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I'm a NEET leech who decided to drop out of uni and refuses to find employment, because taxes here are so high they tax like 50% of your working time.
I want to read anti-job and pro-leisure resources to further revel in my situation,to increase the firm of my decision,and to avoid looking back.
i have a small allowance which im putting on a safe investment plan in the bank, it's a 10-year plan,but thats not important,I want anti-job discussion.

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Zig Forumsyp detected. You dont pay taxes in India, would you work there? The welfare state is being dismantled, you will be among the first on the chopping block.


I'm a NEET here too. Have you tried reading Bob Black and Feral Faun? They used to get posted and talked about back in the day.

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i REJECT the welfare state;let natura take due course, I say!
you bet your ass I would.

i INSIST. anti-job is a stapple of leftist ideology

i INSIST. anti-job is a stapple of leftist ideology
Couldn't expect much more of you leftycucks.

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Can't tell if you're a boomer or a mentally ill lolbert. Either way, this post & thread is pure retardation.

Socialism is not about the destruction of capitalism, it is about the transcendence of capitalism. Communists seizing power in advanced welfare capitalist nations would be the absolute ideal for the transformation of the state into a proletarian one. Wanting the decay of welfare capitalism is not a good thing.

One more for my nigga David Graeber.

Feel free to post and talk about anti-work stuff ITT

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i DEFEND that.
id rather get paid less than fund those sexual-education goverment programs

im an anti-egalitarian racist and classist,I only came here for advice on how to thrive without working.
i Refuse to work when people who don't work are making a living(youtubers).
I might not live in luxury but at least i'll have 15 hours of free time every day

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Oof, so close…

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I DEFEND what I said.
i also attack and criticize condom users.

I once read that the russian mafia in the gulags injured themselves so they would be excused from work.
thats based

Damn it and you even posted a frog too. The least you could've done was post more Maki.

There are also these class of people called capitalists you might want to look into.

I'm not sure if that's possible in the current system (without being a capitalist) but what I can point to you is literature and essays critiquing work and the ideoloy surrounding it. That's it, I can't save you from financial insecurity or existential dread.


My parents literally bought me an apartment.
haven't had that since I stopped fapping.

Nothing wrong with being a NEET in capitalist society.

I'm an anti-work NEET since 2 years but I think I will start working soon because I don't want want to live on my working class parents back anymore.
I'm giving you this reading list but it looks like your personal goal is to become some kind of bourgeois in financing.
Also taxes are nothing compared to wage-labour in itself.

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Yep, you get the wall

well at least that explains you being a leech ancap

damn i was just about to tell you some good shit too