Andy Ngo’s Expert Grievance Politics

What are your thoughts on the Antifa and Andy Ngo conflict? Is this expert staging to disseminate right wing grievance politics and also to suppress leftist protests? Will they escalate laws against protesting leftist causes? Did Andy Ngo deserve it?

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Cynical hyperreal, staged kafyabe – a rebooted version of the Baudrillard-esque politics of the simulacra. He got punched but the whole event is basically "fake" and the right-wing spectators giving money to this guy now is the equivalent of buying more Chick-fil-A or boycotting the NFL as a form of simulated "politics."

There is also the cynical right-wing redeployment of liberal, professional-class value norms (he's a gay Asian son-of-immigrants so therefore untouchable) designed to screw with the ideological contradictions of liberal professional-class people on Twitter. Greg Gianforte, a Republican candidate for the governor of Montana of course body-slammed a Guardian reporter and Trump called him "my guy" for doing that during a speech and then mimicked body-slamming motions. Gianforte went on to apologize for doing that in a "I'm sorry I body-slammed that dweeb who pissed me off."

But you see, Trump endorsing that act of political-actor-on-media-hack violence is obviously the big Other in this equation who gives this entire self-referential ouroboros a sense of grounding and avoids the existential terror of the Real that lies behind the structure of liberal unconscious: the Real of the political economy and the architecture of violence that maintains it, which Trump cannot solve but brings up and glimpses at, and therefore (in the liberal mind) must be repressed, i.e. "better not punch that little right-wing hack because this will give the right 'ammunition' for the elections" Sorry to Freud out like this but I'm glad the little hack got punched.

Really, journalists like him are snitches who shouldn't be trusted. Corporate media spews nothing but propaganda and misinformation. Manufacturing consent was right and Americans need to shatter this image of the dignified reporter that challenges power and exposes truth for humanity. This wasn't Gary Webb, Ngo stuck his dick in a hornet's nest after deliberately provoking people. And for all you civility scolds out there, go fuck yourselves, he put himself in harm's way. People like him and most journalists are glorified tabloid writers. You think Greenwald would dare to step foot in a Bolsanaro rally? He would not because he's not an idiot and knows people have the capacity to be violent.

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Thank you. That was deep! Also take a look at this post of his earlier. He basically predicts he will be assaulted and then walks through the Antifa crowd slowly. Notice the coordination between right wing outlets after the event? It’s as if there was some people on standby to disseminate victimhood politics for right wing talking points. Even if not, this level of violence doesn’t come close to matching the mass shootings, bombings and terror we see out of right wing fascists. Yet we are likely to see 100 times the response towards Antifa than we would towards right wing fascists. In fact, I predict MSM to label Antifa as left wing terrorists. This all makes a good distraction from Trump’s caging toddlers, and Republicans express support of it i.e. staged.

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It's kind of amazing that a guy named Ngo turns out to really just be a tool feigning neutrality to push an agenda.

Holy hell! That was real brain food, user!

Ngo is a fascist clown. Who cares. Was it staged? No. Will it be used to escalate against the left? Of course, but basically everything is already. He'll go on Carson and make a big stink and everything will go on like it did before.

Not on Antifa side. However, when they said "physical confrontation" fucking expect that and don't get surprise when you got jumped. He's basically bait to the piranhas.

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The narrative was already set down before this ever happened. One way I've been seeing the narrative play out is how this narrative pokes at tensions in two directions. On the one hand, it presents Ngo as this neutral / apolitical journalist type (he's not, and there are none) who is beyond reproach (pure idealism), like "he's not a fascist" and yada yada, so giving him the milkshake and the rock 'em sock 'em treatment is out of proportion to the alleged "fascist threat" that the antifascists claim to oppose, while simultaneously arguing that this plays into the hands of Trump and the right who are basically extreme fascists and we have to do everything we can to avoid playing into their hands, etc.

And that part is bullshit too. Right on cue, the Portland Police are spreading it as well.

