Please explain

Okay, then why aren't even tankies facing the censorship that the far right is by big companies? Even Steven Crowder, a lovechild of conservative inc funded by the same donors as the GOP I'm sure, is starting to get that heat. Meanwhile the left can say way more fedposty things and no one gives a fuck. Who is the real opponent of the system here?

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It will in times of crisis. It isn't that capitalist LOVE fascism. It's that it's their only way of existing in times of crisis.

As for the rest of your post: There's no popular revolutionary online personality to even get censored. Three arrows, who is a succ-dem, got his videos delisted.

Big companies often have liberal employees and liberal customer bases that they want to placate in order to earn more money. When these companies censor, they do it out of economic concerns. Liberals will continue to have you banned as long was we live under capitalism.

Seems like the left has a choice to make, side with social conservatives or monopolist companies/platforms. I know where I'm placing my bet

Why not both? Acceleration gang.

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The far-right are a bunch of lunatics that believe in all manners of spooky shit and refuse to confront the economic elites and the real economic inequalities and environmental impending shitstorm. They serve capital indirectly by scapegoating an other (immigrants, jews, gypsies, irish) for capitalism's faults.
A lot of right-winger are also completely bonkers and want to literally murder all socialists. Fuck that. They can come over to the left when they get some sense into their heads.

You poor fool

Who says anything about conversion? Would you allow the government to test its weapons on a village just because its full of backwards Muslims or Latin American Catholics? This isn't a matter of life and death of course, but the establishment will start flexing its muscles by targeting those who are social pariahs. You're next

You have a typical idealist error of viewing "the system" as a monolithic thing and not something ridden with internal contradictions and different groups of capitalists / big businessmen with different opinions about how to structure the society and economy. For example, one of the disagreements is over whether open racism should be tolerated or not.

The reason why leftists say that fascism is capitalism in crisis is because that's literally what happened in the 20th century.

Socialists have usually always been far more persecuted in Western regimes that right-wingers. Your persecution complex is completely unwarranted, lmao

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American socialists have been fucking murdered by the FBI/CIA-controlled KKK, they're coming after you because they already came for us

Just see what happens in greece,russia,pakistan everywhere actually
Even in the us true anti-capitalists are targeted by the fucking FBI and CIA
Without being mass murderers like you spergs
You are such sheltered fag that the worst thing that can happen to you is losing your safe space

Sure bud

Historically I don't doubt it. But whats the best action for today?

To put it another way, you really shouldn't give a damn if Steven Crowder is banned or not (and he hasn't been, in any case). If liberal inc. doesn't like conservative inc. and vice-versa this shouldn't concern us much because it's an inter-bourgeois dispute, although I'm personally fine with banning racist, reactionary trash from the internet. The goal of the Marxist left is to break out of the commodity form as a structuring force altogether, which will likely mean the end of social media as we know it – social media being primarily a means for companies to get as many hooks into our lives as possible, commodifying more and more aspects of our lives down to your family photo albums. It'd be a much better use of our time to unionize workers at these companies – efforts these companies tend to hatefully oppose – or come up with radical alternatives to what is really "anti-social" media.

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Why the fuck do we have that choice to make? I choose communism.

Like the Entente and the Central Powers duking it out. Lenin did the smart thing but noping out of the whole mess and spending a few years in Switzerland reading big, fat books.

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Also, when I say the goal of these companies is to get as many hooks into our lives as possible, I mean the goal of Facebook etc. is to expand everywhere because it must seek profits and Zuckerberg has a fiduciary obligation to Facebook's shareholders to seek a return. He could be sued if he fucks that up.

Social / cultural liberalism serves productive purposes here: respect and toleration for cultural differences are productive if you want to expand across the globe and bring in as many people as possible. The contradiction emerges when the same logic of expansion also absorbs, say, neo-Nazis or whatever who start creating Facebook groups with names like "fashy memes for edgy teens" that are hostile to social liberalism altogether, or like ISIS propagandists or something. This contradiction is untenable over the long run.

A vulgar Marxist way to think about this is a dialectical conflict over a contradiction. It will end with one side of the conflict eating the other and likewise being transformed in the process into something else – a synthesis. So there are fun ways to imagine how this will go. Like I could imagine social media companies collapsing or becoming obsolete as a relic of a certain age as new ways of communicating online coming into being, but this could also – and paradoxically – be bad for social conservatives because they basically depend on these social media companies to make money by playing on people's reactions and so on.

There are all these ridiculous examples of this on the right. I was watching this livestream of an InfoWars protest at a Planned Parenthood, and it was totally ridiculous because it was all these Proud Boys and so on with brand names like the "MAGA Titan" and they were all livestreaming for the same limited audience, and they all had various money-making schemes like selling t-shirts or whatever. The right is terribly dependent on these platforms and exist in a parasitic relationship with them, but the right is totally trapped in commodity thinking and have no way of breaking out of that as far as I can see. I am not sure if right-wing politics in their current form – with its Trump-style provocation – is even "functional" outside the context of social media right now, so if that goes away or changes they will have to restructure to keep up.

