The Jewish Role in African Slavery

Jacob Rader Marcus, a historian and Reform rabbi, wrote in his four-volume history of Americans Jews that over 75 percent of Jewish families in Charleston, South Carolina; Richmond, Virginia; and Savannah, Georgia, owned slaves, and nearly 40 percent of Jewish households across the country did. 

As a black anarcho-communist and avid DSA member, how do I not despise Jewry for this obvious role in the enslavement of my people?

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You've fallen for the liberal trap of reparations my black, anarcho-communist DSA friend. This liberal moralizing won't cure what afflicts your people, only the elimination of inequality and exploitation for everyone by abolishing capitalism and replacing it with world socialism.

I'd much rather see Andrew Yang or Bernie Sanders in office providing #HealthcareForAll than to see personal reparations.

The classic case of a minority wishing to achieve emancipation by joining in with the majority's racial hatred. If I hate the Jew more than the white man, the white man will accept me! Truly house negro attitude.

We have the same phenomenon in Eastern-Europe, btw. Local gypsies hating immigrants. They experience it as a kind of refreshing shift, from them being the "problematic ones" to being able to finally join in hating the Other.

Yeah, that black host is clearly a scheming jew.

You are an American. If that was not enough for me to hate you, you are personally a supporter of imperialism.

Why should I not despise you?

Not surprised those whiteys has historically fucked up the blacks.

Okay, here it comes. This one is big so be ready. So, leftypol is incapable of addressing the JQ and the revolutionary activities surrounding this group of people. Alright, got it. So let me make a proposition to unite the left and the right under one slogan. I think I found the perfect vehicle that both sides can't argue against…

This is way more common than it should be.

I know several "anarchists" courting or being members of socdem/liberal parties. They are absolutely ridiculous and the biggest anti-communists, crying about the Holodomor and so on and calling anyone who actually wants a revolution a Stalinist or some stupid shit like that.

Guys, guys, can't we just hate jews and whiteys equally?

On a more serious note: I don't hate anyone genetically, but I do hate evil belief systems like judeo-christian-muslum thought. I challenge anyone here to tell me how judaism os any better than zionism.

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only schizos care about the personal identity of exploiters

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According to, which I'm assuming your opener is from, considering its word for word, "Faber concludes that the claim of Jewish domination is false and that the Jewish role in slavery was “exceedingly limited.” " and "The participants in the Atlantic slave system included Arabs, Berbers, scores of African ethnic groups, Italians, Portuguese, Spaniards, Dutch, Jews, Germans, Swedes, French, English, Danes, white Americans, Native Americans, and even thousands of New World blacks who had been emancipated or were descended from freed slaves but who then became slaveholding farmers or planters themselves."
And further more, why did I do this, this whole post has "I'm a nazi shithead who's going to own the commies with the same 4 lines I have on repeat" in large bold, letters. This was the least clever thing I've ever seen and if anything, now I'm just depressed.
Please ask yourself "when I got mad over rich perverts who were Jews (which might happen because Jews are more likely to live in cities and not because of conspiracy), why did I get mad at Jews as a group and not at rich perverts?"

Cool it shlomi.

This is goofy and thus far so are the replies.

Fairly certain most of this thread including OP are bullshit. But the answer is completely obvious - if you were actually asking this in earnest, you could logically ask yourself how you don't hate the Arabs, English, any European group, etc. You have zero reason to single out Jews, and zero reason to hate an entire ethnic group.

Maybe he hates those too? What kind of a rebuttal is this?

aka radlib wrecker.


You're most likely truthful about not being white, but I doubt you're a leftist, Zig Forums. Terrible thread btw.

I find it hilarious that Zig Forums keeps being 100% fine with slavery perpetrated by whites, but then as soon as they hear about non-white slaveowners, they jump to their feet and immediately start playing morality cards. Anyhow, the last sentence made you stand out really obviously:
Odd way to start off by playing the race card. Maybe not an immediate tell, but suspicious.
Also a little dodgy, on account of the fact that anarchism tends to be limited to middle-class whites in my experience.
This is where my sides start to detach. Nobody on this board has any respect for the Democratic Suck-ups of America.
The only way you could blame American slavery on "Jewry", even though there were White, Jewish and even a handful of Native slave owners, is if you already hated the fuck out of Jews and were just looking for something to pin on them. (Also the fact that the term "Jewry" makes you sound like you're pushing 100, but I digress.)

In conclusion: you're fucking clueless, and your bait is weak as fuck. Please try again later once you've gotten your shit together.

How do you do, fellow leftists?

Go back to pol, shithead.

please kindly leave.

If he does, he's retarded.