The liberal refusal to confront the Real will also play out if Bernie Sanders is elected when he talks about forgiving student debt or nationalizing the health care industry. To actually do that will require the use of state power and coercion to shatter and then take over 1/6 of the U.S. economy and root out the agents of the private insurance industry from the corridors of power forever. That will most likely not happen, however, as liberals (including most self-described "socialists" in the U.S.) expect this to happen with the passage of a bill that says, buried deep down in the footnotes on page 650, that forgiving student debt actually means that your student debt has actually been transferred over to a private buyer who can adjust the interest rate provided you sign up for the military (or something like that).

Yawn, call me when the left starts doing terrorist attacks/mass shootings and create concentration camps where children dying is commonplace.

This right wing pearl clutching is boring.

Literally who the fuck is this faggot?

Isn't this the same guy who got caught taking video of a DSA name list so he could dox them to his far right fan base?

Critically support Republicans in destroying the US Army's recruitment of kids to fight in Syria.

Critically support Republicans in destroying the US, tbh

Nice excuse for doing the dirty work for the neolibs and neocons.
Reminder, Chomsky was part of manufacturing the "war for oil"-myth as an explanation for why the US is engaged in several never ending wars in the Middle-East. At the same time as we ally with Saudi Arabia, why can't we ally with Iran?

No, it's the cope marxists come up with when it becomes glaringly obvious they act as a tool of the plutocrats. Notice how neocons never get this treatment, and they are the chickenhawks who push for war and worker disenfranchisement.

then what's the real reason why America is at constant war in the ME

Unconditionally support Trump in destroying USA

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Eh, um, what's going on here bros? Are we soi bois now?

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Israel. The US can buy oil for a far lower price than going to war. The US also became an exporter of oil during Obama because of fracking and shale oil, this in no way reduced the pressure for ever expanding wars in the Middle-East.

Why is the US regime hellbent on securing oil in the most divisive and expensive manner? Do you think it would be difficult for the US to become an ally of Iran? They border Russia and several unstable states. There used to be a cold war alliance with Iran, until the "Arabists" were purged from politics.

Based soiboys with a medical/support team carrying anti-pepper spray material in a self propelled appropriated product of labor which was almost certainly seized under false pretense of it's use.

I've been arguing this for a while, actually. Trump's been only subversive on the surface level, but the truth is that the US is just a facade at this point so a surface level scratch is running the entire thickness of it.

The US is not and has never been interested in "securing oil" as much as they've been interested in maintaining an economic hegemony over governing the trading of oil between countries. They don't want oil, they're just the mafia members making sure they're getting their cut whenever someone starts trading in it in their town (Earth)

It's not oil per se but the petrodollar. The U.S. dollar remains the world's de facto currency. Accordingly, almost all oil sales throughout the world are denominated in USD. Because most countries rely on oil imports, they are forced to maintain large stockpiles of dollars in order to continue imports. This creates a consistent demand for USDs and ostensibly supports the USD's value, regardless of economic conditions in the United States.

Basically, as long as the U.S. continues to maintain its dominance of the global financial and economic system, thanks to the dollar, its supremacy as a world superpower is hardly questioned. Hence the U.S.-Saudi alliance and the impossibility for the U.S. to abandon this. The U.S. finances its own deficits this way by printing its currency, relying on its credibility as the world's reserve currency and supported by the petrodollar that requires other countries to store reserves of U.S. treasuries.

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The aggression against Iran also weakens this hegemony as European nations are joining Russia and China to disregard the ban on Iranian oil, they did abide by the Iran deal that was agreed upon. Why is it that Trump can do nothing to deliver on the promises that won him the election, but he can deliver on everything the jews want. He has effectively been a jewish supremacist president.

Which is being weakened by the policies pushed by the neocons and neolibs. Bombing the Middle-East and spreading yourself thin, and having a hyper focus on strengthening Israel is self-sabotage. Why can't these greedy hyper-capitalists just seem to adjust their priorities to their economic interest?

