magic bullet to all problems. Even people who believe in some kind of “revolution” just see it as a sort of socialist version of the Rapture from the Bible, this spontaneous moment of total liberation that just blows in on the winds of inevitability so long as we diligently uphold the protest ritual and don’t have the slightest clue what it might actually look like. This attitude is a problem, and something many of us are trying to overcome it, but this really only exists in certain areas (especially those where “left liberalism” has historically dominated), but it’s hardly universal. In many parts of the world the left is openly militant and gun-toting.

If you're brave enough to start shooting up lefties, I'm happy to inform you that you can find them at your local protest marches and university quads.
Of course, going out in broad daylight and shooting civilians is a good way to make yourself America's Next Big Media Sensation and achieve worldwide infamy, so I'm interested to know if that's your actual intent.

I don't know if LARPing as knights/captain America/crusaders or feminists dressed as Handsmade Tale is more cringey

Still somehow whiter and slimmer than the /pol meetup

I love this guy logic.
Left wing > pick up a gun > F*CKING 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸(whiteyS🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸) RUINING OUR BEAUTIFUL WHITE RACE!

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lmao why do commie teens look completely ordinary while Zig Forumsyp teens or ancap teens are exclusively overweight 17 year olds with neckbeards crying about how no one will fuck them and downing testosterone pills

do you ever like, yo know go outside? These guys look like completely ordinary everyday young adults.

You're dumb as shit idealist. In Finland the wild North which has the vastest population of rural poor has very large base of support for the Left Alliance party, and used to be basically owned by the Communists.The Russian peasants were far more reactionary than today in 1900's
That was the default.

Lmao, you think you’d be safe without the cops, you fat kekistan faggot? They’re the reason you aren’t bleeding to death on the street boy

i would beat you and your dad up at the same time

Those are extremely normie looking people actually

damn I took the bait, you fucking jewish nigger

They sure do look normal, but it’s hard to tell sometimes with all those masks on.

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Admit you're afraid getting punched by those

I'll admit I wouldn't be onboard with getting tackled by 400 pounds of ham