Truth about Soviet "occupation" of Lithuania?

Being Lithuanian I was subjected to a lot of propaganda about the Soviet period, and I still don't really know how much of it is true or false. Over the past months I drifted hard to the left from my previous anarkiddy position and became an ML and thus looked up more info on Lenin, Stalin, muh 100 gorillions etc. and discovered just how much lies there are around Ukraine's and Poland's positions on the Soviet period, and now I want to know the truth about what really happened in my own country.
So the main myths that I can tell from memory right now (will post more if I remember them):

1. Soviets, after taking control in 1940 and later in 1944 (after kicking out the Germans) started purging the entire intelligentsia

2. By 1945 around 300,000 people were either incarcerated or gulag'ed (this seems really fishy as that is like 1 in 10 people at the time in Lithuania)

3. The country completely lost its independence and national self-determination and wasn't anything more than a puppet state of USSR. (From what I heard many of the original leaders of the LTSR from 1940 denounced the soviets after Germany took over in 1941 and I am very interested how legitimate these denunciations were

4. It is a popular propaganda talking point that USSR wasn't even trying to do communism in Lithuania, but tried to breed out and russify the local population by settling in Russian worker families, all for… well I don't even know why, because they hated Lithuanian spirit or some shit and something something red czar. This is obviously bullshit, but how do you counter it?

5. By wanting to crush the peoples support for the partisans, NKVD would do false flag operations and kill civvies publicly while dressed as them.

6. All friends and family of caught partisans would be banished to Siberia

7. Soviets invented lies about the partisans that they were German collaborators and jew killers. Really curious about this one, as it is really taboo to question this over here, and from my knowledge there were some collaborators from the Lithuanian army, which also formed the backbone for what later became the partisans.

8. There was no democracy and all of the elections were rigged.

These would be all that I currently remember. Really hope some history or fellow Lithuanian anons could help and inform how much of this bullshit is real and would also appreciate some general information about LTSR / related info about USSR if it is available

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Other urls found in this thread:;view=1up;seq=5 RITTERSPORN/Victims of the Gulag.pdf,_Unamended)#Chapter_9._The_Union_Soviet_Socialist_Republic"Polish_death_camp"_controversyПартизанское_движение_в_Литве_во_время_Великой_Отечественной_войныškoji_divizijaя_стрелковая_дивизия_(2-го_формирования)

kodėl gi neklausi savo senelius?
čia lietuvių nėra

Yra. Beja, jis paklause angliskai.

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All the intellectuals had already been purged by the right wing government and replaced with lackeys. It was basically necessary after all this.

I don't know enough about this though. Probably just Trot tier idiots spouting propagandawhen's it not in these types of things.

pdf related about the Soviet Baltics.
Also another one specifically related to Lithuania:;view=1up;seq=5


Because the majority of them were reactionaries who had spent the past 2 decades shilling nationalism and calling for purging of communists.
Source? In 1940 the population of the Gulags was roughly 2.75 million people incarcerated. According to Zemskov, 75% of them were criminal incarcerations, not political repressions. Latvians and Lithuanians each took up roughly 0.07% of the entire GULAG population. How did they suddenly skyrocket into being nearly 10% of the Gulag population? RITTERSPORN/Victims of the Gulag.pdf
People settled in there because people across the USSR were displaced and many of the evacuated had no homes to go back to. The USSR therefore sent willing people to wherever there was homes until proper housing could be constructed.
What? That's actually what they say? MFW, I don't think the Soviet Government even knew there was such a thing.
This is such a transparent manipulation its infuriating that people buy into it.
Some partisan groups of the Baltics including Lithuania spent more time hunting down jews escaped from concentration camps and fighting the Red Army than they did tangling with the Germans, this is reflected in a nationalist attitude among many Lithuanians of the time that associated them (semi-correctly) with Germanic heritage rather than Slavic. This is not true to all partisan groups however, with several thousand of them being heroes of the war. The USSR never declared Lithuanian partisans as being bad, in fact they actually covered for those partisans that did do such crimes so as not to cast doubt over the other partisans who truly did fight for their country.
Under the USSR with a 1 party state its a little different, however on a local and city level citizens could actively protest and have removed politicians they disapproved of. During the elections right after the Soviet take-over, while one can say that there was soviet pressure, there was also a lot of popular support for the candidates elected in many areas. So it's not some perfect democracy, but it was far from outright stiffing the elections.
Except that it was a seperate republic of the USSR and had the right to secede if it so wished, as they did at the end of the USSR