Oh, I know that. I just don't think they have the foresight to keep up with the demands of finance anymore. It's just part of a huge logical paradox that's forcing itself to come to resolution sooner or later. And just as importantly, it's a plan that worked over the last 30 years, they just don't have the sort of team they need to pull it off anymore.

Well, no Marxist ever said capitalism is anything but self-destructive. But you should know the Iranians consider this theory of petrodollar warfare as a fact and view that as how the United States operates. The way the whole sanctions thing Trump is doing against Iran right now is by threatening to sanction anyone who buys Iranian oil, as Iran exports oil but must sell it in dollars, and then uses those dollars to import the goods it needs. It's the control over international financial markets via the dollar that allows the U.S. do to this, atlhough Iran has loopholes like just hiding its exports in false-flag tankers with their transponders turned off and China will still buy it, but it's still a pain in the ass to do that and the Iranian economy does get squeezed pretty hard. Basically smuggling. The Iranians are tough though and they nut up and live through it.

He campaigned on supporting Israel to the hilt, moving the capital to Jerusalem, etc. I don't know what you expected. You should not read Zig Forums as that place is full of misinformation. Anyways, Trump's moves benefits Israel of course and that makes the Israel lobby in the U.S. happy, and brings Israel closer together with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. But it's just about business. This Jewish supremacist stuff is really a kind of ideological thing in your head that you need to justify what I suspect are your own ethno-nationalist politics, but that's dumb and ethno-nationalists are easily bribed and always have been. The Nazis got into power once and proceeded to blow themselves to smithereens but for the most part, in most countries, the far right rank-and-file are basically dupes for the big capitalists.

"nationalist" serves Isreal, well isn't this rare?
Stop spending time on Zig Forums you faggot, they literally circle jerk around every single zionist politician across the world

Also I should mention this because it's important, but the U.S. can't attack Iran directly. It's too big (the pops of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria combined) and far more internally united. Iran also has a sophisticated and educated middle-income population, and gaining access to that via internal coup – instead of destroying that population – will be absolutely necessary to maintain global profitability generally by keeping down upward pressure on wages. The world capitalist economy needs to do that especially as China continues to develop, and Iran has a very young population and its working age population will double by 2050 – it might be to 100 million or so but I can't recall the exact numbers.

American nationalism / chauvinism – even when presented as "non-interventionist" or whatever – will always be reabsorbed back into bog-standard neoconservatism, which is the true and objective ideology of American nationalism / hegemony / and capitalist imperialism given the role of the dollar in the world economy, and the fact that capitalism has always required a hegemonic nation to prevent international competition from eroding the requirements of low wages to maintain capitalism's drive for growth.

Basically, you can't treat ideology as existing on this abstract plane divorced from networks of material relations, which is all there really is, mediated by social infrastructure (parliaments, highways, family structures and so on). What I'm saying is that individuals, governments, nations etc. don't actually exist in any kind of idealized sense. And the reason why nobody who gets elected can change anything is because they get elected within the social infrastructure of liberal bourgeois so-called "democracies" that do not allow for worker ownership or international cooperation that goes against these aforementioned requirements.

Watch this:

The people who are educated and paid to think about this can't see the things we can see? The US as an entire ecosystem of pro-Israel lobbies through APAIC, and Israel is getting everything they want and more, at the expense of the hegemony of the US empire but there are no other priorities here? This is silly, there is an enormous infrastructure to pressure politicians to be pro-Israel, and according to you we should not pay so much attention to it. It's not that relevant despite the predictive power of including it to your analysis. Don't you guys like to call you politics "scientific"?

Yes, and it weakens the petro dollar as it starts to pressure the markets to move away from it as the means of trading oil. It would be much better for US hegemony to have a friendlier relationship with Iran and capturing more of the oild trade into the petro-dollar.