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they are actually censored much more than fash are.

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lmao fuck crowder I hope he gets hit by a bus

Capital is not a homogeneous entity, and different factions of the bourgeoisie will support different policy at different times.
Something that may be profitable for one enterprise, such as polluting a water supply to save money on moving waste, may not be profitable for another, such as a fishing company that requires fish to be alive in the water being polluted. The former may lobby for deregulation of environmental standards such that they continue without getting in trouble, while the latter may lobby for the opposite. The fishers may fund green groups to induce grassroots support, while the polluters may buy off cops or goons to beat them down.

You can see how this goes, how it can be applicable to every aspect of capitalist power. Always keep in mind that the only principle that capitalists hold is profit-seeking, and they will eat each other or even construct the conditions for their own destruction for the right price.

Identifying as a Marxist will get you fired from basically nowhere except a Christian bookstore or the pentagon. You can wear a shirt of any communist leader. No mainstream platform will kick you out

Here's the thing. Having a broad political movement in the 21st century west, without the internet, is quite untenable. Even if the critical mass of social media's influence is negative, I do not see a leftist victory without it unless you perfectly seize the moment if and when a total collapse happens (a collapse much worse than the great depression).

They're going to start with the out and out 1488 types, then they'll target white nats that aren't as spergy and personality deficient, after that its the alt-lite. Even corporate funded sources such as Shapiro and PragerU are on the bad side of those who work at google.

There already is a widespread meme of Marxists, Bernie stans, etc. being "bros" who are either racist or at best are disgustingly apathetic toward POC and LGBTQIA.

I get you dislike the alt-right, perhaps even the dissident right broadly, hell maybe just all people with social views that were totally normal like 15 minutes ago. But censoring them is almost certainly just a first step to deplatforming everyone critical of the system.

How long would I last with this on my shirt?

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Can only speak definitely for America, but youd probably be fine- especially if you're in a big city. People will think its a joke, maybe roll their eyes and move on. At worst you'll get some boomercon trying to lecture you.

Wearing communist shit only runs a considerable risk of violence if you're in a Republican part of the country that isn't some sanitized suburban hamlet.

Wearing anything even approaching white nat will put you in danger pretty much no matter where you are. Same goes if you have a bumper sticker to the effect of marriage only being between a man and a woman.

I saw a story about a guy in my city who got fired for being a Marxist. They even called the fucking cops on him.

That said, white nationalism isn’t hated because it’s subversive or some shit. It’s seen as obscene or vulgar, like dedicating in public. Racists aren’t hated because they’re any kind of threat to the political state, they’re hated because people think they’re assholes. You’re the political equivalent of open pedophiles.

And, of course, there’s the question of why the benefits of social pluralism should be extended to people whose whole politics revolves around their opposition to social pluralism.

The “far-right” is an incredibly loose term, I’ve seen the Conservative party in Britain, and the NSDAP rounded up into the same group, many people including this place appear to be incapable of telling the difference between any of the groups.

Any fascist that isn’t completely blind would have already realised by now that immigrants, gays, etc are merely being used to divide the people, and direct attention away from governments, and their corporate masters, and I’m fairly certain a fascist would have a far bigger hatred of corporations, governments, and even capitalism.

They don’t like immigrants I’m sure, but they know full well who is letting them in, and why. The reason why fascists will often want socialists killed outright is because they can’t tell the difference between socialists, and liberals, and often group the crimes done by liberal governments onto socialists as well, this is further explained by the fact that many liberals genuinely believe they are socialist, and talk about themselves that way, even if they aren’t.

At this point fascists have become a far bigger threat to modern capitalism, democracy, and the status quo compared to socialists, and the elites realise this, that’s why they go after them so often despite the belief that they would be allies.

Do you seriously think most fascists give a shit about capital or even economics in general? They care about social issues, and the people who cause them, the economy is always a secondary thought to them, and a fascist would probably have no problem changing his economic policies if he thought something else would be more effective, they took control not for fucking economic reasons, they may have used an economic collapse to gain power, but it was always social change they wanted, and often the social beliefs of a fascist would not mesh well with a corporation or government that desires money over anything else, and that’s why today governments, and multinational corporations attack them so much, they know they are bad for business, and many of the practices that companies, and governments do now, wouldn’t be allowed in a fascist state, a good example would be bringing in millions of cheap foreign labour to drag down wages or outsourcing industries/jobs to developing nations in order to save money.

Fash quite clearly go after socialists first (or close to first, disabled and the lowest of the lower class are the first target because just about everyone hates them, including many a socialist), so they can tell the difference (not that they'll ever be intellectually honest in public, their propaganda relies on deliberate dishonesty over and over).