the Baltic states had the highest living standards of all the 15 republics (Estonia had the highest of them all). they had good housing and healthcare, and more "luxuries" like clubs, more TVs, etc. Problems started to occur when nationalists who believed that the Soviets were illegally occupying the Baltic created a large anti-communist sentiment during the last years of the USSR. The reason is that Balts were late joiners to the USSR, and many harbored nationalistic sentiments, associating more with Finland and Germany, rather than Slavic countries. The fact that their SSRs had the highest qualities of life was ironically used as an argument for separation - "see we don't need the union after all, we can do well on our own". Then they tried to emulate Europe and failed, losing all their major industry and self-sufficiency, becoming a base for US military forces (instead of "muh evul soviet forces") and making a living off fishing for herring and sardines. The population is rapidly dropping because many people are leaving, engineers and scientists can only find work in other countries, the youth have no real future there either, all that keeps the countries together is hysterical cries about Russian aggression.

A good book that partially covers the Baltic states including Lithuania is The Soviet Story: Механизм Лжи which goes over the 'documentary film' The Soviet Story and debunks it.

Interestint. Source?

Lithuanians are more drunken than Russians, which is saying something. That’s all I know, and I don’t know my info is up to date.

Soviet textbooks. They either do not mention the jew killing and other shit by partisans or make sure to definitively separate the partisans who took part in such actions and the partisans who are real heroes.

I can't sadly provide the books because I no longer have them, If you ask Ismail on >>>/marx/ he might have scanned Soviet textbooks on WW-2

Fucking baltics, only reason right wing governments even appeared there is because the German army overthrew the local soviets and helped crush revolutionaries.

An anti-communist lecture during which we were all asked to write our own anti-soviet denunciations. Yea, the propaganda is that strong here
Can I get a source on this? All I have been ever taught was that Soviets hypocritically used the Molotov-Ribbentrop document to justify their "occupation"
From the stories of my relatives I was told that there were pretty significant goods shortages like having just barely enough food to get by. The time period for this was around late-Khrushchev, early-Brezhnev when the economy was not yet stagnating. Also wasn't the economic situation during the start of the nationalist movements utter dogshit because of Gorbachev's market reforms?

Gal kas žinot ar yra kokių nors normalesnių kairiųjų organizacijų dabar Lietuvoje (nes kiek žinau SLF yra revizionistai su nemažai ultradešinių pozicijų)?

We're hitting levels of DINDU NUFFIN that shouldn't be possible. Now watch this movie.
Look at dat Bibliography. It's like a Grover Furr clone convention. :^)

Doesn't he mean half a gorillion?

good thread


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As daugiausiai vilciu dedu i Prekybos Centrų Darbuotojų Lyga.

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Kažkaip dalbajobiškai skamba išvertus

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Soviet constitution and the whole Soviet debate on National right to self-determination during the 1920s.,_Unamended)#Chapter_9._The_Union_Soviet_Socialist_Republic
There is more to it but I don't remember what specific name the documentation had.
Well, they did use the pact as a way to influence those areas, however it was for 2 reasons
1) The Baltic governments were anti-soviet and pro-nazi at the time. they would obviously ally with the Germans. Now an organized nation is far more effective than a few thousand volunteers, therefore, by removing the nationalist governments and encouraging communism, they would cut-down pro-german assistance and sympathy, and they succeeded, with many Baltic Rd Army members conducting heroic acts in battle.
2) The nations area created a small buffer zone around the coast-line near Leningrad.