He did, but it always polled poorly and can be seen as a way to try to appease the jewish donors to the Republican party like Sheldon Adelson.

Guess what happens to the ones who don't? In Western Europe they either end up in jail, or the MSM puts them in the spotlight and effectively on a harassment list by antifa and deep state. The fact that the Richard Spencer gets assaulted while Ben Shapiro gets book deals for being an ethno-nationalist should cause some cognitive dissonance for you

Are you trying to say that Spencer doesn't support Israel?
And it seems to me that Orban is doing pretty good and so does Le Pen.
The only people who ever speak out against Isreal are on the left, while you faggots keep voting in zionist after zionist.

Are you retarded?
Pretty close to being banned, and their leader was also thrown in jail because of statements she made. But look who you were willing to support for the sake of having more mass immigration, Macron. The new proto-type for American style neocons in France. He is also extremely zionist despite how unpopular that position is both on the left and right (although it is more indifference in Europe)
That is mostly because Hungary largely outside of the Western MSM sphere of media monopoly, and the lack "diversity is our greatest strength" indoctrination. Despite the pro-zionism the EU is still trying to enact sanction on him for being an effective leader against mass-immigration.

Why would it? Spencer along with Bannon and the rest of these guys were dumped overboard because they were no longer useful. Fascists typically cannot self-generate their own "praxis" as it were, because they exist in a fantasy world of medieval swordplaying and conspiracy theories and have no material analysis. The Shapiros of the world do have some material analysis which is mainlined capitalism with America as its hegemonic enforcer; i.e. "more money for us, fuck you."

Fascists are mainly only good as a weapon against the left, which is why the left are always fascists' primary target once they actually get mobilized. This was done in the U.S. via backchannel comms between Bannon and Spencer to stage rallies to bring out the left, with white-power crews then brought in to smash heads with the plan to force the left to "compact." See, once you get your ass kicked, you don't go home and give up but radicalize into a "compaction cycle" in which you react with more extreme measures. This was expertly done in Italy in the 1970s by U.S. and Italian intelligence which employed neo-fascist terror groups to bomb communist neighborhoods in "red" cities like Genoa and Livorno during a period of heightened labor strikes which threatened to shut down the economy. These terror attacks pushed the left into retaliating, which isolated them from the population and allowed the police to move in and establish an emergency state.

The difference with the crew in the U.S. put in to do the Nazi turd-wrangling job after Trump got elected is that they weren't as good at it and fucked it up. Charlottesville was basically an attempt to whip ass and bust commie heads on the street, but the Nazis messed it up by trying to bolster their numbers by recruiting young men – the younger and crazier the better – which seemed like a novel idea at the time (wow, teenagers who are Nazis! Wow!). But the problem with young crazy people is that they always want to one-up each other and they react in unpredictable ways to stressful situations; see the car attack. The same thing happened in Syria when U.S. / Gulf states / Saudi Arabia were funneling all these young crazy people into Syria to stir up the war on Assad, but they ended up self-compacting and the whole plan backfired. Obviously it was on a much, much smaller scale with the Nazis but now you've got these skinhead psychos going "screw your optics" and popping off – this wasn't ever part of the plan.

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Basically the term for this is "strategy of tension" if you've never heard of it. The left knows this is the game and that the cops are actually the ones who objectively set the "terrain" which is why the left tries to avoid falling into these obvious but simple traps. Not always successful but the general idea is you mass as many people as you can, so you outnumber the fash (often by several times) and you rely on a variety of tricks. You don't over-escalate but counter-escalate and hit 'em with milkshakes (currently popular) and just generally rely on classic communist / pop front street strategies of having big, diverse sets of people with the fighters mixed in with the general population. Fash show up and they're met with antifas but also local ministers and so on and they don't know how to deal with it. One guy will punch you while the next guy will pray at you. It flips the tables around to cause stress and tension.

Now it's just a farce like this guy getting milkshaked and crying about the mean ol' left, but he's just in it for the grift. It's sad at this point.

