Blue for Sudan

Can someone breadpill me on #BlueForSudan? I know a protestor was killed or something and now every lib had a blue profile pic. What's a leftist take on what's going on?

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It wasn't one protester, it was hundreds killed even more arrested or just disappeared by ex janjaweed

wanna know something about Sudan

Sudan is controlled by a military provisional government which has promised to reform into a democracy sometime next year or later. The people who helped remove Al-Bashir worked with the military, but now that the military is in power the people have pulled their support for the government due to the general sentiment that their revolution was betrayed. Al-Bashir was a Muslim Brotherhood Islamic fundie, from what i can tell, and the people obviously want a more Democratic government, but the military has siezed power instead. It's a shitshow lacking much class consciousness at all. Perhaps someone with Communist leanings will step to the front and lead Sudan to greatness? Probably not, since the US has been interfering so far.

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Didn’t Al-Bashir blow up a US destroyer?

If it's a hashtag with irrelevant symbolism ("blue" this time, instead of white helmets or color revolution) then it's CIA.

the protestors were shot at and raped

The US has been interfering in Sudan for decades now.

Good thing based Macron is stopping the "yellow" vests, right?

The strike that took out al-Bashir was lead by the unions, the whole rebellion was against austerity, and the Sudanese Communist Party is involved, don't know how relevant they are but they've been there from the beginning

Yellow Vests are controlled opposition and not revolutionary at all.

Is that why the police were blowing people's limbs off? Because they're controlled opposition?

Gotta use some proles to make yourself look serious

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I'm sure MLs oppose the protests because they oppose literally anything that anyone in the US backs, but these protests are pretty much the only thing in the world going on right now that has real revolutionary potential (the Yellow Vests are just a shadow of their peak at this point and are incapable of major changes).

It just goes how intellectually bankrupt Stalinists are that they'd rather back a Saudi-sponsored military dictatorship than support the masses of Sudan, just because the US happens to be giving lip service to said masses.

Reported for imperialism

no investigation, no right to speak. unless you can write a ten page essay explaining why this random hashtag is the "true revolution" going on right now, then fuck off.

Oh my fucking god, I don't care about the stupid hastag you little piece of shit. There's actual protests in Sudan going on right now, why don't you talk about that instead of what the retards on Twitter are talking about?

1) I don't even know where you got this "backed by the saudis" thing
2) Ir's irrellevant, the USA and Saudia Arabia are literally on the same side. They're creating conflict because it becomes a weapon sink that they can make money off of, idiot.

Fucking Trots and their idealist bullshit.

Anything supported by the USA today is questionable at best, PERIOD.

Because the Sudanese military council is receiving funding and support from the Saudis for fuck's sake, read the news. Do MLs get information from anywhere other than Espresso Stalinist or fucking Jason Unruhe?
Just because the US and Saudis are on the same side generally doesn't mean they have the exact same interests in every single conflict. And, in this case, the Sudanese protesters aren't receiving any concrete support from the US government. IN all likelihood, America would prefer the military council to stay in power though they obviously can't come out with that as their official position.

you're the one saying we have to support it. so why? what are the objective conditions and character of it that make it revolutionary and anti-imperialist?

this shit really makes you think about how far they can reach and control. i remember seeing this being shilled by celebs, ecelebs and even meme accounts

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I didn't say you had to support the hashtag. I don't know what the fucking hashtag is. I'm saying you should support the protests against the military council in Sudan, which you absolutely should.
Finally, a sensible question. The objective conditions as such are this: The transitional military council is a reactionary bourgeois regime that has the full financial and military support of Saudi Arabia (another reactionary bourgeois regime that happens to be a close ally of the imperialist USA). The protest movement is aiming to create a civilian, popular government in Sudan. This movement has the weight of the masses behind it as well as Sudan's major unions.

Will the movement result in a socialist revolution? Probably not, but again, it's closer to doing so than any other country in the world at the moment, as can be seen by the advanced state of economic mobilization with the general strike that took place. Even if the movement merely establishes a parliamentary bourgeois state, that would still be infinitely preferable to a military regime for the class struggle.

Hence, there is no logical reason for any self-professed socialist or Marxist to oppose these protests. You can't even claim anti-imperialism, because the current regime is a client state of the Saudi and thus, already pro-imperialism.

Don’t you know, you have to defend Saudi Arabaia from Quatari Imperialism. Quatari Imperialism is the primary contradiction today, until they are gotten rid of no class struggle can occur. That means that we have to defend Saudi Arabia.


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You gave basically no useful info or sources in your post. KYS trot.

It's very clear from your responses that you have read literally nothing about the Sudanese protests despite the fact that every serious news outlet has reported extensively on them, so I don't see why I should have to spoonfeed you with sources.


Trump is using Saudi Arabia to go after Washington Post which is made by Benzos who is a key player in the American MIC

So critically support Saudi Arabia

People on Zig Forums actually made me laugh, what the fuck

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I do watch the news, never saw that bit of infor pop-up you jumpy fuck.
Except that they do, because it makes no sense to oppose one another's interests when they're so buddy-buddy.
Frankly it seems a bit unclear as to who and what is supporting and protesting what.

You got that backwards. If both sides realize their importance to one another, they can safely disregard the other's minor interests without fear of critically endangering the strategic partnership.

Sudan on my nuts haha