Paveikslėlis susijęs. Če tau pritaikyta.

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Well it was a Stalin era worker settlement that has just become a proper town, so maybe something to do with that

That would explain it then. Especially since worker-settlements in the Baltics only BEGAN construction after WW-2 and would thus be far less developed compared to established cities or settlements in other areas of the USSR built before WW-2.

Translation of the text for us non-Lithuanians?

Anti gay laws basically

RTFSR (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic)
Punitive codex
With the changes up to 1940 November 15

154th. A mans sexual relation with another man (pederasty) will receive-
deprivation of liberty from 3 to 5 years
If pederasty is done through violence or against the will of the victim-
deprivation of liberty from 5 to 8 years

Baltic people were a mistake.

I recently scanned an English-language encyclopedia of Lithuania published in the Lithuanian SSR in 1986:

Some other sources:
* (covers 1917-1940)
* (bunch of primary source documents)
* (eyewitness account of Lithuanian Revolution in 1940 by an American communist journalist)
* (useful info on the original soviet republics in the Baltics right after the October Revolution)
* (a good account of Baltic politics up to 1940)
* (a book by a CPUSA, Lithuanian-American journalist on the Baltics, specifically Lithuania, before and after 1940)

Since Ismail decided to join, I decided to repost an old text of his

"In October 1939, [Stalin] told the Lithuanian Foreign Minister that it was no concern of the Soviet Union how the Lithuanian government dealt with its Communists; and, even more bluntly, he informed the Latvian Foreign Minister: 'There are no Communists outside Russia. What you have in Latvia are Trotsk[y]ists: if they cause you trouble, shoot them.'" (Martin McCauley, Communist Power in Europe, 1977, p. 29.)
As for subsequent events, to quote from the same source:
So yeah, as usual bourgeois accounts distort things into "big bad soviets wanted to invade other countries for no reason."
That quote (bout Stalin and the Lithuanian foreign minister) was taken from a post of Ismail’s without wider context. The USSR sought to conclude mutual defense pacts with the Baltic states amid the growing Nazi threat. Naturally, as these countries were run by semi-fascist regimes, they were worried about whether these pacts would result in the "communization" of their countries.

So that quote was Stalin just brushing off the issue; he didn't literally think there were no communists outside the USSR. McCauley likewise quotes Stalin telling the Latvian foreign minister that "as far as Germany is concerned we could occupy you" (since Hitler was more concerned about Lithuania than Latvia and Estonia.)
To quote a post I made over at /marx/:
Three useful works on the subject:
>*;view=1up;seq=5 (pamphlet about events in 1940 in Lithuania)

Thanks. You should really do some work for the Translation thread actually.

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I live in Chicago and the anti-communist Lithuanian immigrants here make me want to be a tankie again. They build statues here to honor literal holocaust collaborators and most burgers are too dumb and historically/geographically illiterate to even realize that they're fash.

NATO pumped out a Forest Brothers promo a few years ago. As EU integration continues Baltic fascists will be used to promote anti-communist/Russian propaganda.


great and insightful comment.

Same shit with Ukrainian OUN UPA

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That's insane. Millions of Ukrainians fought for the red army during the civil war. Millions of Ukrainians fought for the red army during world war 2. Millions of Ukrainians voted for preservation of Soviet Union. Millions of Ukrainians voted for communist party in 1994,1998,2002 etc,

It appears

Was very recently deleted by a person who calls himself

Staszek Lem

I think he is some kind of polish nationalist

Please refrain from making unconstructive edits to Wikipedia. Your edits appear to constitute vandalism and have been reverted. If you would like to experiment, please use the sandbox. Repeated vandalism can result in the loss of editing privileges. Thank you. – Gokunks"Polish_death_camp"_controversy

NATO/EU wants Ukraine as a colony as Hitler did, so they spread Nazi propaganda portraying Ukraine as oppressed by evil Russians/Soviets/Jews

Somehow I doubt there is any master-plan to NATO/EU anymore, there was once back in the early Reagan and neoliberal days but now all the neoconservative myths and lies that were designed to keep the world stable rotted the brains of everyone involved to the point that they lost their goal of global capitalist stability and are just going along on steam, now fully devoted to the bullshit they themselves invented.
Also watch The Power of Nightmares

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so what do you think they do all day? just throw darts at a board? are you stupid?

