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Communist Party of Great Britain, more like Cum Party for Gay Boys lmao

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So is brexit still happening or no. I don't want the EU to be spared this blow and this boris guy seems like he would deliver?

I think so? Fuck knows why people are talking of a GE, it makes absolutely zero sense for the Tories to call one. Then again I think a lot of people even at the top have BDS at this point.

That's not the point. The govt has a majority of 3 (three) even with DUP support. That means if 2 more centrist Tories abandon it, a general election will be mandatory. A 2019 GE is free money.

Would Corbyn cuck out to the europhile liberals in the labour party?

Brexit Derangement Syndrome.
Probably as the membership largely want it and it's just a coalition of 20% of member + Unite keeping Labour from doing so. Labour need Brexit to go through, but also need to back a second referendum in the last days of EU membership.

Didn't they have a majority of just 8 in 2017?

To a great extent he already has accepted the FBPE nonsense, and in any case he would not have full control over Labour's election manifesto. It is certain that Labour would campaign for 'Remain and reform' if we have an election.

Don't know but the defections they've suffered since then have brought them close to the brink and having Boris as leader on a hard-Brexit platform would be a dealbreaker for many.

Thing is for all the throwing a fit the Tory Remainers do they never act on it, I don't think I've seen them come up pro-Remain in a single vote, they're window dressing.
They'll probably be swayed by the whips threatening them with Jeremy Corbyn's USSR2, or their dirt getting put in the papers, or just having them dragged through the press for weeks for "betraying Brexit".
This isn't forgetting that there are no doubt some CUK's who will be coming back/voting with them.

Even more than the second ref is the idea that Labour would campaign for remain.

Would that mean that a labour member could be expelled for campaigning for brexit?

I'm pretty sure Corbyn has said if there was a 2nd ref he wouldn't pick a side.

Important to note that even though 20% of the membership support Brexit the vast majority of the membership supports Corbyn and would pick a Corbyn government over remaining in the EU. The only people who really care about the EU are Blairite wankers, half of which don't even know what the EU even is

there's something strangely distant about it all, isn't there?
even though plenty of noteworthy internet figures are british - sargon and hbomberguy or what have you - they basically feel as distant as americans, don't they? it's completely detached from how we live our lives here on this grey little island. being paid to make youtube videos, and the style of what they create. it's alien.

somehow despite being in the middle of it, it all fades away. it rarely gets attention in this thread, or down the pub, but we're all still out there looking at it when we get home and sit on the computer. it hasn't really entered public life, despite flooding our private lives and elevating a chosen few from here to public life there, on the internet.


Isn't Jo Swinson the one on camera trading cuts for bag charges?

based ASA
(linking the tweet rather than the article because iirc telegraph paywalls unless you're referred.)

They've become Ukip for remainers now.

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WTF I love Boris now.

There's talk of Boris proroguing parliament to cripple the government over the deadline, causing a de facto Brexit. Shit will really hit the fan then.

I just finished watching MotherFatherSon, boy, that was depressing. Maybe next I should mix it up a bit with A Very British Coup. Though really that seems like it will leave a bitter taste in my mouth too.

Nah, way too hopeful. Watch Children of Men.

Already seen that years ago, don't usually like to rewatch stuff. I have it on my shelf though.

I'm gonna try to have a more positive attitude. Maybe I'll start by at least watching classic TV and movies instead of reddit reading videos 24/7 while I game.

I think CoM has a good spot for rewatchability, with a third of it being really good single shots. Have you ever watched Brazil?

Yeah, I have, been a good 5+ years though. Thanks for the recs though man. I've been sad lately, a lot. I'm not sure if dark, cynical political movies will really help but at least it's better than the apathy of YT autoplay.

Was it the directors cut? That's the only real version to watch. I wouldn't say it's a dark film, even though it is on paper. It's a satire of the British state.
np fam
Have you ever seen Dr Strangelove? That's probably the peak of dark but hilarious. People always get mad at me for saying it's Kubrick's best film

Of Brazil? Dunno, don't really remember.

I dunno man, I'm in a bad place I think. A sad ending will just make me sad about the narrative of the movie, and a happy ending will just make me sad about real life not living up. So it seems I can't win.

And yes, I love Strangelove. It's certainly the best of Kubrick I've seen, but then again I can't really stomach the perfectionism and long pointed silences kind of filmography he's more known for.

There's two cuts of Brazil, the cinema cut where he escapes with everyone and they all live happily ever after.
Then there's the director's cut where all of this turns out to be him dissociating himself from reality and imagining it all as he's trapped in a torture room as he's killed over hundreds of trumped up charges from destroying a fleet of company cars (after crashing one) and culminating in him wasting company time *turns over page* and paper.

