but, seriously thanks for the laughs bat'ko you were a fucking legend man

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This doesn't need its own thread.

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lol good

who could have predicted it?


I experienced him as part of Zig Forums in 2016, where he always pushing "manarchist" talking points, then he got popular on Twitter and went full IdPol and posted Victims of Communism links here, and since one month he had some psychotic breakdown and started posting porn on Twitter or some shit as he was travelling the world as he said. Probably turned full-radlib.

One of these people who'll vote for liberals in 2025. Good riddance to bad rubbish, he was trash, and his "content" was screencapping Zig Forums posts with a song behind it.

Link to his thread:
To put it into proper words, the kid just graduated and got a job offer, so be abandoned his "radical phase" and is now a liberal who wants more female drone pilots. What a fucking tool.

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Pshh… Depression? Big whoop, who doesn't have depression nowadays? Then again, I stopped doing videos because of that too, just nobody cared in the first place.

While unfortunate, there's a lesson to be learned here: Those who become socialists out of idealism rather than materialism will almost inevitably abandon it once it's no longer convenient to believe in it.

Idealist socialists are unreliable and unpredictable. Marxists and the unicorn materialist anarchists are much more consistent in their beliefs and behaviors.

We all have to start downloading his videos before he inevitably deletes his channel

Why does he think people care about his personal life? A simple “it was fun bros, but I’m out” would suffice

Oh, except for Maoists. Maoists are psychologically identical to the typical lifestylist anarchist in my experience, which makes sense because Mao was only a materialist in the loosest sense of the word.

I would respect him more if he said 'I got a real job so I don't have the time for this now, I'm trying to become liberal to be happy'

because you have only met w*stern Maoists, they are just as shitty as any other W*stern Marxist tendency, but with more adventurism.

read Mao and stop slandering him you fucking chauvinist

It's not chauvinist to disagree with an Asian person. You don't understand what chauvinism is.

And I read the Little Red Book. It was boring and filled with errors and misjudgments.

There was some value in it, but it was value I could have found a million other places.

Truth, idealists are 99% of "I used to be a leftist" types

What do you think about Hoxha?

While he was admittedly an opportunist, back in my retarded right wing days his """"""memes"""""" were my gateway to the left. I admittedly got a bit sad when I saw this, even if the guy put me in one of his autistic videos were he goes, "Haha look at these retards disagreeing with me in someone else's comment section lol."

Because he's a massive attention whore. I don't have a YT channel but I do have a Twitter with over 1k followers, if I'd loosing interest in Twitter, I'd just… NOT FUCKING POST ANYTHING? Instead of presenting myself like "everybody, listen up…"

I mean I was an depressed alcoholic for a year and I always thought about not to bother anybody with it let alone making it my "brand" on social media.

I always warn people about the ecelebs but they never listen.

Jordan Peterson-tier. TBH I doubt you have even read Trotsky you fucking 4.

He thinks he's some important figure because has a few thousand radlib twitter follows.

Ecelebs are a joke.

Exactly. Look how many liberals had a hippie anarchist phase in their youth compared to the number of liberals who used to be politically active Marxists. The difference is staggering.

I haven't read much from him. He seems to have more just been a hardline Stalinist rather than much of an original thinker himself.

But I'm open-minded, so feel free to share any of his writings that you particularly like.

I've read all of Trotsky's major writings. I'm not going to waste time reading Mao's big works when I can get the abridged version via the red book. Especially since I already know I disagree with his ideas.

says the fucking Trot.

if you haven't read don't talk about its that simple

The Red Book is the book Maoist organizations themselves give out to introduce people to Maoism. If it isn't fucking sufficient to get a sense of his ideas, then that's YOUR fault for not having a better book.

The little red book is worse than garbage without a prior reading of Stalin's short course at the very least bare minimum
There are historical material reasons for this, including how the fuck would one do citations in moon runes, and citations giving someone a false impression they understand the sourced citation so on so forth

Reading mao without stalin is fucking dumb you stupid trotskyite
No wonder you know you disagree without having read them

Why would you think maoist hand outs would be anything other than the same shit you hand out, comrade?

Go figure, you fucking idiot.

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A shame he embraced idpol as part of his decline, makes it hard for me to give a shit.

fucking KYS

Some Maoist parties do that, some don't. The Red Book didn't even exist for the majority of Mao's time as a leader! Cadres were expected to read his essays and books. I can't believe how fucking infantile you are.

I've read Economic Problems of the USSR. Not only was it terribly written, but most of it was wrong (to varying degrees; some of it was disturbingly wrong, while other parts were only mildly or semantically wrong).