Curtis is idealist.

Of course not, there is still an aggressive foreign policy, but not for some kind of NWO, but rather because the people doing it unironically believe they are bringing good to the world (incentives by the MIC and pistachio farmers (no really, pistachio farmers are literally one of the biggest Iran war supporters) also help). They look at all the shit that happens in the countries they intervene in and think "they will be thankful one day" and then see themselves as selfless heroes once the anti-war movements spring up. The is no master plan, just the endless idealism of degenerate Trotskist neocon bloodsuckers
Why? In most of his works he is highly critical of idealism, like how the series All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace is basically a one big roast of libertarians and Utopian socialists

It's fucking real.

Just because imperialists and NATO have hit a few setbacks, doesn't mean they don't have long-term plans. As well, the world is at one of the weakest points for revolutionary movements in over a century. That didn't happen without the reactionary vanguard having serious plans.

Just because he's criticizing THEIR ideals, doesn't mean he isn't idealist. The narrative of those documentaries is that it is precisely their ideas that are causing things to happen the way they are, rather than material conditions. As well, he accepts a lot of their premises without any criticism at.

OC comin thru

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This is a line from a famous poem
Does anybody know it?

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ayy, get the fuck out mutt.

Kaip lietuvio taptų komunistu? Ar nėra labai daug anti-komunistinės propagandijos mokykloje? Ir jūsų šeimos nešnekia gerai apie tuos laikus?

So…. anythong more on Lithuania and the USSR, this thread was going pretty well.

The new president is about to be sworn in. Don't really know what to make of him though. He was a manager for a bank which makes me worried that he might be a puppet for oligarchs (especially knowing his talks about how he wants unity and will work with all of the parties, even though the Peasant-Greens are currently running the country into the ground. Yet he also apparently made a lot of anti-austerity remarks during the last crisis, which gives me some hope. Will likely be better then our current president who is basically a puppet of the conservative party and of Landsbergis (who is the ghoul who spearheaded the nationalist movement that broke us out of the USSR and who now complains about how he doesn't get enough respecc and should be named as an honorary president).
If I have the time I might make some rant-y posts here about the situation in Lithuania (something like Brazil user) if there is any interest.

Once porky always a porky
I think they all do this though. After all Trump road on a campaign of 'draining the swamp'
Yes! That would be great.

Lithuania loves that. Vanagas is honorary president. Landsbergis is honorary president. In future I image there will be more honorary kings and presidents for sure.

Since this book wasn't mentioned here, there is also a pamphlet on soviet foreign policy from 1917-1940, it is really good and I'd highly recommend it ( Here are all the important excerpts on the Baltics in that pamphlet (there are plenty of misspellings due to the copy and paste being bad, but you should be able to understand it regardless):