I can't even think of any light British films, do we have any besides romcoms?

Oh, yeah, I saw the torture ending lol. That's kind of what I was referring to as being depressing heh.

I dunno, I'm not really asking for a light movie, just lamenting my own mental frailty.

You need to put it to the back of your mind, you're in a safe environment and you're not doing anything foolish. If anything bad happens then we're all along for the ride.

What do normie yuropians think of latin america and Brazil especificaly? What are your thoughts on Brazil? The Brazillian position on Brexit is that it was a fucking mistake and you guys are fucked, even communists are cringing at the idea of Brexit, it was handled so poorly that libertarians have literally are incapable of having an opinion on this whatsoever.

I dunno, it seems as if every Brazilian institution is falling apart under rampant corruption, but then again in the first world we're just more polite at being able to hide it. I worry for my comrades under Bozo and for the Amazon in particular. Hopefully his government will topple soon but I sort of doubt it.

Brazil seems like a cool place, it's got drugs, guns, girls with big dicks (personal opinion), girls with big butts. Fucking awesome man. Wish you guys were next door but without the gun crime.
Probably not a nice place to be on the bottom of though.
Everyone seems to agree that Latins in general are cool as fuck, and we love the cocaine.
The world is a mess and someone has to push through towards tomorrow, NATO/EU/IMF etc are corrupt as fuck and we're in the best position to push ahead.

Fingers crossed lads.

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Bls stob buying gogaine
Dauder is now married to drug lord

I-is this the true power of Lexit? M-masaka!

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You know, I completely understand why capitalists do what they do.
Reading polling results like that, I find it very hard to convince myself that these people deserve anything good. Intellectually I know that it's just the result of a very well funded and sophisticated propaganda machine, but on the other hand they are practically begging Porky to crush them even further.
The ones I really feel sorry for are their children who haven't yet embraced the Stockholm syndrome.

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I understand your feelings and most of the time I would agree with you my man, it's difficult not to feel angry at the voters and non voters for their terrible decisions, but this time it really is the fault of Corbyn's terrible strategy.

So what would you have Corbyn do? If Brexit happens and is terrible no one will blame him at the end of the day, except the libshits who are out to get him. Equally if Labour take power and avert Brexit, no one will thank him for it. The libshits will just find another pretext for hating him and the anti-establishment working class will curse him for disregarding the referendum result.

Unironically this.

Its only one poll, and its a yougov one as well. The vast majority of people only tune into politics during election cycles so most people still have the EU elections in their head. I would suspect lib-dems/Brexit vote share to drop over time. If you actually look at the average of all polls in the past few months Labour are ahead.

Appearing might help. Even if all he did was rub in that the government was a shambles without being pinned down on a Brexit position it would be an improvement on the present. I haven't seen his face on TV for months. (Granted I don't really watch TV, but those who do don't pay attention so i'm still basically a representative sample.)

All schoolchildren [X] be taught about gay relationships in schools:

Should: 59%
Should not: 25%

via @YouGov, 12 - 13 Jun
h/t @PinkNews

A person [X] be able to to self-identify as a gender different to the one they were born in:

Should: 56%
Should not: 23%

via @YouGov, 12 - 13 Jun
h/t @PinkNews

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Oh please what else can Corbyn do? A compromise between Leave and Remain is the only way to show that there is politics above and beyond Brexit

there needs to be seizing of that database and a cultural revoution

Tbf that already happened with Ashley Madison and nothing changed.

because you dont have red guards

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well there is also that shitty people are more successful so they are more closer to the top in the hierarchy which itself makes people more right wing, so it is partially mediated through SES

Euhh, I think it's just that adulterers are shitty. They don't value other people's feelings, therefore they're right wing slime.

They are, that is why I said partially. It doesn't say in this picture but bullies also do have higher incomes later.

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hot. sauce?

Who cares.

Tbh if you give people a chance not to be retarded the fuckery you were going to end up with without even giving them the chance can at least go down with some nice smooth schadenfreude. It's all totally meaningless outside of GE time too, and there won't be a GE until Brexit is resolved due to Tories polling so low and being threatened by BXP.

Really makes ya think.


The thinkings never end.
What's Syria sanctioned for anyway?

Arms, basically to prevent people giving guns to Damascus or anyone else (lol like that actually happens).
Also ofc the Spanish would lie about what it's about they want every excuse to get Gibraltar and "The UK is being an American puppet pls recognise Gibraltar as ours Tehran" is one.

wasted trips tbh

just when i think the UK party scene deciding to stage a reenactment of 90s yugoslavia is the stupidest thing scottish politics has to come along and outrank it.

british politics may have been destroyed by the EU, that's a pretty respectable plot twist from the parties marching in lockstep to US orders, but Scottish one-party governance looks set to be obliterated by TERFs of all things.

