Late stage capitalism... 2!

last thread got deleted because mods banned & deleted the posts of the guy who made the last lsc thread

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Pic related is why i got banned, sorry dudes.

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Stop acting crazy when you're making good threads or stop making good threads if you're gonna be acting crazy, Satan user.

I wish i could. At least i have moments of clarity though.

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Damn, we had a lot of good shit in there.

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did the newds get deleted as well? ¬_¬

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meh, they were blurry anyway

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this sub has good content, a friends showed it to me recently, but I dislike browsing reddit so I haven't kept up.

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should probably start saging these..

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there might be repeated ones…

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is there a 5 media limit per post or am I just retarded?

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The Trump pic reminds me of something from City 17.

surprised I haven't been auto-flagged for spamming

Yeah I agree. I love that pic. incredibly dystopic.

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currently googling: how do I get hobbies, or find passions plz

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The best thing about the downfall of Brand Twitter is the fucking crab picture. I think that picture alone has caused more damage to corporate America than the DSA

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Posting your junk online is LSC

I might be getting throttled

hahaha based

0_0 moar

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last pic related

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basically done, except for next vid.

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I'm looking for a video that was very cyberpunk-ish. It talked about where the internet culture came from, and how it was viewed as liberating, but then it was taken over by corporations. it looked kind of old, like maybe late 90s.

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Sounds like a segment from Adam Curtis' Hypernormalisation.

Honestly reading this shit makes climate change not too bad tbh, this society needs to fucking die

Someone reposted them on /leftyb/.

That's significantly more retarded than I was expecting.

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I don't even understand the necessity of gendered bathrooms, why can't we just have a room with a stool and a sink and call it a bathroom without resorting to gender shit.

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Yeah, so it isn't gender neutral and "everyone" does not equal men. So therefore, "men aren't people"? This is the shit why we say liberals are just the other side of the coin compared to fascists.

I've never understood that myself.
I'd much prefer it if all bathrooms were individual rooms, or at least cubicles without any vertical gaps around the doors.

It's more just another case of "men are dangerous and need to be kept separate". But yes, it's this kind of shit that gives "the left" a bad name and drives people towards the right.

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And every news outlet calling that "left" and any further left is completely out of the question. As far as I am concerned socdems (like Corbyn) are centrists.

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We're going to have betas' marriage to 2d waifus legally recognized of we don't do something soon.
And are of her fans informed about sex completely through watching anime?!

I have bad news for you user.

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lmao based schlopposter

TBH, I'd.

She's from South Africa and her parents left after apartheid ended.

Make pls

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fucking hell, what is up with all these crypto-boers?

The millonaire capitalist Mark Succember goes on a trip with Rachel through disaster ridden Puerto Rico in VR:
If this ain't late stage capitalism I don't know what is it.

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Stop defending the mods for not being more careful.

So if a cis man goes in but says they're trans, are they gonna do a genital check?

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Postan a classic of Sony using dying kids for marketing.

Gendered bathrooms is just part of (and encouraging) stupid ideas about gender differences. Lots of women hate the idea of sharing a bathroom with men because men are "dirty" or "perverts" even though any janitor will tell you women's rooms are worse (menstruation + retards who won't sit on the toilet and fucking miss), and the perverts still just walk into the women's rooms anyway but there's a false sense of security.
Exact same logic that gave us white and colored bathrooms btw. A lot of the feminist rhetoric about men is transparently lifted from racist/segregationist talking points, a la "black men are rapist pigs."

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The real fun will begin when it's a trans man.

Personal example time.

My family always budgets when they buy. When you're below the poverty line you either do that or risk sinking. Generally speaking in the early 2010s buying a full load of groceries for 1 week was roughly 60$…. by 2016 it rose to 80$ currently in 2019 we spend 120-140$ (depending on store) to acquire the same exact food we got 9 years ago. Meanwhile wages have risen by maybe 1-2$.
It's like a BANK doesn't want to admit INFLATION exists, hmmm!

Yeah, that's what I meant. Go in as a cis man, presenting as clearly male, then point at the sign saying trans* are allowed and say you were assigned female at birth.

Reposting from the wold thread
Isn't mobile device electrical consumption actually ridiculously low? With limited battery capacity, efficiency and minimizing consumption has long been a central theme of design. I recall it being only a buck or two for the electricity for all charges for a whole year, or something. Fuckin' cheapskates.


This is worse than that time Ricegum decided to throw money at homeless people.

It;s on the level of what David Cameron and his faggot friends did in school (burning money in front of homeless people)

Yeah it is, it's just boss/managers being jumped up pricks.

I think the point is to juxtapose it with the tweet from Warren saying the same thing unironically.


Pic 1:
Astounding hypocrisy.

Pic 2: Reminds me of how a Taiwan parking spot sold for 252,392 US dollars

Pic 3:
This soul-killing shit looks like a good idea until you realize that children lack cognitive reasoning of that level until 12.

They porked the toilet tweet, here's an archive:

Reminds me of that dumb "Pokemon go to the polls" by Hillary… or how the USAF essentially pandered to gamers by pointing out how drones are essentially like point-and-shoot video games. I read an interview somewhere that had one of these drone pilots talk about how detached it felt killing the people on the screen when piloting.

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Friendly reminder that Alex Dempsey WILL draw Rosianna Rabbit if you have obsessive commission fetishes like women cutting down forests.

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Old thread

Who has that kind of money?

Furries will be whipped out in communism

I think they'd enjoy that

A merciful death

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No, they will lead the Anthropromorthic Revolution against Humanity.

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Now this is capitalism.

Saved them 20 years.

Posting this masterpiece again

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Are those your photos? Thank fuck I'm not the only one noticing this. Seems like every shelf at Walmart now is selling something for $14.88 dollars. This has to be intentional.

Dog bless Ameriga, got me all teary eyed

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Furries like to live in Communes because of how expensive it is.

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I noticed it too, but I've been wondering if it's intentional or if it's just my confirmation bias ever since I started paying more attention to politics. Really causes one to ponder

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$14.88 is a weird price for something to be. And it's one thing for it to be the price of something random like the US flag, but it's absolutely not an accident to be the price of a DVD of Schindler's List.

The question is, who makes the prices? I doubt corporate HQ would pull this, but I can see some Zig Forumsyp store manager or so giggling about his secret club. Maybe they have some ranges where they are allowed to prices and someone at the store just pickks something that pretty much can't be a coincidence.

In case it wasn't obvious enough that military worship is a death cult.

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Probably a regional manager. Corporate HQ is too far up the chain to allow something like this, plus you wouldn't want to set prices nationally given how much income and cost of living vary. I suspect prices get set by someone overseeing various stores in a given zone with similar economic factors. I don't believe store managers have control over much besides sexually harassing their direct underlings.

what the fuck is wrong with me?, is this hypernomalization?

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Thread theme

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These prices are being set by some combo of marketing and some automated system I think. Whoever wrote the automated system had orders to do this.

The prices aren't regional, they're all over the USA.

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I hope you guys like the smell of burning rubber

based and redpilled

Tbh at this point I’m reading this to figure out what the capitalists deserve at the end of the day

I say the owners of Uber and Lyft get hanged from the lampposts by their entrails

I can barely imagine how much of a bootlicker you have to be for shit like this. Although after the whole "my name is Merry Christmas" thing at Starbucks I can't be surprised by the pathetic sadness of right wing advocacy any more.

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