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realism =/= nationalism

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Alright, I will try and do what I said in and start making posts in this thread about what is actually going on in the country for those who are curious. I can't say how often I'll try and make these, but whatever.
I guess the best place to start is to introduce all the current main political players (I'll likely make some posts talking about past events, but now I'll only talk about the present).
First of the party currently in power, Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union. The party is pretty much just the personal clique of Ramūnas Karbauskis. He is one of the biggest oligarchs in the country, making his fortunes in the "wild capitalism" period by buying up land from struggling farmers and conducting fertiliser import scams. I might write about him personally more some other time, as now I am just looking over the parties. The party started rising about a year before the 2016 election as a populist centre-left party, trying to rally the people from the impoverished regions (aka everything else apart the 2 main cities of Vilnius and Kaunas). They wouldn't have been so successful if not for 2 factors: 1, the liberal party imploded right before the elections (more on this later) and 2, our current PM Saulius Skvernelis joining them, who is a colourful character that definitely deserves a post of his own, but to be short, was incredibly popular at the time. With all of this they managed to barely win the elections, getting slightly more votes than the conservatives. Now they are an extremely disliked party (for their anti-alcohol laws, shitty restructuring of bureaucracy and light austerity measures, leading them to get absolutely fucked in the recent regional/mayoral elections and lose the bid to the presidency for Skvernelis). Their government coalition is highly unstable, which shows with how they created what can only be described as a "league of evil" together with the "Order and Justice" (UKIP tier right-wingers), "Polish electoral interest and christian family alliance" (supposedly pro-Polish party that lost Poland's support, now is most likely sponsored by Russia, and are christcucks to the core) and the pathetic excuse for a party that is the LSDDP (the additional "D" stands for labour) (aka old red apparatchiks who got kicked out from the LSDP proper by their based new chairman and now complain how LSDP are radical leftist extremists because they used the word "neoliberalism" in their kind of good new manifesto). This coalition is incredibly pathetic, since it is quite likely that apart from T&T and Poles (who have a dedicated enough base) both the Farmer Greens and the LSDDP will desolve as political parties after the next elections, since the former are so unpopular, and the only reason the later exist is because they split from LSDP after the last elections. Most likely this means that one of the parties from the opposition will take charge next (that is either conservatives, liberals or socdems). Also there have been multiple scandals surrounding Karbauskis, both with investigations into his highly criminal business practices (which didn't go anywhere) and a love affair between him and some secretary, all of which certainly didn't help the popularity of the party.
Hope this is not too rambly and my writing style not too atrocious. Planned on writing about the opposition in this post too, but it is pretty late here, will try to continue tomorrow

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This is really good, looking forward to more

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Ah damn I thought LVŽS were good they looked decent from the outside. Still good to hear that the LSDP is moving leftwards. What about DK? Are they any good?
Also lol a pro-Russian Polish party is pretty bants ngl.

Here are some more excerpts on the baltics, this is from Stalin volume 4:

[from the notes] Estland Labour Commune—the Estland Soviet Republic, established on November 29, 1918, after the Red Army had liberated Narva from German occupation. On December 7, 1918, the Council of People’s Commissars endorsed a decree, drafted by J. V. Stalin, recognizing the independence of the Estland Soviet Republic

In reply to the request of the Estland Soviet Government, the Russian Soviet Government has solemnly recognized the independence of the Estland Socialist Republic. Need it be demonstrated that this act was the duty and obligation of the Russian Soviet Government? Soviet Russia has never looked upon the Western regions as its possessions. It has always considered that these regions are the inalienable possession of the labouring masses of the nationalities inhabiting them, that these labouring masses have the full right freely to determine their political destiny. Naturally, this does not exclude, but rather presumes the rendering of every assistance by Soviet Russia to our Estland comrades in their struggle for the emancipation of the working people of Estland from the bourgeois yoke.

We have information that the establishment of a Provisional Soviet Government is to be officially proclaimed in Latvia within the next few days

[from the notes] Soviet power in Latvia was proclaimed in the middle of December 1918. On December 17 the Provisional Soviet Government of Latvia issued a manifesto to the working people announcing the transfer of state power to the Soviets. It stated: “We know that on this difficult path, in this strenuous struggle, we are not alone. Behind us stands the R.S.F.S.R., with which we shall continue to be closely bound, and not by external ties alone.”


how popular is communism in the Baltics? Lithuanians especially seem to be vehemently anti-Soviet - every video related to the Lithuanian SSR is dislike bombed and full of fascists.

