Is Trump literally /our guy/, comrades?

Is Trump literally /our guy/, comrades?

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I must say, as a non-american I appreciate him more and more.

Gotta say, he is /ourguy/

His administration has unintentionally accelerated the decline of US power, but I definitely don't think he is /ourguy/. Shitty meme tbh.

Trump sucking his dick nothing else.

Jimmy Carter doesn’t like him, so no.


Unironically yes.

Western capitalists and liberals mad as fuck

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Here I was thinking you were fucking around.

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War is better than permanent peace

I'm going to add

Hell no he is a traitor.

"???" is not a reply

except this never happened

Have fun

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He only good thing he has done is nucked the free trade system. That’s it. Also aiding Rojava was cool, but that shit started under Obama. Most of what he has done is shit, like pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord and expanding fracking are shit. Deregulation of ISPs is shit. Xenophobia is shit. Placing travel bans on Cuba and the DPRK is shit.

Amazing innit?

neo con pls go

Stopping legals is good

he's more of an /inevitability/ of what modern america excretes out of its asshole

A crappy Democat would do the same things but wouldn't atleast supply the far right with some ammo and would only further drive the point the Democrats are not the party of the left.

lol dank memes are "ammo" now

I highly doubt a Dem would bulldoze the WTO like Trump did. Which is probably the only good thing he did. The only hope of revolution in the first world is if it reprolitarianizes, and to do this offshoring needs to be reversed, or at leas stopped. And pulling out of free trade agreements has started that process.

No. Dank le memes are not "Ammo". But he's militarizing,building concentration camps for a unwanted minority group and empowering people who believe migrant children (aka scary non whites who VOTE) shouldn't have beds,toothpaste or soap,shutting down labor power (more so then generic libcucks),dogwhistiling the ACTUAL Fascists multiple times,disastrous muh COAL muh Oil pipelines muh Israel capital and embassy and his Huge tax cuts are a lot worse then what benefits he brings when you could get some Retard Republican who dosn't do half as much.

You don't have to "vote" in a watered down retarded Hitler who further throws the rest of the country with it's state power further right and nationalistic when you could "vote" in a retarded Ted cruise or or something who will still fuck shit up. Perhaps even a "moderate" Democrat would show the disillusionment between the party and the people.

Just saying you can do that stuff without someone who shits all over everything else and empowers legitimate Fascists. 1920's Germany You don't need to vote in Hitler when a hardline Conservative would still shit the system regardless and atleast the conservative wouldn't go and put Socialists in concentration camps maybe just fuck with their newspapers and right to public gatherings.

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He's just like me.

I'm with you on everything except Trump being worse than other Republicans. I mean he is on several major things, but he's also actually better on foreign policy so far. Like he and Bush are pretty much even until we invade Iran.

So did Obama

Denencion centers that keep people for a few months then send the to Mexico and literal DEATH CAMPS are two very different things. Yes, what Trump is doing to illegals is bad, but equating them with death camps is dishonest.

So did Obama.

Tax cuts are pretty meaningless so long as welfare spending isn’t cut, deficit spending is actually pretty good, because when revolution occurs and the debt is defaulted on, Porky will loose a bunch of assets.

There were concentration camps that weren't death camps, no?

Barry O literally took the military equipment program away from cops. One of the first things Trump did was give it back.

Yeah I agree but at least we aren't indiscriminately bombing a new country for Israel or plotting the overthrow of socialist nations like Hilldawg and Obama did in the middle east.

Yes, but Obama didn't openly shit nationalism and change his mind on killing Iranians halfway though a attack.
No Soap, like at all, no toothpaste so rotting black teeth and toothaches, Children in crusty soiled clothing,mothers in clothing stained with breastmilk,no beds (have to sleep on hard cold concrete) overcrowded, not too mention rape and physcial abuse that goes on when pigs get free reign on a unliked minority. These aren't detention camps these are underfunded overcrowded torture camps ran by wife beaters and dog killers who beat their own prisoners and don't supply the most basic of human needs.
Not as much, Trump is legitimacy a climate denier who's voter base wants him to trade war green power so they can shit out more coal or build a pipeline from Canada all across the States until Texas crossing how many nature reserves and water sources.
Trump moved them. Obama was a house sitter. Trump is a Neo-fascist house abuser.
He pushes for welfare reforms and pushes the idea of the lazy Black and Mexican taking it off the poor rural white man. Like I said you can shit up America without pushing legitimate Fascist talking points.

"Communism is stateless and classless;
You sound like a socialist cuck"

Stay classy, pol.