You're the one who's retarded here
You faggots are always so ready to support zionism if they just throw a bone your way.
But keep on shilling your "nationalists" while they sell out their own people and send them off to die across the world.
So are you trying to say that it isn't about the jews now?

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Are you?

And Netanyahu loves him.

I'm not that poster, but literally no one here supported Macron. You realize Melenchon existed, right?

Wrt the mideast - yes, it's US hegemony. And no, the US's actions there are not strictly self-destructive - and yes, it benefits the US's control over oil in the region among other things. Israel is a big player as far as US allies there, but so is Saudi Arabia, so is Qatar, etc. and the US regularly aids these countries in awful dipshit stuff they do while overlooking their crimes (including the extended delay wrt openly going after Saudi involvement in 9/11).

Son of a South Vietnamese refugee here.

I fucking hate reactionary rightist Viets and I hate hiding my power level.

You can't even talk about social democracy without raising an eyebrow. It's so tiresome.

fuck off

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you do realize that the only reason the us supports israel apart from evangelical interests is to have a stronghold in the MENA region to maintain their interests and be in an optimal position for the exploitation of iran right..israel would be dropped by the US otherwise and it would languish

I need to grift some money off of dumb right wingers. Should I setup a GoFundMe for building a border all? Or go to an abortion rally and get beat up by pro-choicers? Or get in a Native American dudes face with a MAGA hat?

These guys are making bank preying on right wing reactionaries! I bet I can clear 200k-500k next year on right wing gofundme alone.

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Setting up a gofundme for a wall would be the easiest. Remember all those gullible boomers when that one guy started it & took off with all the money?

antifa are macho first worlders who think politics is a sports game. I see them as selfish little kiddies who need to take a long hard look at themselves and stop pretending to speak for the left.

Talk about the neccessity of violence in a revolutionary moment all you like. This ain't it. Violence should be a last resort, tool in self defence. This isn't self defence. it's moral grandstanding. If you support this, you basically support the idea that justice can be done by going around in masks punching people. Fuck that. That's not socialism that I recognise.

Of course they can see it, they just don't have the ability to come up with short-term solutions to short-term problems that don't threaten long-term stability of the hegemony anymore. It just means we're at a point in a crisis where every negative downside is piling up and the positive advantages are vanishingly small as people go with constantly choosing to Betray in a prisoner's dilemma problem.
Of course we see pro-Israel lobbies, it's just a question of what explanatory power this has over the simple explanation that the US wants to maintain control in the Middle East already?

the native American approached the boys, not the other way around

Why are people crying for fash and fash enablers?

You don't see this outpouring when say Cockshott gets no platformed for his anti-trans and anti-gay stuff. It's always some rightist shitlord that deserves to be beated up that brings out the crocodile tears. is the only response you need.

Also this is proof that right-wingers are faggot submissives who get off on their victim complex. Fucking disgusting. Not surprised it's a twink doing this horseshit.

This. I have developed a serious contempt for these wealthy first-world college kids who lack both the theory that must be the pride of real scientific socialism and the humanitarian approach to all human and social issues.

They are just stupid kids who want to beat people and be an intimidating gang. That's not what socialism is about. We don't need more adventurers thirsty for a nihilist changing experience of impulsive violence. These type of characters have always proven to lack the honesty, compromise and theory needed to do something constructive.

it's simply the state of american culture

because periods of moral degeneracy require strong men to take control

antifa aren't the ones privatising all your public services and outsourcing your jobs. they may be a joke, but you should maybe save your "contempt" for larger fish

And where do I imply I don't have contempt for big capitalists, corporations and so on? It's just that the topic of the thread is antifa. We are on leftypol, I don't think that we need to be explicitly saying we are anti capitalists every time we post, seems kinda redundant to me.

based anti gusano. why hide your power level tho? your background gives you a ton of leverage around non-vietnamese people in the US especially

Do they still leave out food for rat gods on the fence-posts? My family lived in San Francisco back during the late 60's and so. Vietnamese have so many spooks.