So, to combat your two points:

1. I have read Stalin so, by your logic, I have the proper qualifications to read Mao
2. Stalin was a bad writer and thinker, so the "same shit" I hand out is much better than whatever you're reading.

And that's another thing. You Maoists are always LARPing and calling yourselves cadres like a bunch of fucking dorks. Newsflash: If you're a middle class, college-educated guy living in the West you aren't part of any fucking Maoist vanguard party. You're roleplaying.

learn to read

Lmao depression.

I'M NOT EVEN A MAOIST, and I am not a cadre. I pointed out that the reading material of the CCP was Mao's actual essays. You are by far one of the top five worst posters here.

Good he was a liberal pretending to be an anarchist anyways

These days I’m not convinced that anarchism is anything but liberal utopianism.

Stfu I want more yugopnik

batko is a tranny

Bat'ko the Venmorchist.

ripperoni batko you've been shit for years

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Nothing of value was lost. He’s a shitty idpol anarcho-liberal who probably has half a dozen sexual and gender identities.

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true sadly. it's just a way for liberals to avoid responsibility by setting unachievable standards which means they hand-pick arguments by contradicting themselves. not too different from MAGAtards actually.

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As a tankie, see ya brah. Don't go liberal on us.

based Anarchist tbh. Stalinists are autistic af and don't know how to chill tbh.

Or Youtube deletes it for him like Kocayine

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Good lol

Wait he's getting a job and becoming a liberal?

lmao half of that are just historical issues that can be viewed from either side, even in bourgeois historian circles.
So I can't point out that most of them worked with the Nazis during the war?
What does that even mean, it's not like the Spanish Republic was at war with the CNT-FAI, the latter threw a hissy-fit over a telephone station, attacked Repulican groups and then split from the movement; do anarchists believe not getting free weapons from the Bolsheviks equals sabotage?
So can I say that it wasn't Stalin hating le gays or something but simply the fact that the former criminal law code was suspended and a new one took some legislation from the old one, because it was scientific standard at that time to equate homosexuality with sodomy and male-on-male rap?
Liberal meme at that point because the Cheka, which isn't mentioned here, was using far more brutal methods than the NKVD ever did
So I can't mention that there were antisemitic and fascistic elements and foreign connection within? That's conveniently overlooked but Stalin is a super baddie because he was mean to gays? I guess cherrypicking the one bad thing is okay when it's the right side
What a ridiculous smear, they never worked with the fascists
Yeah everyone's favourite scapegoat these days

What a faggot.


Get up in the morning, look in the mirror
One less TOOTHBRUSH hanging in the stand, yeah
My face ain't looking any younger
Now I can see the left's taken a toll on me

He's gone, He's gone
Oh I, oh I
I better learn how to face it
He's gone, and He's gone
Oh I, oh I
I'd pay the devil to replace him
He's gone, and He's gone
Oh why, what went wrooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnngggg? ohohwhoaohoh-ohoh


his earlier vids were good. later died and became a lib. good to see him leave.

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Also let me add 50% of that list is, again, just catering to LGBT+ people, which I'm not saying should be put in camps or whatever, but it shows a weird overrepresentation of a very small subgroup, like, he isn't mentioning that Che said some nasty stuff about blacks or that there was an abortion ban during the Stalin era at some day, always just gay here, trans there, Jesus fucking Christ it's so tiring. This is obviously some big fucking pandering operation for brownie points by some white Australian kid. I'm getting more and more anti-IdPol every day, first this BadMouse shit, than this ridiculous smear article against Cockshott, at this point you might even understand where the CPGB-ML is coming from.

I mean most ML states changed their stance on LGBT+ rights anyway (GDR or Cuba were/are more progressive than their bourgeois counterparts), outside of the CPGB-ML and the KKE no such reservation actually exist in the ML community either, except maybe Russia, because, Russia is, like, really weird when it comes to gayness. I don't get why you'd blame ML states for basically having a similar stance on LGBT+ rights historically than bourgeois liberal democracies, this isn't really that much of an issue related to class struggle.

agreed with every word. I'm ready to NUKE the fucking vampire castle.

All hail god-emperor cockshott!

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Some of this is literally made up. The CPGB-ML has its "issues", but I've never heard a racist statement from them. And the KKE never worked with any fascists to my knowledge. The rest is just a regurgitation of the typical anarchist "muh ebil Soviet Union" line, so while I assumed he would have grown out of that, I'm not surprised.

That party is literally led by Indians, to argue they'd be racist is absurd. I'm sure he comes to that conclusion because they were for Brexit, and that makes you automatically a racist or problematic or whatever.

