Are you willing to denounce family for a greater cause, or are you too weak to stand for what you believe in...

Are you willing to denounce family for a greater cause, or are you too weak to stand for what you believe in, Zig Forums?

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yep, commies are retarded

soon to be banned samefag

This is the most cringey, and salty thing I have ever read, I can’t believe people like this exist.

Honestly, you're a massive hypocrite if you aren't ready to kill your family if they choose to take up arms against the communist movement.
If you're ready to take the sons/daughters/parents away from other families, then you should be willing to take away your own.

It's actually a really serious topic that I wanted to discuss with you guys. Should we respect other people's politics? Or should we condemn anyone who don't have the same views as us?

No you didn't, you wouldn't have used that image if you were one of us, but just cause I'm bored here, no, you shouldn't respect other people's politics if they're dangerous. We should condemn and destroy anyone who stands in the way of a better future for mankind. That includes family if you're unlucky enough to have shitty reactionary parents.

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Why is this garbage thread locked and not wiped from the front page?

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Cause hands off moderation is better than over the top

I found it on /v/ and everyone there called her a cunt and that she just was a childish feminist, and I wanted yo see if your opinion was the same on this matter. But apparently not. Isn't the key to success always accepting our differences and learning from each other? How would you feel if someone disavowed you for even the smallest things?

No, you should try to convince them.

Most people start out as liberals or reactionaries, no one was born a communist.

We've been having an onslaught of low quality threads being made though, usually with a bait OP. Perhaps we should start discussing the matter of quality control.

Of course they said that, they think women shouldn't have the vote. If the situation were reversed and it were an alt right retard rebelling against their mother, I would call them a dumbass but still I wouldn't expect them to just slavishly follow their parents ideology.

In an ideal world sure but some differences are insurmountable. If you think that people should only be given a limited amount of travel tokens after the revolution and I think they should be infinite, then okay, let's work something out and compromise somewhere in the middle, but if you think that non whites aren't people and women should be slaves to their fathers and husbands then I can say nothing other than that you are my enemy and if it comes down to it, I will not hesitate.

This liberal idea that we should tolerate other people's stupid fucking inhuman views is bullshit and only serves to aid the prevailing system. If the liberals have their way, we will let the fascists goosestep us into another holocaust. The communist is wise enough to say that the fascist must be destroyed utterly with no remorse.

Meh, nobody is really born a liberal either, it's a learned ideology, but I agree we should try to educate people hence my responding.

OPs that are just cuck porn and some Zig Forums spam should be deleted and are but threads that are even somewhat in good faith should be left up (in my opinion). If the OP asks a genuine question I think the topic should stay up even if they ask in a condescending/rude/disingenuous way.

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Well said.

but is there some sort of tier list of which political enemies should be shot on sight vs. debated with?

My grandpa already won't talk to me anymore for being a commie.

How did he react when you said that? What about the rest of your family?

You don't belong here. You have plenty of shitty sites to spread your stupid SJW ideology, so you are free to go there.

A real communists knows the importance of propaganda, of AGITATION. And you don't agitate the masses locking up in a circlejerk of your wealthy college buddies.

Ultimately, I think even a rank and file fascist is not work just assassinating in a peacetime situation, if he is holding a gun in wartime that's a different thing, but if we kill anyone it should be strategic targets at this point - a surgical strike on select reactionary figures would have a great positive effect on political discourse. Basically, if someone is only shitposting on Zig Forums, I would say they can be a potential recruit, but if they have developed and audience and a following, they are dangerous and should be rooted out. Of course a fascist who is actually part of a terrorist group like Atomwaffen is a target in any circumstance because they have gone beyond shitposting to direct action.

Obviously it comes down to personal opinion who is worse and who deserves to get got more, but for me I would put fascists at the very top, influential fascists are absolutely hostile to human existence, and after that, extreme reactionaries of all other types, then working our way down to mainstream conservatism and silicon valley liberalism if necessary. Of course we must also account for the power of our potential targets - Dennis Prager is clearly a more worthy target than say some random fashie YTer even if the fashie's views are worse.

Positive for who, exactly?

When I originally told him he didn't have much of a reaction but since Trump got elected he's become a total CNN obsessed Russiaphobe.

yeah my family is bourgeoisie as fuck lmao

For leftism, of course. Yes there would be hand wringing about 'dangerous leftists' but the fascists have successfully used violence to propel themselves into public discourse.