Ireland is the world’s biggest corporate ‘tax haven’, say academics

Ireland is the biggest “tax haven” in the world used by multinationals to shelter profits, according to a new study by economists from the United States and Denmark.

The research from academics at the University California, Berkeley and the University of Copenhagen estimates that foreign multinationals shifted $106 billion (€90 billion) of corporate profits to Ireland in 2015.

This was more than all of the islands of the Caribbean combined ($97 billion/€83 billion), and well ahead of Singapore ($70 billion/€60 billion), Switzerland ($58 billion/€49 billion) and the Netherlands ($57 billion/€48 billion), according to the researchers.

“By our estimates, Ireland is the number one shifting destination,” the paper states.

The Department of Finance last night rejected as “overly simplistic” much of the findings made in relation to the Republic in the paper – The Missing Profits of Nations – authored by economists Gabriel Zucman, Thomas Torslov and Ludvig Wier. The department also rejected the notion that the Republic is a tax haven.

The research paper estimates that $1.7 trillion (€1.45 trillion) of foreign profits were made by multinationals, primarily from the US, in 2015 and that almost 40 per cent of this total was shifted to tax havens….

Pay no attention to pot o' gold at the end o' the rainbow, sassenach.

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He can't keep getting away with it!

I wish Irish socialists could take over and cuck the shit out these people, would be epic

They will. Our day will come, just wait


Pure coincidence.

Forced meme.

Back to Zig Forums.

Highly original and thought provoking.

It really does make you think.

Totally joggin my noggin

Anti-Irish sentiment (or Hibernophobia) may refer to or include oppression, bigotry, persecution, discrimination, hatred or fear of Irish people as an ethnic group or nation, whether directed against the island of Ireland in general or against Irish emigrants and their descendants in the Irish diaspora.

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Is that an edit of the very antisemitic cartoon stereotype of a Jew? Stop copying pol, its not funny in any way.

Okay gamers, now this is epic.

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>Okay gamers, now this is epic.
Speak English boy.

stay mad, celts

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Stay mad hebrew.

There's literally nothing wrong with racist jokes, especially when they're also making fun of literal nazis.



I'm dead.

99% of Zig Forums's memes come originate from stormfront and reddit to begin with

You're a literal nazi, literally.

I don't know exactly what stormfront is, but that antisemitic cartoon has been circulating around for longer than Reddit has existed.

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Zig Forums out of this thread

All these newfags getting mad about the Irish meme.

Fuck irish people amirite guys??? Am I cool enough to stay now?

So if people don't like lazy edits of antisemitic memes they are Zig Forums?

No one hates Irish people you fucking retard. Irish people are not a persecuted group in modern society, and it's a great meme to show how any group of people can be made to fit the Zig Forums boogeyman with enough infographs and memes.

And neither are jews dude…

If I remembers correctly, a quarter of liberals support Palestine and Hamas in the Israel-Palestine conflict, they see Muslims as the victims in their idpol game and the Jewish people as the evil oppressors. Also there are dozens of antisemitic attacks per year in New York City alone.

How about we ignore the baiting Zig Forumsyps and talk about tax havens.

So they finally managed to surpass the Cayman Islands and Deleware?

My only complaint is the very lazily edited antisemitic cartoon, it was and is completely unnecessary to the discussion.

Yeah let's do that.

Israel is ‘one of the world’s most generous tax havens,’ complains tax chief

Goddam Desert Micks.

Begone Zionist scum.

I haven't gotten that much into tax havens, but I always though small countries (Monaco, Singapore, etc.) where the places to go to for tax evasion? I knew Ireland was bad but I had no idea it was on top.

No, it's supposed to be a caricature of the merchant meme because as you may have noticed, we are on the same board as Zig Forums. It's a counter meme, not supposed to be original.

REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE retards, reddit and pol GET OUT.

irishphobia, reported. please leave.

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The problem with Zig Forums's memes isn't that they're racist: it's that they distract attention from the true causes of the world's problems. If you can blame everything on a particular race (or any other identity group), then it stops people from questioning capitalism itself.

The Irish memes are a good way to point out how ridiculous the "everything is [race]'s fault" memes are.

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Proof? Why don't we make some anti Chinese and anti-Pakistani memes while we're at it to really drive the point home.

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Begone Zionist.

It has to be a group which aren't already routinely targeted by Zig Forums. The "snow-nigger" memes against northern Europeans are a better example of an alternative.
If you are particularly bothered by the use of real ethnicities, feel free to make some using fantasy races or something. The point is just to make the statistical tricks used by Zig Forums more obvious.

Snownegro memes are usually very pro-chirstian, some are funny though, like this one.

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Except using blackness as an insult is just as bad as Zig Forums.



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Are you GREEN PILLED on the I.Q. (Irish Question)???? The Hibernian Occupied Government doesn't want you to read this thread!!

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oh no

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That's how it alwaus starts. At least you are finally waking up to the mick menace.

Look at these evil little leprechaun fucks:

Listen to that and tell me that's a human of the same species as you
or I. No, thats a divergent species from mankind bred for malice and skullduggery.

One should be able to criticize the state of Ireland without being anti-Hibernian. I respect the Irish people, they’re sharp businessmen and really rich! But to know who rules over you, simply find out who you're not allowed to criticize

Are you Irish?

Are you Jewish?

I am desu

I look like the guy on the left this is freaking me out haha

Are you persecuted kawai desu ne?

Its already as old as shit at this point, with the original posts being from 2012-2013. It didn't even originally come from here, it actually originated from other boards mocking Zig Forums on 4chan. Posts on Zig Forums itself joking about it when it was more "ideologically diverse" even showed up. How fucking thick do you have to be to not get the joke in the first place even if you are new? Are you actually clinically autistic or something? Can you not detect satire or irony?

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Jesus Christ, if some of the people in this thread are serious then they need to try growing some thicker skin. This meme is obviously a joke making fun of how absurd Zig Forums is. I honestly think that these people in this thread are either morons from reddit or are trying to start shit because they are from Zig Forums.

mfw, we're being played ;_;

Im pretty sure everyone is being ironic in this thread including one of the posts you cited by me.


I just wish there was a way to go back to ignorance and take the bluepill. Knowing the truth about the Irish makes things so difficult I can’t bear it, seeing right through all the Irish lies in our media today. At least we’re fighting the good fight

Fash sympathizing scum

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