It's popular among former soviet residents who actually remember the good old days, but any communist activity is essentially marginalized and hated on. The youth, raised with shit like mentioned in the OP know the USSR through anti-soviet meme-tier propaganda and believe it.

that is a monumental possibly impossible thing to achieve….foreign cultures have been trying to subjugate cultures around the world for hundreds of years or outbreed them or whatever but it rarely ever succeeds

mankind is not God

Was planning about making a post about the DK (I assume you are referring to the "Way of Courage" party) some time later, but since you mentioned them I'll do it now.
In short, they're dead they weren't ever really that good or promising of a party to begin with. However the long version is quite fascinating. Basically they were the Lithuanian version of Pizzagate. Their story starts with a man named Drasius (name means courageous in Lithuanian) Kedys back in 2009, when he started threatening that he will, and then shooting dead a local judge and his ex wife's sister, because he thought they were molesting his daughter. Kedys then went into hiding, while the story spread like wildfire. I don't have the best recollection of all the events that happened as I was uninterested in the case and still quite young, however I'll try to give the most detailed course of events that I can. The public, or at least a vocal part of it, was on Kedys side (I'll refer to them as purple ones from now on, as they adopted it as their colour, based after the shirt Kedys was known to wear), while in the meantime an investigation was launched to examine the alleged molestation, with a man named Ūsas (think he was some kind of oligarchlet) being the main suspect. There was a prominent belief in the supporters of Kedys, that there was an entire "paedophilia clan" in prominent government posts, constantly trying to stop the case, distort evidence etc. The investigation was interrupted when Ūsas crashed his ATV and drowned in a puddle by the side of the road (the purps interpreted it as an assassination by the pedo clan in order to cover tracks). In the end Ūsas was found innocent few years later. Meanwhile, there was a national search going on for Kedys, and after a lengthy period of time some participants in a yearly spring cleaning event found his corpse in the middle of some forest while searching for trash. Cause of death was determined as chocking on vomit, however allegedly he was found bruised and the investigators handling the case acted really suspicious, though nothing solid to prove a conspiracy. During all of this Kedys's sister had taken his daughter away from the girls mother and barricaded herself in her parents house (as it was claimed that the molesting happened with the mothers connect). The court decided that the girl should be returned to her mother. Police was sent out to take her, and then a few week long standoff started between the police and a huge crowd of purps who wanted to stop them. In the end the cops stormed the house and took the girl by force. The mother then left the country with her child and no one really cares about them anymore (though some purps claim the girl was killed). After all of these event the purps, with Kedys's sister at the forefront started a new party (DK), quite close to the 2012 and got ~8% votes in it. Their programme was mostly a single issue deal to catch pedos, and from googling a bit I found that they allegedly were anti-neoliberal, but this is news to me. Their party lineup wasn't special either (the sister, who was a judge, some anti-Vatican catholic priest, a guy who was a prominent member of the anti-soviet nationalist movement back in the day and a few journalists). During the turn in Seimas, Kedys's sister had charges brought up against her and fled to Chicago. From what I gather she is facing extradition now, though acording to wikipedia some GoP burger stood up for her to take her case to congress or something, but I don't really know how it ended. Meanwhile here the party didn't really do anything and then got 0 seats in the 2017 election (I'd guess most of their voters got swayed by LVŽS populism).
In the end if you asked my opinion on this situation I'd probably say that there was at least some truth to what was told about paedophilia as there are quite a few suspicious circumstances in the whole thing, though never something truly convincing that there was a big conspiracy. Most likely the whole case might have uncovered some wide spread corruption that is omnipresent in Lithuania. If the conspiracy is real then I would say that the most likely thing that happened was that some corrupt politicians just agreed to turn a blind eye to a pedo or two after getting payed and then paniced that their dealings might get discvered, thus trying to end all loose ends: Ūsas (as he was likely the one to pay them off) and Kedys with his sister (so they wouldn't make more fuss about it). But for all of that DK didn't really had any promise as a party for social change.

