Race hatred from Leftists

White Leftists have an ethno-masochist streak in them that Non-White Leftists do not have. For example a Black Panther is proud to be Black and defends his own ethnic interest while still supporting workers revolution, whereas it is anathema for Whites to do the same.

Also, Leftists believe that a man who thinks hes a woman is a legitimate form of identity, but that European/European descended Americans workers who identify with their actual ethnic heritage are backwards reactionaries.

White Leftists think it's an OK thing when Non-White leftists exclude Whites from their spaces, but if Whites do it it is bad thing?

Why would a White Working class person like me ever support your ideology? Even if I agree that Capitalism sucks and the workers need to fight back I, and the majority of White workers, would never sit there and let College kids talk down to us about being racist while the same College kids applaud Non-Whites for encouraging their kids and families to maintain their own ethnic solidarity.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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Radlibs (frequently also white LMAO) who go around saying "check your privilege" are idiots though

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No, I did not say that. Do not try the same stuff 4pol retards pull. I was simply pointing out that many Socialists DO seem to be the White Equivalent of Uncle Toms

This is exactly my point. Would you reply to a Black Leftist who is concerned about anti-Blackness with the same sarcastic attitude?

I dont talk to people. Most people I do talk to all fucking hate wh*teoids as well tho. Fucking toids man. It's not just about politics toids are genuinely uncomfortable to be around for most people

But you are not a white leftists, you are probably some sort of US mongrel meat

here we go with the bad faith

Being proud of your race, whether you're black or white, is retarded. Same goes for worker identity. Human history for thousands of years is the history of class domination. There are no winners, oppressor or oppressed, both a terrible things to pride.

People who do this are garbage
People of color either don't like whites for obvious reasons or just dont care
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I think that is can be confusing for white people to see that blackness can be a celebrated identity but white can't.

this is due to historical oppression.

it does raise the interesting question though, because it creates a hole in society that is uncomfortably filled by "White identity".

The solution is not to affirm white identity, but to reject it in favour of more localised identities based on ethnicity and region.

Those leftism about whom you speak are orthodox Marxists and there's absolutely nothing wrong with their position.

It's not okay to be white.

White isn't an ethnic identity like say black which is both a racial identity and an ethnic identity for those who had their ethnicity erased.
White people know themselves as also swedish or French or what have you ergo white is not some ethnic alternative but instead a moniker that denotes admission into the favoritism club.
We should abolish all favoritism.
In some instances that means including others into the fair treatment and in others that means ending it all together.
I know that's some cosmic brain shit for you but its true.
Irish organizations (such as the IRA) can exclude non Irish for example.

Femininity and masculinity (GENDER) are not the same thing as penises and vaginas (SEX)

If you cant be passed to read the first page of a wikipedia article I dont know what me spelling it out will do for you OP.
Picture Andy dick and then picture China the wrestler and tell me that dicks and pussies is all humans are about.

Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity and loyalty to earth.
Whiteness is a death cult that hurts even the whites.
Stop giving a shit about overzealous but ultimately inconsequential boogeymen SJW's. Get on the left to save your own ass from climate change and the technocratic bourgeoisie.


kuso thread

The White Panthers were a far-left anti-racist white American political collective founded in 1968 by Pun Plamondon, Leni Sinclair, and John Sinclair.[1] It was started in response to an interview where Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the Black Panther Party, was asked what white people could do to support the Black Panthers. Newton replied that they could form a White Panther Party. The counterculture era group took the name and dedicated its energies to "cultural revolution." John Sinclair made every effort to ensure that the White Panthers were not mistaken for a white supremacist group, responding to such claims with "quite the contrary." The party worked with many ethnic minority rights groups in the Rainbow Coalition.

What's your point

the original black panther party literally excluded white people and told them create an offshoot organisation of their own

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Oh no! At a time of when black people were segragated from eating at restrants, sitting at certain areas of the bus, going into politics, and having to deal with constant extreme profiling from law enforcment.

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segregation is good, retart

i wholeheartedly support the black panthers barring whites from their organization

They never barred whites. If you look at videos of their meetings there are white people there. GTFO with your historical revisionism, fascist.