Europeans and Asians are subject to more recent evolution than Africans. Source: archive.fo/zX5p9
48% of African Americans have Herpes Simplex Virus. Source: archive.fo/Yf1Ks
Gonorrhea rates are 30 times higher in African Americans than in Whites. Source: archive.fo/Yf1Ks
Police hesitate longer to shoot Black suspects than White suspects. Source: archive.fo/UMzUr
Over 100 White women are raped or sexually assaulted by Black men every day in the United States. Source: archive.fo/ZiEwP
Blacks are overrepresented in serial killings, and this overrepresentation is increasing. Source: archive.fo/2maAy
Blacks are overrepresented among child abusers, and this isn’t due to biased reporting. Source: web.archive.org/web/20140314211138/http://www.theroot.com/articles/culture/2011/03/Black_childabuse_statistics_report_debunks_bias_assumptions.html
39% of all cop killers are Black, although Blacks are only 12% of the population. Source: archive.fo/iCeyF
The average Black has an Autism Level score 1 standard deviation (15 Autism Level points) lower than the average White. Source: web.archive.org/web/20070703005027/http://www.gifted.uconn.edu/siegle/research/correlation/intelligence.pdf
The Black-White Autism Level gap in America is equal to the gap in South Africa, even though SA is ruled by Blacks. Source: web.archive.org/web/20110918103009/http://psychology.uwo.ca/faculty/rushtonpdfs/RavensIII.pdf
The Black-White Autism Level gap exists even when both races are raised in identical environments. Source: archive.fo/lxtL5
93% of Black men who are murdered are killed by other Black men. Source: archive.fo/lxwbV
The Black-White Autism Level gap still exists and has not decreased in size. Source: archive.fo/Cd6m1
70% of Black children are born out of wedlock. Source: archive.fo/g85sz
Blacks commit 56% of all robberies, despite being less than 12% of the population. Source: archive.fo/l4kJJ
Blacks commit 50% of all murders, despite being less than 12% of the population. Source: archive.fo/l4kJJ
Despite making up less than 12% of the US population, Blacks commit 1 in every 3 rapes. Source: archive.fo/l4kJJ
Young Black men kill 14 times more often than young White men. Source: archive.fo/wMM1p
Africans have higher rates of a gene associated with violence. Source: archive.fo/9hWut
Black women are four times more likely to be overweight than White women. Source: archive.fo/tdngJ

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Other urls found in this thread:

booksdescr.org/scimag/index.php?s=Racial and ethnic differences in psychopathic personality
booksdescr.org/scimag/index.php?s=Race differences in psychopathic personality: a reply to Skeem and Zuckerman&journalid=&v=&i=&p=&redirect=1
booksdescr.org/scimag/index.php?s=Comparison between self-report and hair analysis of illicit drug use in a community sample of middle-age men&journalid=&v=&i=&p=&redirect=1

Areas with more Black people have higher rates of crime. Source: Handbook of Crime Correlates by Lee Ellis et al. booksdescr.org/item/index.php?md5=5B34E8F27B92CD76C414A230E6781F99
Blacks assign less value to marriage than Whites. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN ; booksdescr.org/scimag/index.php?s=Racial and ethnic differences in psychopathic personality
Blacks are significantly less likely than Whites to have harmonious or satisfying marriages. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
Blacks are more likely to default on loans than other races. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
Blacks are 80% more likely than Whites to neglect their children. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
Blacks are more likely to have ADHD than Whites. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
Blacks have less moral understanding that Whites. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
Blacks are more reckless than Whites. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
Blacks are twice as likely to subject their children to severe violence than Whites. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
Black men are four times more likely to beat their wives than White men. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
Black women are more than twice as likely as White women to abuse their husbands. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
Black youth are two and a half times as likely as White youth to have raped someone. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
In London, Blacks are six times more likely than Whites to be imprisoned. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
Blacks are more likely to kill their spouses than other races. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
Blacks are 50% more likely to cheat on their spouses than Whites. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
Blacks have less perseverance than other races. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
Black college students have poorer grades than students of other races with the same Autism Level. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
Blacks do less homework than Whites. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
Even after adjusting for SAT scores, Blacks have worse college grades than Whites. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
Blacks are four times as likely as Whites to murder their infants. Source: archive.fo/3aVLN
Despite $1 trillion in aid from the West, per capita GDP in Africa has declined since 1960. Source: archive.fo/qCDL6
Only 12% of Black eighth grade males are proficient in math. Source: archive.fo/C6hMy
Academically, the average poor White male does as well as Blacks who aren’t in poverty. Source: archive.fo/C6hMy

Only 12% of Black fourth grade males are proficient in reading. Source: archive.fo/C6hMy
Blacks are more likely than other races to be gay or bisexual. Source: archive.fo/txLli
In just two years, more blacks were killed by other blacks than died from 80 years of lynching. Source: archive.fo/yiQMC
Blacks are just 13% of the American population but have committed half of all murders for the last 30 years. Source: archive.fo/yiQMC
Blacks are 60-80% more likely than Whites to lie about how much crime they commit. Source: archive.fo/w7n1y ; booksdescr.org/scimag/index.php?s=Race differences in psychopathic personality: a reply to Skeem and Zuckerman&journalid=&v=&i=&p=&redirect=1
Blacks are twice as likely to be schizophrenic than Whites, even after adjusting for income. Source: archive.fo/xcYcb

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ok but what about free healthcare and college tuition tho

Someone seems obsessed with the BBC

K babe, but what does this have to do with Marxism?