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Don't know about the other Baltic states but there is really a lot of stigma against communism here. Everyone who says that it may have been better under the USSR gets called a "vatnik" (aka a slur meaning an uneducated anti social Russian minority), and I guess there is some truth to that, these people are poor and quite often antisocial or violent (to my knowledge much like blacks in USA, having to live in shit neighbourhoods with shit schools and lots of drugs, with barely any government help, and just like black are far more likely to turn to crime because of these horrendous social conditions, not because of their race as fascists both here and in Burgerland claim) and did got fucked over by the USSR falling the most. Youths are shitlibs at best, and maybe there are a few zoomers who ironically/unironically hail the western propaganda meme version of Stalin, while all others are ultra apolitical, but as said are anti-soviet.

I heard there are big NATO movements in the Baltics right now, anyone got info?

Holy fucking shit that's incredible.

forest brothers infograph I found

Attached: Forest brothers.png (998x2222, 499.39K)

translation pls tovarisch

Red Header:
Forest Brothers of the Baltics from 1940s-1950s
Sputnik (news) investigates what the Forest Brothers did in Lithuania and the other Baltic States

Yellow Header 1:
Victims of the Forest Brothers 1944-1953
Estonia: 887 people killed
56% civilians
33% Fighters and activists (non-Forest Brother partisans and other paramilitary groups)
6% Members of the Militamen
5% Soldiers and Officers of the Soviet/Red Army

Latvia: 2208 people killed
41.6% armed robbery and assault of people
33.7% armed robbery and assault of public/state properties
22.7% Terrorism
1.2% Attacks on Soviets and kolkhoz councils
0.8% diversions/subterfuge/spying

Lithuania: 25,108 people killed
84.6% Lithuanians
15.6% Other nationalities
* Among those Lithuanians killed by Forest Brothers
1002 were children older than 2 years old
52 were children 2 years and younger.

Yellow Header 2: Some Historical Facts from the history of post-war Lithuania

1: ~100,000 Lithuanians were part of anti-soviet underground movements
2: ~30,000 Forest Brothers were liquidated by forces of the Militia
3: ~20,000 Forest Brothers were arrested by the Militia
4: In 1946 the main forces of the Forest Brothers were liquidated by combined forces of the Red Army and Militia
5: In 1955 Amnesty declared by the USSR government put an end to the terror of the Forest Brothers
6: In 1986 in a forest cabin Stasis Huega (I think) was the final Forest Brother to be arrested after 40 years living as part of the underground

Yellow Header 3: Stages of action of the Forest Brothers

1940-1941: (formed) From the moment of Lithuania's entrance into the USSR as a Soviet Republic until the start of WW-2
1941-1944: Period of occupation of Lithuania and Baltics by Nazi Germany (relative inaction by the Forest Brothers)
1944-47: A stage of especially active armed conflict with the USSR after the liberation of Lithuania from occupation - "An Open Phase"
1947-1952: Open armed conflict with USSR - "Partisan Phase"
1952-1957: Stage of subduction of armed fighting with USSR and degradation into banditism (of the Forest Brothers)
1957-1986: Stage of fighting in isolated places and deep underground, little open conflict

Editor: Mile Vikintaite
Designer: Edvinas Mamontovas


Who are these three?
It was a recent article that resulted in the Lithaunian and Estonian governments going full retard and setting their social-media bots on the attack in response and trying to shut-down sputnik on the grounds of revising Baltic history, (ironic considering that part of their reasoning was based on propagating the false myth about the NKVD 'dressing up in Forest Brothers uniform')

English version

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It's a shame watching Neolib Globalist freaks ruin a (relatively) naive culture in real time. Vid related. No embeds whoops.

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based. Thank you

But they didn't have any actual uniform though.

BTW I dug up some stuff on Baltic SS officers and soldiers. The US defended and saved them by declaring them completely separate from the German SS.

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It should have been noted that there were far more Lithuanians(balts?) in SS(killing jews in concentration camps) than Waffen SS (frontline infantry)

Based answer

Mostly correct, but to my knowledge they did use the old Lithuanian military uniforms if they had them (as a few of them were ex-military). From pic related you can see some having uniforms, while others were using civilian clothes.