Everyone knows the fash have their own propaganda platforms and ways to spread the word, just as the left proper isn't going to organize on fucking Zig Forums let alone facebook. The government doesn't systematically break down fascist groups, but they do systematically break down socialists and any other left group, to the point that most of the socialists you see today are honeypots or total idiots.

Fash get banned from social media because you're pedophiles are the general public fucking hates you, a lot. The reality is the exact inverse of the fash belief that they have a secret, silent majority of the white population behind them. Even most of the bigoted Trumptards think you're all faggots.

You are possibly the most delusional retard I have ever found on here, perhaps spending so much time in an echo chamber will do that to you, but I’ll bite anyway.

Fascists go after socialists because they are almost total opposites, fascists believe that the ultimate goal of fascism is to preserve, protect, and advance a single homogeneous ethnic group or nationality. Socialists do not deem this a goal, and even attack this belief which will inevitably bring both groups into conflict.

I hope you aren’t serious about fascists being dishonest, everyone, and their fucking dog knows that socialists are perhaps the most dishonest group in human history, people that would look you directly in the eye, and lie about reality itself without feeling even a shred of guilt or shame, you operate by lying, and giving false promises, it actually astounding that you would call anyone else dishonest, I can’t even believe this level of hypocrisy is possible.

Purely fascist platforms don’t exist, and fascists are removed, banned or blocked on just about every platform in existence, just recently YouTube banned pretty much any remaining fascists channels left on their website, but socialists channels are still all over the place, and you are protected by the very governments, and corporations you believe you are fighting, you are nothing more than a useful fucking idiot, and you attack any real opposition to your corporate masters.

The reason most socialists today are total idiots is because they were always total idiots, and were merely being used from the beginning, yuri bezmenov already explained this, but it must have slipped through your empty fucking head, your not special, your just a fucking tool for the elite.

Socialism is riddled with fucking pedos, just recently a socialist party in Ireland was caught in an interview advocating for the sexualisation of children, and it’s leader was arrested for being a pedo, your ranks are absolutely filled with child fiddling fags, and blue haired dick cutting freaks, you are so fucking blind that you ignore your own faults constantly.

Fascists get banned from social platforms because they fight the elite while you fight for them, and you are so stupid you don’t even realise it, trump is a fucking Israeli puppet, and anyone that still supports him is just a boomer retard.

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Fascists are only useful to capital at a particular juncture, when the choice comes down to them or the left. We aren’t at that point yet, and the liberal centre, while embattled, still retains dominance. Fascists are apes, and their bull in a China shop approach has the potential to disrupt some of capital’s interests, in particular those tied up in globalization and other areas. Even so, some sections of capital are already actively backing the far right.

ok retard

Why else would governments, and corporations go out of their way just to ban them? You are so fucking blind that you don’t realise you serve their interests constantly, you fight for all their wants, to defend them constantly, and you vote for them without hesitation. Fascism is obviously seen as an actual threat, and that’s why so much effort is put towards suppressing them, but you seem to be able to operate just fine, corporations are practically promoting you fags these days, and that’s because your so easy to manipulate, and can be used, while fascists stands opposed to just about every government on the planet.

You're not in any sense a threat to the powers that be. It's just that racialist colonialism is old and busted and woke neoliberal imperialism is the new hotness, at least as far as the Western bourgeoisie and rentier classes are concerned.

Yeah no doubt, the elites have turned most socialists into simple liberals that do what they’re told, and governments play them like puppets, but the fun won’t last forever, their self destructive behaviour will come crashing down on them eventually, Nations all over Europe are discovering that their systems are no longer compatible with the new inhabitants.

The way you idiots do everything you can to ignore neoliberalism and imperialism would almost be endearing if your retarded false consciousness hadn't infected the general masses.


yeah i would also believe that if i got all my news from prageru, breitbart and steven crowder but in reality anything radical or different from neoliberalism will get demonetized or get deleted if it doesn't follow youtube's clear guidelines. and of course if their videos that break youtube's rules by inciting violence or hate speech got deleted they will begin to cry about muh leftists because they think anything that say LGBT or feminism is stalin.
also there isn't any famous revolutionary leftist to get censored. if you think there is an marxist communist agenda being pushed, search marx and youtube and look at the first 20 results. none of them are legit explanations and all of them shit on marx by using fallacies and some of them don't even understand him.
stop playing the victim, stop basing your ideology on shitty internet meme "culture" and go read a fucking book

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Becasue everything you lump as "the right" are a bigger concern than "tankies". There's no communist movement to speak of in the US.

Can you name one tankie in the US known as widely as this Steven Crowder (who I honestly have no idea who is tbh)?

Yeah no. You make it socially acceptable, commendable even, for those who detain the communication media to dictate what is acceptable discourse. When they come for the "radicals" who preach against private property, they will only be exercising power that you were personally fine with them having.

wheres the lie though