Also imagine attacking Mhairi Black, one of like the four SNP MPs that is known outside of Scotland. Also probs a future leader andalso someone that if she left the SNP would 100% still win a seat. Seriously Mhairi Black could be a Scots Green or even SSP (she claims to be a Benninite) MP if she wanted to. Attacking her is thick.
But honestly this was inevitable: the SNP has a weird mix of 40/50 conservative feminists, centrist dads, and liberal students. You cannot hold that together during the culture war.

The EU will probably destroy Scottish politics eventually too, their system works under the UK in the EU, not under the EU alone. They're like 5% over the the 3% deficit cap.

Yeah, mostly because the SNP wanna run a petroeconomy in 2019. Unrionically the Venezuela attack-line is true about them.
There's also the fact that like 1/3rd of ScotsNats are eurosceptic. That is gonna cause a split sooner or later.

But it is not as if that they are okay with how the Tories are managing Brexit anyway

ukpol is one hell of a place

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Remoaner central?

I sincerely hope the people who use this word never complain about an election outcome again.

Basically there's a big core group of retards who repeat the same soundbites non stop all day every day, and then you get brainlet takes like this thrown into the mix constantly. It's LD and remainer central. There's some good posts every now and then, and some of the posters provide constant entertainment like EtchyTWA, who constantly posts one sentence hard truths the sub refuses to acknowledge and gets downvoted by half the sub and gets pure salt replies.

It was dumb calling them remoaners in the weeks after the referendum, now they really are remoaners.

Honestly I've heard a metric fucktonne of "moaning" from both sides. My anti-brexit friends insist we're all doomed to a horrible brexit, and my pro-brexit friends insist we're all doomed to a horrible non-brexit.
I wish people would just understand that there are literally hundreds of more important issues to be upset about than fucking brexit.

Leaving the EU is required to implement any sort of socialist policy at all, soooo… no. It is, in fact, a gatekeeper issue.

I think brexiters are a different kind of retarded to remainers, but everyone obsessed with it is definitely some kind of retarded. Going back to my original post, if I posted this on ukpol a remainer would scream IT IS THE BIGGEST EVENT IN OUR LIVES at me unironically.

and your solution to the irish border issue is what?

BINO 'em and have the mainland treat them as the EU.

That's cute and all but I mean a solution that won't lead to civil war. I mean did we forget about that?

Leave Antoinette alone!

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It won't, what are the loyalists going to do? Start a revolution against the UK to remain entirely in the UK? Just slip it in on B-Day and say you'll fix it later and it's purely to avoid a hard border, then never do it.

Yeah, why would people go commit terrorism for a totally hopeless cause? Wouldn't that be weird? Good thing that would never happen in NI.

I'm sure they'll be fine, we'll send them all plates with the queen on or something to smooth it over.

And people accuse me of being contemptuous of the concerns of regular working people! Lordy!

But sure let's piss away peace in NI, that's surely easier than just ignoring the EU when we don't like what they tell us like plenty of other countries do.

Loyalists can be repatriated to the mainland.

Oh boy, ethnic cleansing, why didn't I think of that?

Poor fucking reactionaries.

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We're not ethnically cleansing them, we're just… moving them around a bit.

Do you think they like Freddie Mercury?

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Actually, why am I suggesting repatriating fucking reactionaries? Just shoot them.

ecks dee guys

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Utopians are the fucking worst posters.

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everyone i disagree with go 2 gulag XD

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The real ecks dee is not leaving the EU over a colonial backwater.

g2g (go 2 gulag)

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Amazing how these people are still living in a world where being a lawyer qualifies you to be PM. Also stop fucking going to that site and then complaining about it here.

I do love it when you drop by with your stale talking points.

Labour-DUP government wen tbh.

the DUP offered to prop up Labour in the 1979 confidence vote in exchange for a gas pipeline to the mainland but they turned it down since it would've been far too obvious a bribe and only bought about 6 more months in power.

There is now a larger gap between the GDP per capita of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland than there was between West and East Germany at reunification.

Sunny Jim should've embraced


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Could the government theoretically make NI a British Overseas Territory kind of thing where it could stay in the EU (working slowly towards reunification without bankrupting the Irish Republic with Solidaritätszuschlag ) as a new member state, while still being sufficiently British to appease Unionists?

Obviously the practical time for such a move has long passed, but if Greenland can be an autonomous part of Denmark but also not in the EU, surely NI can be an overseas territory but in the EU while the rUK is not.

Tbh this is basically what the EU proposed originally as the backstop tbf: keep Norn in the Single market if the UK doesn't reach a deal with the EU during the after-negotiations for a trade deal. Obviously the political win of the UDA said no to this.