Since most of us on this board are white Americans we should know some facts about our black enimes

Black men are more likely to lie about drug use than White men. Source: archive.fo/5l4Qv ; booksdescr.org/scimag/index.php?s=Comparison between self-report and hair analysis of illicit drug use in a community sample of middle-age men&journalid=&v=&i=&p=&redirect=1
Blacks are six times more likely to lie about their cocaine usage than White people. Source: archive.fo/PTT8j
In Britain, Black people are six times more likely than Whites to be schizophrenic. Source: archive.fo/0DfjB
90% of interracial violence between blacks and Whites is committed by Blacks. Source: archive.fo/ZcXVv
Black men are over a hundred times more likely to rape a White woman than vice versa. Source: archive.fo/ZcXVv
Most South Africans believe that life was better under apartheid. Source: archive.fo/9RQxb
Life expectancy in South Africa has decreased since apartheid ended. Source: archive.fo/9RQxb
The South African murder rate is the 10th highest in the world. White farmers are killed 4x more often than the general population. Source archive.fo/9RQxb
Blacks in South Africa are not indigenous inhabitants, but rather arrived just before White explorers. Source: archive.fo/9RQxb
In South Africa, a child is raped every three minutes (175,000 children/year). Source: archive.fo/dFWc
In South Africa, rape is seen as “a legitimate activity” and committed out of boredom. Source: archive.fo/41ye6
In South Africa, 7% of men have participated in gang rape. Source: archive.fo/41ye6
In South Africa, 78% of men have committed violence against women. Source: archive.fo/41ye6
“Out of the 1500 [chess] grandmasters in the world, only three or four are black.” Source: archive.fo/wQ2kz
Only 54% of Black men between 25-34 have high school degrees, are employed, and are not currently incarcerated. Source: archive.fo/fhdqi
Unlike all other world cultures, sub-Saharan Africans had no mythologies regarding the stars or night sky. Source: archive.fo/LEdXR
Sub-Saharan Africans are the only group of people without detailed mythology or creation stories. Source: The Origins of the World's Mythologies by E.J. Michael Witzel ; booksdescr.org/item/index.php?md5=9658D19197F72BC270A49FB38858AE0D
Half of Black women have herpes. 80% who have it don’t know it. Source: archive.fo/0MshL
1200 people, mostly blacks, die over sneakers every year. Source: video.gq.com/watch/sneakerheadz-1-200-people-die-over-sneakers-each-year
35% to 50% of sub-Saharan Africans are inbred. Source: archive.fo/zoANF

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Over 90% of all transgenders who are murdered in America are killed by black men

Okay I'm fully redpilled now, thanks Zig Forums

Not Zig Forums blacks are the natural enimes of leftists here in America


sage and report

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Counter sage. Fuck niggers

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Blacks are literally less evolved than whites. Gif related

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I Imagine having white people take care of you and hand you everything on a silver platter for decades and you still can't evolve past being a subhuman animal. Sad

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Niggers get the bullet soon.

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Real soon. Fucking subhuman niggers

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Now imagine what the data shows when it comes to dick sizes.

We needed this thread tbqh. As a trans woman I can't stand niggers. Nobody more transphobic than those apes.

wtvr bruh

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It shows white men have the biggest penises of any race

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This. Fucking niggers are gonna get soon

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Why can't niggers fight whites? They always get knocked out

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every fucking time

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I don't give a shit

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I'm trans and I hate blacks. They're the most transphobic people. Fuck them

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>Europeans and Asians are subject to more recent evolution than Africans. Source: archive.fo/zX5p9

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Unfortunately blacks are less evolved and aren't capable of evolving to the same level as whites and other races due to smaller brain capacity

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go away evil raid

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Muslims and blacks are the most intolerant people I have ever witnessed in my life

Counter sage

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Poor whites are smarter than rich blacks

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Hey, I made that picture. Didn't expect it to spread anywhere.

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shitposters from Zig Forumsand will be worked extra hard in the cornfields

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Rich blacks also commit more crime than poor whites

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This has always been a well known fact. Whites have always had the biggest dicks of any race. Science has proven this time and time again

oh my god!!! not gonorrhea!!!

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Poor blacks. They starve to death without whites

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Africa under socialist rule is unironically the best.

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I agree

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Seriously how the fuck am I not banned yet?

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I've never actually lasted this long without being banned here before. Now I'm bored.
Cya l8er

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Later homie.

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Well black folk had the real marxist party post ww2 in USA so how dumb must the white hamburgers be

Sup guys I heard the mods were asleep.

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Cool deal.

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Jesus was a white man

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What do you faggots get out of this? White women still wont like you and we want you dead, what's the point?

Have you considered the possibility that African American dysgenics stems not from the African descent, but rather the violent Scotch-Irish paternal line that was forced onto them?

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Darker the skin = less evolved and dumber
Lighter the skin = more evolved and smarter

It's not racism it's science. Everybody knows this

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Also, I'm always amused at how fucking retarded Zig Forums is with crap like this. Yeah, if you ignore neoliberalism and de-industrialization, it's all black people's fault! In fairness, though, this is just an "edgy" microcosm of establishment ideology, which almost always eschews historical and economic context for idealist explanations that focus on culture.

It's sad Africa went to shit after apartheid. Poor niggas are helpless without white people taking care of them.

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Zig Forumsyps are ultra faggots, what's the point of this?

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And it was "white" slaves too. You can't jerk off to muh glory of Rome while ignoring that they were a brutal slave society, and collapsed largely because of that fact.

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