No really, the guys who left Vietnam because of MUH COMMIES would fucking leave out food for FUCKING RATS in the neighborhood and RATS would come.

Baudrillard? Simulacrum? seriously? Do you faggots always name drop theories this mindlessly? You faggots need to lay off the polysyllabic 20th century sophistry. I could probably do the same shit to describe your own antifa faggotry with smelser. Come back into the real world. You dumb faggots are giving the right exactly what they want.

Christ, like how in the fuck are you niggers balls deep on hegel and marx yet don't understand that shit like this will provoke a reaction?

This shit is going to have consequences. Normalfags outnumber both you and the NutSacs, and they will have no problem putting you and your deification of academia and class-warfare up against the wall.

Right now it seems like the whole thing is either too muddy or insignificant to get mainstream traction. Other than the Tapper tweet I haven't seen it anywhere but Twitter, and Twitter is mostly just leftists and alt-righters fighting with a little liberal hand wringing from the usual suspects. Even checking CNN's homepage there's nothing about it anywhere, and in fact there's a special report on rising white supremacist movements (which surprised me given CNN's usual shit).

Mainly, the media spent so much time downplaying the street violence in Portland that has been escalating that they can't just suddenly start talking about how Portland street violence is a Very Serious Concern. Combined with the fact that neither side gives a shit and isn't gonna move from where they are, and that centrist libs are cowards and will remove themselves from the discussion when they find out nobody is going to listen to their tut-tutting, especially when in a couple days it turns out that Ngo lied about everything, means that yeah probably nothing will happen from it.

Civility wonks deserve to be shot, fuck em

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Why doesn't the Portland mayor just fire the police? It's obvious they are in league with a paramilitary organization.

The cops confirmed it was quick dry cement, for what that's worth. There's also the case where one of them tried to bash a guy's head in because he was trying to stop them from beating up another guy. I think they're probably controlled opposition because this crazy shit doesn't make us look good at all.

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< I think they're probably controlled opposition because this crazy shit doesn't make us look good at all.

Dude, the Nazis literally said SCREW YOUR OPTICS I'M GOING IN

The Actual Literal Nazis are beyond the point of giving a shit about optics, people only side with the most batshit insane, people don't go with weak horses they go with the strong.

We literally have Nazis going about shooting up the place and they get mad when some milkshakes are thrown in.

No they didn't. Also that's a proud boy so who cares.

It is more about the monopolization of oil supplies than anything else. Not to say that Israel has a huge lobbying in USA but that doesn’t exclude the thrust for oil.

Trusting the cops

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Yeah, fair points.

Have the cops released an official statement on the cement question or is it just one of those Zig Forums rumors that they keep reposting?

Hint: The cops saw tweets from fascist sympathizers from out of state promoting this lie and shared it because they share a common enemy with the far right (the enemy is the left). And Portland Police are known to collaborate with these far right groups. Alt-right grifters in the area though paint the police and the mayor as in league with antifa because they use that to raise money from idiotic conservatives online.

The cops are spreading pol rumors. See the tweet.

What a fucking pussy

fuck fascists
no sympathy

After this whole shit simmered down. There will be no resolution that I can see. Antifa and Patriot Prayer will still fight, folks like Ngo get beat up and people will use this as a smear for the left. Get their money. Repeat. It's just a cycle. I would feel sympathy for the guy if he wouldn't exposed himself to these anarkiddies like a retard.

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neither are random conservatives with a twitter account.

American antifa are cowards at their core, because it's always random losers they attack and not capital or the state, because they know they'd lose. They glorify violence but make sure to only use it against weaklings. they are pathetic.

Also Antifa are retarded

Does anyone else think the obsession with "facism" is almost pathological.