Indians can actually be as racist as any other group, but I get the point you were trying to make


What's funny is that in the Danov video this is the tweet that the video leads from, and I thought Batko was having a moment of self awareness and calling his online personality shitty and wokelet tier.
After that basically his whole goodbye post is "Pierre has utterly triggered me so hard I am now literally shaking at my keyboard and deleting my account".

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Thank you, Boonposter, for being brave enough to say what we're all thinking.

isnt pierre banned from twitter? is this some FBI drama im not aware of?


you rn

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No but the last time I checked up on what they were up to Batko was flipping out over Pierre "sexually harassing" all the trans cuties and anarchowitches, and I just got the impression that's some of what his butthurt vague references are about.

Wdym? He died 2 years ago already. Thanks to that pink antifa thot that bluepilled him.

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Pink antifa thot?

That one "friend" called "anactualjoke" that told Bat'ko he is le raycist brocialist and le too offensive for being a real leftist tm causing him to do that infamous "apology" video that pretty much marked the death of his formerly great channel.


rip,but glad that he's gone.

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Epic style.

This tbh. Bat'ko went from based Manarchist to IDPOL lifestylist in just two years. So sad. Badmouse offed himself too recently. Seems like more and more Zig Forums Anarchists are kicking the bottle.

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I know of a Indian friend that says Indians are really racist even to each other when other races aren't around. it's like, a stereotype.

From what he's saying about depression, etc. I think his shrink convinced him to do it.

>It sounds like your political Youtube channel is causing you a lot of distress, Batko. I think you should leave the channel behind and not think about politics for a while

Some of the other shit he's said brings that into question though. "Eye opening to different points of view?" Did he watch a Peterson video and realize he forgot about Human Nature?

Well he did realise that we were wrong about everything when he logged onto twitter and realised racism and sexism exist.

You can't stay an anarchist forever, you either swallow the tankpill or become a liberal.

Proving once again ML is the only valid leftist movement

Just go to Zig Forums and become a based accelerationist Nazi, faggot. Being an anarchist is fucking gay. Zig Forums is a pathetic joke.

He says, into the hundredth hour of his sperg out.


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So are you tankies against terrorism? Fucking boring cucks. Anarchists are faggots, but at least they are radical.


I just come here to trigger you faggots, it's just too much fun.

lol, ok

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No, I really want to kill random people. It's just that you are a fucking normie faggot, that's why you can't understand this.

It it us, those who don't want to kill people and don't that are the real pussies, unlike the manly men who post about wanting to kill people and don't.

proofs? I haven't been watching any of his content lately.

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He joined the anti-idpol/pro-idpol shitfight and people are mad like it means anything.

The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Bat'ko

a link would be appreciated


Badmouse has always been idpol

Once he made me pretty happy because he used an anti-tankie meme of mine in one of his videos, but given that he fell hard for the idpol meme during the last couple of years, I can't hardly shed any tears now.

wtf i'm no normie dude, brb gonna stab a few proles randomly in the streets like an ISISfag.

He made fun content, this is such a shame.

This is hilarious. The guy who started out as "FUCK IDPOL SJW ARE NAZIS REEE I SAY NIGGA A LOT" turned into an absolute woketard, and then suddenly realised he's become the thing he swore to hate.


This is the problem with anarchism, it has little explanatory power unlike Marxism, which can even explain its own failures, that combined with the anarchist purity politics (muh oppression, muh hierachy, complete liberation now) makes them really susceptible when they realise their utopia for some reason becomes unattainable and for someone who is a middle class Australian, a country where the middle class is very well off, you may eventually just give up this anarchism because it's so detached. This usually don't happen to Marxists, even when they become rich and don't want revolution anymore, they usually stay a Marxist because once you take the Marx pill you can never go back.

I mean, you can see this with Chomsky. He's still somewhat identifying as an anarchist/LibSoc but he's telling people to vote for the Dems every time. His anarchism is just taking the backseat somewhere to maintain street cred but it's not what Chomsky is about anymore. I think this is the place Bat'ko is in right now, with his "new perspectives" and claiming that he'll "still be part of the leftist community somewhat".

I mean to be fair, many ML online LARPers are often also kids that might become liberals, but it's a very gradual, steady process. First you take the Deng pill and then you give up socialism all together. That being said, anarchist groups are dwindling and ML parties/groups are growing everywhere.

However, everytime anarchists betray themselves it's a complete breakdown, an absolute train wreck with personal drama and mental illness. It's like their own purity posturing comes down on their head.