Dumb flags

post your best meme flags. Real and fake.

Long live anarcho-market-trotskyism

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4th International logo is bad aesthetics, it feels like something thrown together in the last minute by confused or careless people, just like this flag. The combo "tool, tool, number, all equal together" is weird, one thing doesn't fit. Two or three tools forming a number or letter can work as can having a numbers/letters forming the shape of something else.

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The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

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Amerimutt's brainchild

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Based tranny destroying the political spectrum.

Yeah, good thing I came up with a better trot flag.

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EU fixed

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We already got that

I found this gem the other night from the heart and soul of America, youtube rants with less then 10 views. Just try to guess what it's for

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My first thought was cops, but what did he say france? It seemed like it's about some burger state.

leftmost flag is pretty accurate actually

He said Frantzia at first, which I have know idea what that is supposed to be, but then he said he changed his mind and it's now the flag for the Democratic Socialist Republic of America

Only relevant are red&black and totalitarian tank driven by stalin.

This but unironically. Also the flag need to be orange and not ancrap yellow.

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The grenade one is a real nazbol flag. Used by russian nazbols since their hammer and sickle flag was declared extremist or something

does this person still post? what is their twitter?


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didn't this thing sleep with a bunch of right wingers and turn them gay or something? i think it was atomwaffen, but i'm not sure.

Entire Nazbol party became illegal, grenade is a flag of the successor one.

I like how he has the Hammerheart cover as his YouTube logo.

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Nice. Glad to see one of my flags getting posted.

LibComs approve!
Well, Limonov is still the leader and Nat.Bol. still is pretty much their ideology. But they refounded themselves as the party "Other Russia" that's true indeed. The grenade flag really looks less legit than the previous one tbh.

Second one looks like a Libertarian PRC. Now daz epic.

Pics related are some retarded flags I specifically made for this thread.

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I was able to find this

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1st flag is Satanic Anarcho-Raƫlian Naztrot, the second is Anarcho-Dengism, third is Jewche, and the fourth is my take on a Posadist flag.


that faggot is no different than any other e-thot.

What do you use to make these? Like photoshop or something, or is there a program you download?

Supposedly Atomwaffen, but iirc they live in South America so it seems dubious. Only heard this rumour over the last week or so too and it's way after their pics became a meme.
One of the Atomwaffen guys even went on stupidpol to deny it lmao.

Illustrator is pretty easy to learn and pirate, that would be a good start. You can learn it by googling what you want to do each step of the way, just requires a basic idea of what steps you need to get what you want. Using premade vectors will save you a load of time, you can get them off google images (ideally transparent, but you can get rid of the single colour backgrounds with the tool, if it's on a more complicated background for whatever reason you'll be better off running it through photoshop first.)

b00t is from the US and has apparently slept with numerous atomwaffen members including some leadership. honestly fucking hilarious tbh
t. retard who knows like 3 guys involved in atomwaffen

Thinking about it the denial from the leadership makes me think it's more likely haha, I thought they lived in Chile or something for some reason.
What's it like being connected to America's greatest LARP?

most atomwaffen/similar groups breach some major rule, whether it be race mixing, faggotry etc. it almost proves right that meme theory about repressed homosexuality resulting in fascism/
it's funny tbh, for me now it's just a matter of overhearing retard drama which usually involves someone coming out of the closet, having a homosexual relationship or getting arrested.

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But user, what if qt trans girls just want big fashy men to plow their tight little boipussies and treat them like objects? Seems like a perfect synthesis to me.

Look if Zig Forums can supply the qt traps then I believe a new Molotov-Ribbentrop pact can be made against common enemies.

Way to buy directly into their memes (or just being shitty false flaggers) fucking die you dumb fucks either way the world doesn't need you.

She was also on Vaush's FBI server for a short while, funnily enough she wasn't banned for being.. whatever the fuck she is, she was banned for NSFW stuff in the non-NSFW channels