Don't know about how much Latvian / Estonian SS were involved in concentration camps, but there most likely were no Lithuanians present there, as we didn't have an SS (since the military general of ours who was assigned to lead it sabotaged the campaign and told all of the volunteers for it to desert if I recall correctly, he was shot for it). Not to say "we dindu nuffin", as there were quite a few far right local collaborators who helped with genocide in Lithuania.

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So who did it ? Germans and local non-SS coloborators?

According to wiki
Ypatingasis būrys (Special Squad) or Special SD and German Security Police Squad did it

Maybe not fully dejure, but defacto it sounds like SS to me

Pretty much
Probably the best way to describe it. At least we don't have SS veteran meetups like Latvia or Estonia
A lot of those volunteers were the anti-communist guerrillas who came out from the woods when Germans took over, some of the most reactionary fuckers you can get. (to my knowledge they didn't have that big of a connection with the forest brothers that came about after USSR drove the Germans back, but you'd probably find a few who later joined them)

You seem well-read person. Answer few questions, pleasee

How many Lithuanians wellcomed USSR in 1940's?

How many Lithuanians colloborated with the Germans?

How many Lithauanians fought for the USSR?

How many partisans were there in total in lLithuania?

but that's just a generic long coat and peaked cap. there is no real defining features that says 'We're Forest Brothers"

You're right that there weren't a lot of SS troops from Lithuania but there were, as mentioned by a lot of polizai-type people. From what I know there was only the
One SS diviision, the 1st Lithuanian Waffen SSS, made up of 10,000 Lithuanian troops that joined the SS. The Lithuanian SS were founded in 1941

Сheck this link out on Lithuanian Partisans.Партизанское_движение_в_Литве_во_время_Великой_Отечественной_войны

Don't want this to look like some kind of a hill to die on, but you're wrong, previous pic might have not been to clear, this one is a bit better.
Then again, it is quite likely that most of those uniforms got quite old and used up quickly, thus leading to the use of mostly civilian clothes, though from my understanding partisan commanders liked to keep theirs for basically LARPing purposes.

How many Lithuanians welcomed USSR in 1940's?
From my understanding most working class people welcomed them since the conditions for the poor under Smetona regime were quite shit. Also soviets returned the capital of Vilnius which was occupied by Poland in the 1920's, which made a lot of people welcome the soviets with open arms, since the return of Vilnius was a national dream of sorts for the past 20 years.
Around 50 thousand at their peak according to wikipedia, with around as much local supporters, which isn't that much compared to the population being around 1-2 million at the time.
Don't know much about how many helped the Germans or the USSR though, sorry

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That's arround five(5) percent of population. Give or take.

My grandparents were born in the fifties, but my one friends grandparents were born in the 30's and they have mentioned how people had to ride on horses to school, which was quite expensive.
Pre Soviet Lithuania was agricultural country with climate of Siberia, and none of natural resources so in general people were poor, and it's laughtable how Lithuanian nationalists boast how Lithuania was as rich as tax heaven Switzerland or Nordic countries, which were 'neutral' in both world wars and had tons of resouces.

The most info we have isškoji_divizijaя_стрелковая_дивизия_(2-го_формирования)

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Those uniforms are still basically generic, if you looked at them from the distance and then at soviet or yugoslav or German uniforms there would be little difference visible, especially to civilians. The main difference would be how clean and worn they are, which in the Lithuanian case would mean badly maintained uniforms 5-10 years old.

Considering that the Forest Brothers are roughly 100,000 members that's a comparable force.

On paper yes. In reality, they failed to do anything smart. I.E. Destroying railways to protect people from deportations.

The best analysis I have heard about forest brothers is that it is umbrella term used to descibe: bandits, nazi coloborators, people afraid to join Soviet military, and on only some percentage actuall freedom fighters. That is why some elder Lithuanians supported them, while some still consider them bandits.


Lithuanians on the internet always tell me that theose 300000 lithuanians were deported and during their travel to central asia they were stuffed in dirty cars withoit food and water and most starved and died of deseases on the way