A new communist international

Do you think that a global asociation of communist parties nowadays would give them more power? Is it feasible?

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we need real communist parties first

Would be good with regards to international cooperation and coordination. Seeing as how socialism is internationalist and capitalism is global, not having a communist international makes zero sense to me.

there are internationals right now. Most are completely shit. Most communist parties are completely shit

Chavez tried to form one pretty recently
Dengist style countries like Vietnam mostly turned it down because it'd end up pissing off Amerika, while Cuba liked the idea because they're already fucked.

There are good organizations, you defeatist dweebs.

Except it pretty much already is happening whenever Xi and Kim Jung Un get together and there the only two communist leaders left in the world

such as. It isn't defeatism its critique. Its slighlty different in the global south, near enough every european and american communist party is complete trash

What about this:

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Why would anyone not join the international that has a party including Enver Hoxha's widow in its ranks

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Leftism isn't communism. An international alliance of leftist parties was founded in 2013. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progressive_Alliance

Leftism is neoliberal idpol, same as republicanism.

Except for the people of cuba
Recall that in their recent reforms, an aspiration towards communism was preserved in their effective and actual living constitution if not quite strictly their formal written constitution due to popular demand overiding the formal executive and deliberative institutions

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There's already one :

Cuba is irrelevant

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Uhh ever heard of YPG and MEK dingus?

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wtf I love Israel now

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no, u

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MEK aren't even fake communists. They're just a strange opportunist cult with no support inside Iran.
And they explicitly state their support for capitalism and market economy in their manifesto.

So? So does Rojava, and they are real communists.

take it to the general, faggot

Internationalism was the only mistake made by Marx, it only resulted to wasted resourses and Imperialism of the Soviet Union.

In lack of global human society, the only feasible intervention in the foreign nation's issues would have to either be impartial, or defensive against other foreign power's aggression.

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And missed opportunities of the Left due to bad micromanagement from Moscow.

Shut up ex-bo.

Soviet mismanagement/realpolitik doesn't invalidate the concept of internationalism as such. As capitalists have a global reach, so must socialists and workers associations.

I agree, socialists must be unified across borders. Otherwise you get what happened in 1914, where the social-democratic parties across Europe one after another signed off on a war that would kill 14 million workers.
Internationalism is so important because it is the weapon that unites Communists in all countries against the Imperialist war.

Dengists aren’t communists. Why would anyone confuse capitalism with socialism?

If you judge as such, than neither Mao is Communist (and probably Lenin and Buharin too)

How is that "Otherwise"? International did exist back then, between socdems and commies too, and it did not prevent sucdems sucking it up to Porky.

He didn't really try so much as talked about it a bit.


It would only be feasible if another Russia scale socialist revolution took place to inspire the formation of one. Trying to get all of today's sectarian leftist parties in one international would be all but impossible.

IIRC, the Fourth International founded by Trotsky as the "world party of socialist revolution" has since split into 14 different Fourth Internationals and even two Fifth Internationals.

You're irrelevant

Is being rojava the standard for communism now?
Is not supporting market reforms somehow not being a communist now?
Wtf I'm no longer a communist.

Mao is communists because heabolished private properrty, wage labor, and markets. Lenin called the NEP capitalist and knew it wasn’t socialism.
All I’ll say is that when Stalin had him shot, the world became a better place.