Not that facism doesn't need bashing, but what about neoliberals. They are killing millions right now, but somehow antifa types thing they are rebelling when they punch some guy who once used a slur on the internet (or whatever) rather than say going after institutions of capital etc.

why is there no antineolib?

Reality: They're vegan milkshakes that you make with powder. And cement doesn't set if you mix it with sugar. But feel free to trust Portland PD ( who have provided zero evidence of any cement whatsoever) and who have a known history of collaborating with Proud Boys.

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Seems like a good idea not to attack the state then! Why go into a battle you're gonna lose? Seems pretty obviously not a good idea to me dummy

Well it's my impression this Andy guy calls himself a centrist liberal or whatever so by your standards you should be glad the crusty smacked him

You know these false-flag cop ops are pretty transparent where you go "yeah, you wanna be a real man? Then you should not build a bottom-up anti-fascist leftist community but do [a bunch of highly illegal vanguardist stuff] instead" – this works on the Zig Forums though and the far right because they actually do fall for that kind of thing.

Because 1) he doesn't care and 2) he wants the support of the police. Everyone here absolutely hates Wheeler precisely because he's a milquetoast limp dick. (Evidently, Wheeler has received a total of 1 donation for his upcoming re-election campaign). Most left leaning people want the current city councilor, a progressive black woman named Jo Ann Hardesty, to be put in charge of the police bureau because she partially ran her campaign against the documented violence of the Portland police. The current police chief is another black woman named Danielle Outlaw, whose bootlicking skills might even be admired: she has never apologized for anything, made fun of the guy who just a year ago was nearly killed by the Portland police when he took a gas grenade to the head, and might as well have denied the whole "police officer openly works with fascist group" debacle. Outlaw, by all appearances, seems to have Wheeler by the balls since nobody else likes him, even though the police also hate Wheeler for even attempting to downsize them and not being hard enough on the protestors in a city where anti-cop sentiment is basically expected. So while doing so might help his image short turn, he'd also be cutting off his last life line, and there's already no chance of re-election.

In short, it's because Portland politics are a fucking mess where nobody likes the government (save a couple members like Hardesty) but where everyone is powerless to stop them in any meaningful way until next year.

PP will be completely disbanded in a year or two. Their size decrease with every "demonstration." Last year they flew people out to increase their numbers, whereas this year they only got about 40-50 people total. It doesn't help that the main guy's reputation in the right has dwindled correspondingly. Antifa, by all appearances, has won here. I don't think Zig Forums gives them enough credit.

PP screwing with Cider Riot also seemed like a big error.

Frankly PP does nothing but make errord. There's a reason they seem to be a laughing stock even among the right: they're totally incompetent. They have no agenda other than brawling. They seem to have no interest in meaningful organizing, establishing any sort of platform, or trying to make any sort of propaganda. By all appearances PP is unrealpolitik.

The fact that the Proud Boys, who are also idiots but are infinitely better organized, actually chose work alongside them would seem to reflect what kind of internal organisational issues are going on in the right these days. My guess is that it's out of desperation and opportunism.

Honestly seems like Wheeler would have been better off siding with antifa since conservative idiots all over the country think he's really the one in charge anyways. At least the left will do GOTV ops

Update for anyone who cares:

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Here's the "recipe"

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Here's the actual recipe posted by Pop Mob

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The soymilk is a dead giveaway

Everything about it raises an eyebrow.


New statement from the Portland police Union basically demanding that they be allowed to beat up people.

Also: any other lefty Portlanders on here?

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Cops have unions know?

Lots of cities have police unions. It's one of the big reasons why cops almost never get fired. I know it's Vox, but it lays out the power of police unions:

Yes and they're one of the few unions that still have political power in the US.


This anti-fascist, Vietnamese invader deserved it. Props to Antifa. Hahaha

Except they didn't "sleep", I don't know if you weren't paying attention but those all got major media attention. I haven't seen much of the Antifa thing outside of rw twitter and some smaller conservative outlets.