How can anyone cling to such a failure as socialism? Reminder

How can anyone cling to such a failure as socialism? Reminder

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Don't forget the 40 million landlords shot by Castro and Che, the 70 million South Vietnamese massacred by Ho Chi Minh, and the 80 million people fed to wild dogs by Kim Jong Il.

are you ?

Maybe :^)

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Next time it will be 1 billion

Thanks user, I laughed.

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Rightist knows jack shit anything about socialism/communism, so of course it's gonna be obviously shit.

Had a guy claiming "billions" the other day.


OP is bait but still,

life-expectancy and population numbers increased during soviet heavy industrial construction period (Stalin-era) by about 20 years in one generation, when capitalism was introduced in Russia in the 90's there was a huge increase in the death rate, and a decline in population, and the economy tanked so badly that it took Russia 16 years to crawl back to Soviet levels. And they never fully recovered in terms of technological capacities.

For China you see a similar story of drastic increasing (nearly doubling) life-expectancy during Mao era , and if you compare the post Mao era china with a comparable capitalist nation like Inda, it becomes very clear that the remaining communist state apparatus is driving a historically unparalleled reduction in poverty. If you were to deduct the poverty reduction in China, then poverty is increasing in the capitalist world.

And by the way socialism is increasing popularity because capitalists are stealing surplus from society, in ever more brutal and destructive ways, that even in wealthy first world nations life expectancy of certain groups are starting to decline.

If you want to complain about totalitarian behaviour of states, then you have to understand that this is caused by wealth inequality. The walls that separate people always pop up along the lines of steep wealth-gradients, this can be seen with the iron-curton that got more permeable as the wealth disparity between east and west was reduced, there has been decreasing border permiability between mexico and USA as income levels are become more unequal, and Europe is building a giant frontex fence in anticipation of the climate change induced drought migration. You can also look inside countries were in the so called "free world" civil liberties are being abolished as the income inequality increases.

You cannot complain about communist political systems, while at the same time upholding a economic system that produces billionaires, privatised mini tyrants that stand above the law. The fact that there still is house-less people in the first world in the 21 century even though there are in many places more empty houses then homeless people , means that capitalism is not a viable system, you cannot defend such a comically poor resource allocation system. Considering that there still are millions of people being starved to death every year because they lack money-points, means it's dystopian night-mare were despite ample food production it is withheld from people because of market-ideology.

Capitalism= homelessness & starvation. Systems can only be judged by how they treat the "lower sphere's" of their society.

Communism is (inter)National Soycialism.

Nazism on a GLOBAL scale.

slocism killed like a GORILLION pipol unlike free market CAPITALSM which has never been tried !¡

One billion petty bourgs wiped out so the world can finally know peace.

Fucking kek'd

Fascist states are socialist, apparently. Because to intellectually bankrupt leftists pretending to be intellectually bankrupt rightists like OP (it’s okay, I get that this breed of intellectual bankruptcy is obsessive in its enslavement on the right), there’s no difference between China’s system of pet billionaires, Stalinism, and Scandinavia.

The amount of liberals and reactionary fucks un-ironically spouting this shit on a daily basis made me take this post somewhat seriously until the USA bit.

Your forgot to include

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I saw a guy once unironically claim trillions because of the "possible births" that the deaths and famines somehow prevented

leftyfags BTFOD!

GDR didn't cause the holocaust or WW1 or 2.